soloist juniel (who was signed under fnc entertainment before changing labels to c9 entertainment, home of jung joon young and younha, earlier this year) is a new weekly fixed guest on blue night radio. it was revealed in the past that juniel and onew have been friends since their training days (despite the four year age difference) due to them attending sm academy together. besides this, she has revealed herself to be a fan of jonghyun’s on multiple occasions. first, she mentioned being his fan when she guested on an episode of wandering band with onew in october 2013. later that same month, she mentioned being a fan to him directly when she guested with shinee on younha’s starry night radio. along with this, she also revealed that she not only wanted to do a duet with jonghyun, but that she wanted to exchange compositions with him. (ie: she would give him a song she composed, and he would give her a song that he composed.) (source) lastly is from the screencaptures provided above: during an episode of 10xsweetem, she revealed herself to be a fan for a third time, and of “love belt” specifically.