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A few weeks ago, Bernie Sanders’ Twitter account Tweeted one of its true-but-repetitive bumper sticker slogans: “If all of you stand up and fight back against corporate greed, there is nothing, nothing, nothing that we cannot accomplish.” A number of liberals responded saying that this was totally irrelevant to current affairs. One person smugly replied: “We’re dealing with Russians and traitors today, not corporate greed. Do try to keep up.”

That speaks volumes. The suggestion that we shouldn’t be talking about corporate greed right now because our real enemies at the moment are the Russian government and people in our government with personal connections to them, as though corporate power is an occasional blip on our radar we can afford to ignore sometimes, is absurd. Furthermore, if you think foreign governments are more of a problem than America’s own wealthy and powerful, your worldview may not be quite as far away from Trump’s as you think.

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my house is being killed by the wind and rain and the power has been out for hours
its cold as shit and our heater isnt running, i can’t sleep because the wind is too loud
our house is literally shaking, theres rain coming in from every crevasse
i cant see my girlfriend and its really hard to see the light in this situation
i just need to think about people and things that make me happy

Something new for Lux Lit

Every so often a great photo that has a political bent shows up, but we do not reblog it because of its content.

That is about to change.

About a year ago, we at Lux Lit started reblogging beautiful photography that was more political, such as images of people who do not quite fit the common Western standards of beauty. We want to keep sharing artistically inspiring photos, but starting now we will also share photos that shine a light on the power of our common humanity, on our reaching for peace, for hope. Every so often we will feature photos that resist the current negative, biased narratives that are trying to make us forget our shared humanity.

To all of us, LL is about art that depicts life and inclusiveness, art that makes us think, makes us smile, art that feeds our minds and elevates our souls. This change, this inclusion of a more lovingly cohesive vision of humanity, is our new direction.

Please join us as we appreciate and explore our common full potential for strengthening the bonds that unite us, that make us “us.”

when u almost get hit

Dionysus is the god of inspiration which comes without reason, the ecstasy which liberates from self-consciousness. As one who guarded the secret springs of the generation and knew the passage to the underworld, he naturally came to be associated with initiation into the secrets of life and death, and with the rapture that accompanies revelation. The title of his priestesses was Thyias, ‘the ecstatically raging’, and his female followers were called Maenads, a word derived from the Greek term for 'mania’, or rage. He connects us to the powers of the underworld, and those of our own unconscious: to the subterranean realms and to the wilderness beyond civilization. He dwells in the places beyond the boundaries of human society, where we are more open to receive an epiphany. The ecstasy of revelation sweeps away all habitual ways of life, all inhibitions - as well as all social distinctions. Perhaps this is why Dionysus was the god of all those on the margins of Greek society: women, foreigners, the underclass, rural folk, the barbarian Thracians. But this ecstasy also forges a new community: the ecstatic groups of Maenads who accompanied Dionysus into the woods.
—  Paul O’Connor, Prometheus Bound

can we all agree… to do this thing? and bear with me, because it’s kinda random, but listen. the flippening 2.0. The Flippening To A New Level. everytime someone makes a gifset from season 4, every picture from s4 anyone would ever post, we flip it. like, we always flip it. flip everything, every single time. no unflipped piece of media from s4 to be seen on this site period. and in the end, when anyone goes to watch the season on the skam site it just seems a bit off… we’ve managed to make the right direction the wrong one. if that wouldn’t be the ultimate testimony of our fandom’s incredible untameable combined powers I don’t know what would. and julie would know not to ever fuck with us again

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the 'queers' stole and totally mucked the original meaning of heteronormative... now its 'homonormative' and queer(str8) is trendy and cool. i am so angry this is so dumb. this is practically gaslighting..... (my spell check wanted to correct homonormative to 'homonormativity' how does my spellcheck know this fake word im so angry!!!!!)

The majority group will often co-opt the culture and language of the minority group. This is a colonization process. Being part of a group in power often leads you to fundamentally misunderstand that things don’t belong to you.

And here is the other thing: if you are the group in power, you think of yourself as the standard of humanity. If you believe that you are the blank state, you must rob from the disenfranchised in order to differentiate yourself.

So that is why they made us an aesthetic and colonize our spaces. Those in power always do.