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When you read a shoujo manga that heroine and hero love each other, and everything is fine, but according to shoujo manga rules second boy shows up:

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  • My brother wanted to use my DS. but i made him answer a question without the internet or his phone... ALL REAL
  • Me: What is Mitskuni's last name? Your choices are Fujioka, Suoh, Ootori, and Haninozuka.
  • Bro: Okay. that's Fuck You, Soup, Phone, Honey Boo Boo
  • Note: fuck you= fujioka. soup= suoh. ootori= phone. haninozuka=honey boo boo
  • Bro: Honey Boo Boo is out
  • Bro (thinks): Phone is out... Tempted to say Fuck You but i gotta go with Soup
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