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so our living room lights are powered by this app and I found out today you can create colored lighting based on whatever image you want and I am truly fucking screaming


A new friend has appeared! As Bailey rushes to the next trial, she meets someone in some unusual circumstances… Though considering it’s Bailey, it’s probably not that unusual in the grand scheme of things.

Apologies for this update taking so long, but it’s finally here! And even with how long it took to finish, I really enjoyed working on it. Some of my favorite tidbits includes something I don’t think I’ve revealed in asks or any comic posts yet: the name’s I’ve been calling the two Team Skull Grunts that always show up! Farkas and Eugene, named after the most iconic duo of bumbling bullies of our time, Farkas Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch from Power Rangers.

That, and drawing Hapu was incredibly fun to draw!

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Shungite Spheres

Shungite is the stone to have for our modern-day lifestyles because it is a very powerful protection stone against all forms of negative energy including harmful electromagnetic radiation that is emitted off computers, microwave ovens, television and mobile phones.

These Shungite Spheres are Grade 2 and are helpful in stopping any negativity dead in its path by neutralising it immediately so would be ideal placed next to your computer, WiFi box or anywhere you feel is necessary.

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Confessions: A New Kind of Love

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35)

Does our love for one another give us away? Does it turn heads? The world is meant to know who we are by our love for one another – that we are Jesus’ disciples because we mimic His love.
Our love should be like His: strong, powerful, bold, courageous, humble, kind, serving, submissive, genuine, true and holy.

A new command!
One unlike any other because up until that point there had been no other love. Never before had God given such a powerful and beautiful demonstration of who He is. A new command for a new love; an eternal command for an eternal love.

Lord fill me with that kind of love!

-31 Women (Nan)


I ran into someone in Club Tortimer that I met just yesterday! Her name was Makie from Canada and she was super sweet. and the island we landed on was really pretty too!! She said that earlier she’d ran into a perv in-game so I hoped our accidental meet-up helped cheer her up a little

She had to go after a little while but I was so happy to see her again, I hope maybe we can find each other again someday!

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pixeledpurple  asked:

I know Cybertronians don't do to well in extreme cold, but I wonder how you feel about extreme heat my lord? What is extreme heat on Cybertron?

Bearing in mind that we can bear greater extremes in either direction than humans can, extreme heat actually affects us faster and more severely than extreme cold. 

Heat slows our processor function and many other systems throughout our bodies, while colder temperatures actually allow us to function most efficiently. At temperatures well below freezing our fuel and lubrication lines may harden or crack as we move, and if our core temperature drops too low our fuel systems shut down. That takes a long time and that kind of exposure is quite rare. 

Overheating doesn’t take much at all, and once our temperatures begin to rise they can rapidly get to dangerous levels. Our bodies produce a great deal of heat on their own, and additional environmental factors can tip that balance against us. If our processor temperature goes up, from stress or activity or external heat, our systems will shift to a lower power mode and focus on dumping heat. This includes pumping coolant more rapidly and increasing fan speed to carry the heat away, and non-essential systems begin to turn off to slow power consumption and heat output. This usually manifests as slower, less coordinated movements, less detailed vision, weapon systems offlining, and even disorientation and temporary memory loss if it gets too severe. At that point it can be only a matter of minutes until processor shutdown and stasis lock. If the bot collapses in a hot place, they likely wouldn’t recover, but in a cooler place where they could radiate off some heat once powered down they would possibly come back online.

What qualifies as extreme heat for us varies by frame size and type, and even by what mode we are in. For example, I can tolerate severe heat on my plating in alt mode, since my surface heats to around 900 degrees when I reach my top speed, and can spike higher if I’m returning from orbit. In root mode that would severely injure me, since the mechanics in between my armor would be directly exposed, and my head would be hot. Seekers’ frames are designed to dump heat very efficiently, using the large surface area of our wings. We can even do this to some extent in space, where overheating is a constant danger with no air to draw off our built up heat. You’ll notice that when a Seeker lands from a flight, they keep their wings spread and hot air will blow from their fans for a long time, until their internal temperature drops. Unlike most grounders, Seekers cannot run their engines in root mode to warm themselves up, and our wings can make us lose heat too quickly in very cold air. I was miserable in Antarctica while Optimus was nice and warm, and it wasn’t helped by the fact that I was too underpowered to generate excess heat, due to starvation.

TalesFromRetail: When You Lie, You Pay

I used to work at a nation-wide bank as a teller. This is just one of the many, many stupid stories of the nightmare that was that job.

FYI - In my branch, each teller had her own station. Nobody else would ever sit there, and if she was on vacation or working in the drive through, it would be empty. (The drive through stations were the only shared stations.) For this particular story, I am in the drive through, and my lobby station is empty; the only empty station at that time.

A lady comes in trying to order 30 money orders, which can be free, but that depends on the type of account you have. Yes, it is within our power to waive the fee anyway and I never, ever have a problem doing that unless someone is being a jerk. Spoiler Alert: This lady does not have the “free money order” type of account.

