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When you read a shoujo manga that heroine and hero love each other, and everything is fine, but according to shoujo manga rules second boy shows up:

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  • My brother wanted to use my DS. but i made him answer a question without the internet or his phone... ALL REAL
  • Me: What is Mitskuni's last name? Your choices are Fujioka, Suoh, Ootori, and Haninozuka.
  • Bro: Okay. that's Fuck You, Soup, Phone, Honey Boo Boo
  • Note: fuck you= fujioka. soup= suoh. ootori= phone. haninozuka=honey boo boo
  • Bro: Honey Boo Boo is out
  • Bro (thinks): Phone is out... Tempted to say Fuck You but i gotta go with Soup

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Is it just me or was that an Ouron High School Host Club reference?(Kiss Kiss Fall in Love)👀👀👀

I see someone found out about one of my favorite anime’s. I love that anime with all my heart. So I was totally inspired for that to be the title.

Saturday Con Report

Watched a Cosplay wrestling match between a SHIT TON of characters! (It was a Smash Brawl type thing)
Played Red Flags
More cosplay photos!!
WENT TO A MINI MIKU CONCERT AND GOT FRONT ROW SEATS OMG!!! -squeals- I rocked out so hard!!
Had to walk back to the con because FUCKING SHUTTLES ARE NOW SHITTLES OKAY.
Later that night went to the anime version of Baggage, and that was amazing.
Watched Senpai (yandere-simulator) get Yandere chan, Honey-chan (ouron high-school host club), Kakashi in a mini harem with tentacles. He even got Yo (love live) from the next round to join him!! Senpai noticed them alright.
(Also I’ll be posting all the cosplays I got soon)

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