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anonymous asked:


                                                            “Th’same reason I don’ look like an eldritch abomination. Ev’ryone in m’family was taught b’fore we could even stand how ta use our first stirrings of magic ta take on more humanoid forms. We grow as these human-like thangs, too. Th’hair an’ eyes, an’ teal staining on our lips n’ such, tha’ we c’ain’t help. Bu’ mos’ superficial stuff we can control. B’sides, a silv’a blush would clash somethin’ awful wi’ my tone’a skin, don’ ya think?”

                        A shrug of their shoulders.

                                            “Thangs like me look terrifyin’ in our natural states. An’ b’sides, humanoid forms are… easier. Small’a, too. Shall I show ya wha’ I really am? Y’won’ like me much anymore.”

say yes and give the mun an excuse to draw the monstrous mother deity because the mun is a huge nerd with a weak spot for horrifying creatures

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What happened in the new issue??

ummm! not sure how far u are in s11, so forgive me if this is info u already know, but buffy & willow & spike are currently trapped in an internment camp for magical beings, right? ok. so. in this issue, the government’s like “bla bla if you agree to let us take away your magic using our evil new technology, you can walk free and reintegrate into society.” so, after much deliberation (and lots buffy not wanting to leave spike) buffy and willow decide to give up their magic.


i can’t even articulate how much this storyline does Not appeal to me. the issue’s called “Disempowered” and that’s….. exactly what this is? it feels like Helpless all over again. it feels like “hey, let’s write a story that proves that buffy can solve a problem without her powers to show how resourceful she is.”


and willow!!! willow spent the second half of season 6 giving up magic after overusing it and then spending s7+ trying to figure out how to use it in moderation / be in control of it! with BOTH of these characters, we’ve had a story in which they had to deal with the fear of Not Being Special, with facing the fact that they don’t want to return to the way they’d been before they’d acquired powers.

idk. idk. again, im not feeling very articulate, so besides the repetitiveness of this (willow even brings up the tibet thing from s8!) it just has a vibe that i Don’t like. it just feels so wrong. it feels disempowering. i read the issue and had to fight off tears idk. im really upset.

ALSO. faith’s coming back to btvs next issue, and the idea of slayer faith meeting non-slayer buffy completely destroys me.

anonymous asked:

oh man i think i have a teeny crush on you. like a lil small baby gay one. anyway, concept: oversized flannels that smell like day old perfume, holding hands, walking through grass barefoot, taking candid pics of one another, we decide that with our sapphic magic we will save the bees and clean the seas, we giggle and kiss lots, the moon is full and we are in love.

ahhhh!!!!! a lovely concept!!!!! youre so cute!!!

“There’s 2 incredible things that are close to magic in life and that’s when people get together for sports and when people get together for music. I think you know like people look at a concert as something very simple in life but think about it: there’s gonna be 10.000 people in this room tonight, who know all the lyrics, who love the music for the same reason, it makes them all feel good at the same time and that doesn’t happen unless it’s in music and that’s very special because to get that many humans all together singing the same song, feeling the same way is very rare”

This is what concerts are about. This is what they SHOULD be about.

  • Otayuri fandom: Overly-dramatic Otayuri!!!! Yuri’s super Extra™ and WON’T HESITATE, BITCH!!!!! Otabek is a DJ with a stoic face!!!!!! Yuri’s the more impulsive and assertive one while Otabek's more responsible and makes sure everything’s under control!!!!!!!! Otayuri has a strong friendship and actively supports one another!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kubo-sensei: Those are some nice headcanons you got there, children..... Hope you guys don't mind if I casually........ make them canon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

There exist five universes, each one tentatively connected to the others. Each universe is defined by the ABSENCE of one of the five elements; Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Magic. Our universe is the one without magic.

*Ladybug and Chat Noir hit by an akumatized attack that turns everyone into 'magical girls'*
  • Ladybug, frowning at her outfit: ugh. How am I supposed to run and fight in these high heels and this tiny skirt??
  • Chat Noir, cartwheeling past her in his tiny skirt and heels: What, like it's hard?
Our DM regrets everything

So our level 7 party was hired by a king to get an object from a dragon’s lair in exchange for an items that was part of one of our party member’s personal story quest. We got into the blue dragon’s lair, killed it’s children, then waited ambush style for it to get home. The fight basically went like this:

DM: The blue dragon flies into its lair

Party: Surprise Round!

DM: Yup… Surprise Round

Sorcerer: Hey, do you two want 150ish hitpoints and to hit like a fighter twice your level?

Bard: Sure

Fighter: Sure

Sorcerer: I use twin spell to cast polymorph on both of them. They’re both giant apes now

The party proceeded to beat down the dragon while one giant ape beat on it and the other grappled it to the ground. We then leveled, got 100,000gp each, and got magic item loot from the dragon’s hoard. Our dual-classed Arcane Archer Kensai Monk (basically Zen archer for 5e) got the Oathbow.

A few encounters later, our party is now level 8. As a level 8 party of 7 characters we decide to fight the Pit Fiend in front of us instead of run away. Here’s how that fight went:

DM: The Pit Fiend hasn’t noticed you yet.

Party: Surprise Round!

DM: Yup… Surprise Round

Sorcerer: Who wants to be giant apes?

Bard: Sure

Fighter: Sure

Sorcerer: I do the thing.

The party then proceeds to fight the Pit Fiend. The Pit Fiend knocks the bard out of giant ape form and knocks him unconscious, and the fight is getting pretty rough. That’s when our SuperArcher decided this had gone on for too long…

Archer: So it’s taken 5 rounds of great apes, paladin smites, chromatic orbs, and oathbow shots right?

DM: Yup

Archer: Alright. This combat is taking too long. Action Surge, Sharpshooter on all four attacks, that’s 22, 23, 21, and 21 to hit?

DM: They all hit

Archer: That’s 1d8+3d6+15 four times… 

DM: *proceeds to close his Monster Manual and start folding up his DM screen*

Archer: That’s 112 magical piercing damage total.

DM: You all triple level… yay…