M=Me, L=Lady, TM=Teller Manager

L: (Nasty, whining voice) What do you mean the money orders are $5.00 each? I was here last week getting the same thing, and I got them all for free!

M: Innocently working in the drive through, hearing all of this happening behind me, and generally curious which customer was having the unfortunate luck of having to deal with TM.

TM: Do you know who it was that helped you? I can talk to her and see what’s going on.

L: Of course I do, it was the woman who sits down there in that empty station. (At the point, I turn around to look at the lady, and also take a waiting customer in lobby.)

TM: Makes brief eye contact with me Okay, can you describe the person who sat there?

L: Yes. She was older, had grey hair, and was a bigger lady. (I am not any of these things.)

M: Finishes up helping lobby customer and turns now to fully give my attention to that lady. Lady looks at me and continues trying to describe not-me. I’m sorry, Lady, but I am the only one who sits at that desk and I have never given you free money orders before.

At this point, Lady turns bright red, stops complaining, and pays her bill, fees included, then leaves. Never saw her again.

By: _Pebcak_

As of June 28th 2017 our power will be shut off, my mother is disabled and unable to work and the money I supported us with from baby sitting is no longer available thanks to summer break. Im taking odd jobs but that all goes towards food and medication. We only need 85 dollars so our power stays on, anything helps!

My Paypal is paypal.me/Tiperton

we go together - unpredictablyreckless - Power Rangers (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Power Rangers (2017)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Kimberly Hart/Trini, Billy Cranston/Jason Lee Scott, Kimberly Hart/Trini Kwan, Jason Lee Scott/Zack Taylor
Characters: Kimberly Hart, Trini (Power Rangers 2017), Trini Kwan, Billy Cranston, Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor
Additional Tags: One Shot Collection, Angst, Fluff, Canon Autistic Character, Lots of Angst, AU, will add tags as I go along

Prompt: A Trimberly prompt please! When Trini gets sick she gets quiet because she is used to trying not to bother anyone and is not used to being taken care of.

//collection of oneshots - title to change//

*For the anon that asked, here is your one shot. Hope you enjoy it*

nikkilaurinaitis  asked:

To the lovely ambassador of Norway: I was assigned as your partner during an ask event and I do have a question I think that could be interesting! Are there any traditions in Norway that are consistend for many years already, maybe even some going back to Viking times? Lovely greetings ~ The ambassador of Germany

I’ve completely lost track of time already and summer has just started rip me:,)

Thank you for submitting an interesting question! I must say I couldn’t think of any traditions going back to Viking times from the top of my head except our form of parliament/congress, Storting, which has had that name since the good-ol viking days. In addition to stortinget being the national parliament/congress the lower branches out in the counties also bears their respective old Norse names today. These represent our tradition for democracy and local judgement. People in the area would meet at their local ting to discuss and decide different things (especially judging crimes) even back in a time when our society was less organized and power was very differently distributed. 

I also found an article on the national broadcaster’s website discussing midsummer (24th of June), which has also been a tradition that’s been around for quite some time. It too has roots from the Viking age, and although it quickly turned into more of a Christian thing (St. John’s eve(?)), it has still been more of a celebration among commoners rather than a religious celebration. In certain parts of southern-Norway, tit’s been forbidden to work on this day for almost more than 1000 years. To finish things up about this I’ll have to admit, Sweden and even Denmark celebrates Midsummer more than we Norwegians do though:,) We still light bonfires and such but I’m pretty sure it’s a bigger deal over at their place.

The last tradition I’ll mention (we’re not really sure how long it has been around) is dugnad™ (I felt like trademarking it). English does apparently not have a direct translation of it, but it means unpaid work (most of the time) and voluntary labor. Apparently English uses the finish-Swedish word talkot, and barn-raising, which is, as you might guess dugnad specifically for aid offered when people build barns. We can’t exactly pinpoint when this tradition started. The word dugnad stems from old Norse though so it must have been around for quite some time. It’s been proclaimed as typical Norwegian in recent years as well, and my teacher has even compared avoiding or paying your way out of helping with a dugnad as kind of similar to cutting in line in Britain. Essentially it’s a tradition built upon the need and willingness to help out in the local community (when raising barns) but nowadays dugnader are held by sports teams, schools, kindergartens or other local organizations when needed, and most Norwegians will feel obligated to participate. 


so something happened to our power thingy and in less than 24 hours, it could have exploded and our house could have burn down (we were about to leave but most of us were too lazy. there would have been no one in the house if we did.) good thing that the guys that worked there noticed that there was something wrong and came here as soon as possible. kudos to them.

“There’s 2 incredible things that are close to magic in life and that’s when people get together for sports and when people get together for music. I think you know like people look at a concert as something very simple in life but think about it: there’s gonna be 10.000 people in this room tonight, who know all the lyrics, who love the music for the same reason, it makes them all feel good at the same time and that doesn’t happen unless it’s in music and that’s very special because to get that many humans all together singing the same song, feeling the same way is very rare”

This is what concerts are about. This is what they SHOULD be about.