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However, the exertion and the sun's heat eventually draw out a crystal sheen of sweat along his skin; little pinpricks across every pore cause his arms and legs to itch in a nagging assault on his senses, and he stops to remove his coat and suit jacket when it all becomes too much. [your turn, we're writing about little details here because you seem like a girl of intricacy, as it were.]

He has to squint, but in the distance Castiel can finally see a small cluster of dark buildings nestling at the bottom of the mountain, no longer a hazy mirage teasing his dizzy, dehydrated mind but a goal that looks solid, attainable. An overwelming sense of calm settles on his weary shoulders. And at last he begins to feel a foreign emotion stirring inside his numb and hollow heart: something not far from joy yet laced with pain, and more importantly, something that burns with hope.

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HEY SPRINGEETTT just wanted to let you know YOU were the reason I watched an entire season of Elementary on the plane home AND LOVED IT and I was so against it but your opinion was worthwhile and doesn't his way of talking and general looks remind you of Derren Brown?!?!


I’m so happy, now I have to convince all the others! eheheheh

Yeah Johnny does look a bit like Derren Brown - way cuter though :3 


ourwatercolourmemories replied to your post: Eheheheh I know who your anon is because I KNOW ALL UR FRIENDS WE PLANNED IT ALLL EHEHEHE

Yeah I asked Hannah and Hannah said do it and anon it so she doesn’t know and that sounded fun AND IT WAS we were stalking you all last night like has she seen the thing, when will she read the thing, will she guess the thing eheheh

ooh you lil stalker monkeys

Redmayne approves.

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Jimmy Novak's smart dress shoes have rubbed the sides of his feet red-raw during the hours he has been walking; thick, tacky mud clings to the grooves in the soles as he squats by the side of the road to remove them. The humid pressure of mid-summer has melted away into a cloudless afternoon, and the tarmac sends a gentle warmth seeping up through Castiel's still-socked footsteps.

I know who you are (anon story pt. 1)

Dreammmyyy is WHAT u r