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guess who’s running to watch Gallant’s performance

You’ve read it right! BTS-Trans Projects presents to you our very first raffle! 

All funds raised from the raffle go towards funding for our 2017 WINGS Tour Project. More information on this upcoming project will be announced soon after we finalize the logistics of the project so stay tuned!

To enter the raffle, go to this ➡️ RAFFLE ENTRY FORM

BTS-Trans Projects is also accepting donations! 

If you would like to just donate towards this project then please go to this ➡️ DONATION FORM

Please reblog and spread the word! 

We hope many ARMYs will support and actively participate in the raffle as well as the project itself.

Mary Yeh
Head Administrator


fancam of beautiful things: seungri and daesung sitting beside bangtan. bangtan trying not to fanboy too much. while watching mamamoo and bangtan’s reaction to moonbyul’s “Welcome, first time with MAMAMOO?” ♥


their interview after getting the award!!! Seokjin said the daesang is a bday gift~ then they sang happy birthday to him~ ♥