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Some people can't choose between Luna or Ardyn or any other character in FFXV survey, but I don't want to choose anything, because how hard Square Enix ditched Ravus again.

Yeah, I feel that. Honestly, the one thing that would please me the most is if they confirm that Ravus would be a playable character. At the very least. He has alot of potential as a fun and interesting character in combat – acting as a dark knight type class perhaps and bringing a full-on aggressive type combat compared to Gladio’s mix of defense and offense or Cor’s tactical strikes and assassinations. Seeing Ravus as a playable character? That’d be glorious…!

But just because Ravus isn’t in this survey doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it, I feel. c: The reason why this survey exists isn’t to make fans pick out which piece of content stays and which one goes, but it’s to put a priority on just what the fans want to see next as they continue to work on improving the game and remedying their mistakes as they first released the game. Because think about it: this content should have been in game to begin with – I think we can all agree with that. But after this game spent 5+ years in development hell before they finally started reworking it to a different game than what they first had – fans were getting weary having to wait over ten years for the next Final Fantasy game. Pressure really caused SE to make the decision: to release the game in a completed state, and then continue to better the game and make it complete.

Honestly, this is alot more thoughtful that Square is doing this – compared to other companies that would never patch their games to repair glitches and errors, never offer additional content even after fans complained, and never give small gifts to the players – as a thank you for sticking with them through their trouble. I think Square is really kind for trying to do this, even though they still have their flaws as they try to get things together.

But regardless, Square Enix put out this survey not to make you upset about having to pick between one – they’re just curious to see if they’re coming up with the right ideas based on fan feedback. The story contents mentioned, I’ve seen, are all ones fans have discussed and brought to interest before, and SE really did listen to that. (Ravus fans! We gotta scream a little louder! :D) They’re going to try to expand on the story, believe me – especially when they have confirmed previously that they will/want to make an Ardyn DLC of sorts, and that Tabata is working on something known as the World of Versus, which probably refers to the World of Ruins content mentioned.

Also, the Comrades DLC wouldn’t really be a thing if they DIDN’T have playable characters. It’s already been confirmed that Aranea, Iris, and Cor will be playable characters for this multiplayer DLC – especially when their animations and controls are already used by AIs and the like. Adapting them to a playable format is just a few more tedious steps away, I hope. They also, at one point, confirmed Lunafreya for it as well, and Gentiana was seen during the 2017 tech demo a few months back – these characters will all make it in, I feel. One way or another.

And wanna know what else? During that tech demo, you know who else was seen during it? Ravus. This probably is hopeful to Ravus fans because they are working on assets for him in some way, shape, or form – going through the process enough to have him rigged to explore the open-world and see how he interacts with environments. I think that proves to be hopeful for Ravus fans in the near future!

So I really do encourage you and others to take the survey and show interest to Square Enix – to support them in their work, because they’re honestly trying as hard as they can compared to other companies that leave their fans in the dust. Vote for something you’d be interested in seeing first out of everything, because then Square will know that they’re getting onto the right track with their future content. c: And it shows them just how much the fans enjoy their work enough to care about FFXV’s future~

WiP Wednesday

He slams the doors on whatever cheerful single entendre Christophe is about to say under the guise of being helpful, then leans back against them, eyes falling shut. For just a moment, Victor allows himself the luxury of feeling his own heart roar in his breast, of relearning the pathways his blood takes to pool and pound in his ears, of giving into the compulsion to clench his fists around the hilt of a broadsword, or a neck — all familiar on the field of battle. Enduring it all now without the bloodthirst is awful.

Exhaling shakily, he opens his eyes and finds he is not alone.

Lounging on Victor’s bed, sprawled out as though he were still the greedy brat from years ago demanding Victor read him another story before being kicked out in favor of sleep, Yuri gives him a black look over the edge of the parchment clutched like prey in his hands.

There’s no sense in delaying the inevitable, so Victor smiles and waves his hand; an invitation. “All right. Let’s hear it.”

Yuri clears his throat so loudly that it feels like an expletive, then begins grandly, “His royal highness, Viktor Maxim Ivan Vladimir Karl Alexander Sergei Nikolai Ilya H —” Yuri pauses, then barks a laugh. “‘Hermann’.”

“Hermann,” Victor confirms, sighing. There’s one in every family.

