stop getting mad at female idols for being close with male idols. stop hating on ANY female that gets close to male idols. stop sending them hate, stop calling them names, STOP. you have no right, no fucking right, to give someone shit for being friends with or possibly even dating someone. just because they are idols, that doesn’t change the fact they are human beings, so start treating them like they are and stop being bratty assholes.

Girlfriend Yoona

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  • moments where you make her laugh that cute laugh so hard that you can see her tonsils
  • accidentally bringing out her competitive side ALL THE TIME
  • grocery shopping is really just a race to see who can find the items quickest
  • she always wins
  • and you’re right
  • not that yoona will ever tell you, but she’s charmed all the employees into helping her out. all she has to do is ring them, they fill up a shopping cart with her desired items & VICTORY IS HERS
  • belting out romance ballads
  • watching the dramas she’s appeared in & embarrassing her
  • “awww, you’re such a cutie!”
  • “no, I’m not! this scene is very serious - look, look! I’m crying!”
  • “such a cutie wutie patootie”
  • making sure she’s eating well & is getting enough sleep
  • no, seriously, she looks so frail & tiny. please take care of her
  • midnight snacking
  • coming home to random dates where yoona has cooked dinner & dessert and you both end off the night cuddling with a movie on
  • stroke her hair and she’ll melt
  • kiss her neck and she melts too
  • but in a different kind of way :^)
  • blushes everytime you two have sex
  • no matter how many times it’s been
  • is gentle and loving, showering you with compliments and soft kisses
  • will surprise you every so often by dressing up: frilly lingerie, a maid outfit, a school girl, a bunny … just cute stuff in general
  • will remind you often that she loves you
  • is very loyal
  • is reluctant to even do anything remotely like skinship with other people, even if it’s for publicity purposes
  • which gets her into trouble
  • “yoona’s in trouble with manager-nim again,” sooyoung explains, when others ask why she’s so quite and pouty
  • “again?!”
  • “yeah. she’s like a puppy in love”
  • all the girls tease you both but your relationship is the cutest thing ever and while they’re protective of yoona (they WILL kill you if you hurt her) they have no remorse in calling her out for being childish if she’s in the wrong during a fight & won’t apologize
  • taking her to amusements parks for her bday
  • and laughing so hard you cry at her loud screaming on all the roller coasters
  • the relationship is very pure for the most part
  • she’s stubborn sometimes and although very strong, everyone has weak moments
  • just make sure you’re there for her during those times
  • and she will gladly support you too

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