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I’m obsessed with rose cut crystals right now. ❤️🌹🔮🖤

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He accidentally impregnated a dragon (Accident pt3)

So this is after we faded out in my TARDIS (3.5 homebrew ftw) we faded down into the cave beneath the fortress where the item (a ring of Ouroboros) we needed sits on a podium across the cave. Between us and the ring was a full-on RIVER of gold and platinum and magical items…as well as a Very Old Lethus Dragon…CR 32. Now the DM had no intention for us to FIGHT it but to sneak around it. What we DID was a bit more…involved.

Me (ooc): I’m going to use my spider climb power as a vampire to walk across the wall and sneak around without making the gold rattle. *rolls a 16, 35 with my move silently*

DM: She shifts in her sleep but stays asleep

everyone in the room is watching and waiting.

Me (ooc): I keep going *37 on move silently*

DM: She gets up looks around and you hear a voice in your heads “Where are you little ones?”

Heavy Metal Bard (Who can transform into a Very Young Time Dragon due to race): I’m going to take one for the team. I’m going to seduce the dragon!

DM: she has a high diplomacy, it won’t be easy.

HMB: *rolls, 63 after modifiers*

DM: You beat her by one…

-to make it simple, he has sex with a dragon 10x his size as a distraction, gets her pregnant while I steal the ring and steal a crapload of gold all before she sees me and our party and we bail the second she sees us.-

And that is the end of our (surpriingly) 2nd most ridiculous quest to date. We recieved enough experience, gold, and items to invade the Feywild, but that is a story for another time

komatsujo  asked:

If the crystal crew had stayed in world 3! AU

1.  After the crew tells the Sage of their intentions, they let Agnès stop first, because they realize she’s the one most likely to encounter issues.  They go to Florem, to the hidden village, and tell Airy they aren’t going to continue, and that Olivia is not going to go with her either.  That they don’t think continuing to awaken the crystals is correct–they don’t blame her for anything of course, she was acting to the best of her knowledge as a cryst-fairy (Ringabel’s expression is suspiciously flat as Tiz says this, but he echoes agreement), but from what they can tell, it’s not working.  They don’t want Olivia put through this either, and Agnès will tell her the full truth to explain why if Airy tries to persuade her.  Airy cries a little and huffs that she’d thought Agnès would have trusted her more, but leaves without further argument.

2.  There’s another girl who can awaken crystals that the group didn’t tell her to back off from.  The water vestaling, of course–though she hasn’t been discovered in this world for her ability, with Olivia alive, she still possesses it, and Airy deduces through the millions of worlds she’s been through where the girl would be, and goes to start on grooming the child into a more obedient hero of light.  After all, the world needs a savior!  There are still crystals that need to be awakened.

3.  The girl is right where Airy expected.  What Airy did not expect was Yulyana and Lester DeRosso appearing only a few minutes into her working on gaining the girl’s trust, and kindly telling the girl to run along for them to have a few words with the fairy.  An ambush.  Yulyana is perceptive and has been involved with the vestals for hundreds and hundreds of years, after all; finding the potential candidates and then pinpointing which one would have been most likely to be made vestal in the case of Olivia’s death–and thus be Airy’s most likely backup plan–had not been too taxing.  And it allows him and DeRosso to have the pleasure of destroying the enemy that destroyed their angel.  But they still have the sense that this has not been a permanent solution.

4.  Tiz takes charge of the Norende reconstruction effort, just as he did in world 5, but always with Til at his side.  It takes Til a few days to even be willing to let Tiz out of sight, and it’s not like Tiz is trying to go far away, as he’s just as anxious about his little brother.  Even a month after their reunion, Karl and Owen can see how sick Tiz looks the one time he doesn’t know where his little brother’s gone to and goes out to find him, even though it’s been little more than a quarter of an hour.  Karl and Owen are worried about just how inseparable the brothers are, but everyone knows the trauma the two survivors of Norende have gone through, each believing they were the only one.  Their fear and anxiety will hopefully heal through the natural course of time.  In the meantime, they share nearly all their waking moments together, and share a bed at night.