… Pyotr Gleb… is giving a ball.” Yuri sneers, teeth bared like a tiger. How anyone could believe him to be a spectre born of ice and swan’s feathers is a mystery lost to the ages. “’… All eligible lords and ladies are invited to attend…’ I hope you aren’t under the impression that I’m going to be present for this farce.”

“Will you not support your brother in his time of great need?”

Yuri gives an inelegant snort. “I’ll be too busy moving my things into your room. You won’t need it after the unwashed masses finish tearing you to shreds in hopes of claiming a piece of you. I think my bookcases will look splendid against the wall over there.”

“You really won’t go?”

“I’d rather be drawn and quartered.”

In the face of Yuri’s familiar mulishness, the urge to shout I am not a prize —ever since his mother turned upon him a chilly stare and announced he was to sign his life away to a stranger by the ball’s end or she would find a suitable spouse for him (”If you do not do this, my dear, your father might actually deny you the crown and live forever just to spite us both, and I refuse to give him the satisfaction.”)— ebbs like the tide, and Victor relaxes into a real smile. “That is too bad. I hear the good Hero of Kazakhstan means to attend.”

Yuri goes still and says, flat as sword and twice as sharp, “Prince Otabek is coming.”

“So I’ve been told.” Victor shrugs off his jacket with not a little relief. Despite the slide of summer into autumn, the sun shows no sign of relenting its heavy hold on the kingdom. “Last we spoke, he was all talk of you… insomuch as he talks, which isn’t very. You must have made an impression at the trade negotiations, but if your aim is to be elsewhere the night of this idiocy, I will send along my apologies so he does not make a needless trip —”

There’s a sudden flurry of movement as Yuri rolls off the bed and spills to the floor, and Victor can do little except step aside as his brother blasts by and kicks the doors open. 

“So… shall I expect to see you there?”

Yuri sniffs and tilts his chin up just a bit in a bid to look aloof. All it serves to do is catch the light on the red flush in his cheeks. “I suppose I can find it within me to witness our dear parents set you upon the auction block, if only so I can laugh myself sick when some country bumpkin covered in pig shit wins you.”

Victor grins. “Otabek will be pleased to see you.”

The flush deepens to scarlet. Yuri turns his face away, but not fast enough to hide the small smile there. “I hope they give you to an actual pig.”


Late post but we cosplayed Reim last weekend! We made Titus and Muu’s Roman togas and armor because these designs are beautiful. Super happy with how the photos turned out (;▽;) I love Magi… Special thanks as always to our dear @vicissijuice for shooting 🙏❤️!

It was my first attempt at armor after 5 years and it’s for Magi again 😵💦💦 Also my first time working with worbla and styrene.

Titus Alexius: @princemaru

Voting Gauntlet Round 2

Ephraim vs. Chrom

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Lucina vs. Eirika

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Dear Straight People:

Why do I have to prove my love is authentic?
Why do I have to prove my love is authentic?
Why do I have to prove my love is authentic?



to those who read our stories

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To those who simply like our stories.
To those who comment on our stories.
To those who take the time to send in messages saying the simplest yet the most meaningful words.
To those who have stayed by our side through thick and thin.
To those who stayed patient with us.
To those who understood us.
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To those who supported us.
To those who are simply here.

Thank You.

Every little like, every little reblog, every little response we get, no matter how big or how minor, makes our day. The amount of support we get here is tremendous, it is so much more than what we may find in the real world. We write because it’s what we love to do, yes, but also because we love you. It is you, our followers, our fans, that keep us going. It is you that keep our head above the water, when things get rough.

You are our rock. 

Don’t be afraid to respond, to send asks and talk to the writers you love and follow because there’s a 110% chance they want to talk to you too. We writers, we love our fans. They are basically our second family and they are dear to our heart. To see that we have made you happy will make us happy as well, no matter what mood we are in.

Each and every one of you is special to us.
Your support means the world to us.

So thank you. 

There are no words to express how grateful we are for your support.

evan: oh my god what’s burning in here!?

jared, leaning against a wall: only my desire for u

evan: this room is literally on fire! ! ! ! 

{PART 29} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; After a much needed rest, you wake up to find that your world - as a Vampire, is still filled with the same love from Jungkook as it was when you were human. Decisions must be made - but you know that youโ€™ll never have to walk alone.

โ€œWithout her, his mind became an empty vessel; filled with crippling emptiness and sorrow. But with her, his days would be forever filled with endless love and possibilities. For that; was the power of her love.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)ย 

{Part 1} //{Part 28} {Part 29} {Final Chapter: Part 30}

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