“ You idiot! You fucking idiot! You lied to me! All that bullshit that you’ll get me out of here?! Where is it now?! You piece of shit! I’m not letting you lie to me like this!”


((I was practicing the facial expression and hair inking actually. I didn’t plan on it making any sense nor was it supposed to be clean or finished. And it ended up like this.))

More Bunnies from my sketchpad yay♥

The Ourobunny character sketch

Here’s the headshot details…the paper isn’t quite nice in quality so the more I erase the dirtier it gets…

the Chibi and Banana-licking-part…coz I can’t draw a cock in a sketchpad that lies in almost every part of our house!!!

And here we have Bunny’s back and butt…and I kinda put Lambo there (from KHR) calling him “Octopus Head” much to Bunny’ annoyance hahaha!!!

It not ends here I still have some…that needs to be cleaned.