5.  Caldisla’s peacefulness is marred only by the demons still invading the surrounding lands and attacking travelers.  This is the first time the brothers’ anxiety causes a real argument between them, as both want to help when the attacks start to worsen but Tiz absolutely refuses to allow Til near danger and Til says he’s not going to let Tiz fight on his own.  There’s yelling from both brothers and crying from Til (and if Tiz needed to rub his eyes a little when he and Owen were finally able to leave, Til in Karl’s care, Owen was polite enough to not say anything).

6.  Edea and Ringabel are trying to settle down in Eternia, but Ringabel finds it hard to take Alternis’ place, feeling hopelessly like he’s becoming even more distant from Braev and Mahzer than he was as Alternis due to little “slips” of Ringabel, which make him clam up after, and guilt for taking the place someone who was still alive, the last that he knew.  He leaves Eternia quietly one night, telling Edea of his intentions to bring his foolish other self back and reveal his real identity to Braev and let the man judge him how he will, assuring Edea that he won’t breathe a word of her not being from this world either.  Edea tells him she doesn’t really care about that–if he’d be in trouble for this, she’d rather be in trouble with him–hugs him, and wishes him luck.

7.  Ringabel is not the one to find Alternis.  It’s Tiz and Owen who do, the older knight remarking with sadness that the man who accompanied him on a boar hunt and helped rescue Til was apparently not able to save himself from the rising number of demons on the roads.  And Tiz, looking at the body, feels very sick for two reasons.  The first being that where Owen sees a traveller killed by bad luck, Tiz sees a former dark knight who was able to charm demons.  He should have been able to defeat a few minor demons, unless he didn’t want to.

The second frightening reason is that he can’t be certain if he’s looking at this world’s Alternis, or his friend Ringabel.  He tries to reassure himself that Ringabel is with Edea in Eternia and sends a letter to her cautiously telling her of the news, identifying the body as Alternis but also asking for reassurance on Ringabel’s well-being.

8.  …Ringabel is actually in Florem, having thought Alternis would go there; after a few days without hearing any promising rumors, he visits Agnès in the hidden village and is horrified to have her crying at him and telling him he needs to go back to Eternia now, because Edea doesn’t know if she’s grieving for him or Alternis so she’s having a bit of a meltdown grieving over both (while not being able to explain to anyone in Eternia with her what the matter is, exactly).  His only delay in speeding back to Eternia is the quick stop in Caldisla to show Tiz he’s not dead and take Alternis’ body to be properly buried in Eternia.  Because that is where he belongs.  But now Edea is insisting they can’t reveal what’s happened, Braev and Mahzer don’t need to grieve for both their children at once, and Ringabel can’t be the only one to tell the truth because what if he’s punished for it, what if he’s made to leave and she has to stay without him, and at length, Ringabel finally agrees with her.  Alternis is buried at Gravemark Village, near the family members of Braev who died from the Great Plague.  There are already so many markers for graves, they doubt one more will be noticed.  Few people come here anyway.  (But the few who do come do notice the newer marker, given epitaph but left nameless, and they wonder.  It’s only respect for the dead that keeps that secret buried.)

Ringabel goes back to trying to be Alternis.  It’s no easier than before, but there’s no way out of it.

9.  It takes Agnès a year to approach a crystal again in prayer.  The crystals are unstable with only three of them awakened, and the wind and water crystals have both been sapped by the darkness.  Surely they can be awakened without any harm done?  The earth crystal is still dormant, there will be no Holy Pillar.  No Great Chasm in the next world.  Olivia asks her to demonstrate the rite of awakening at the water crystal, having never seen it herself, and Agnès settles in with the confidence of someone doing this for the twelfth time.  She’s happy to be the one doing this rather than Olivia; the rite is considerably taxing, even painful at times.  But just as she feels that pressure beginning to build in her chest, Olivia calls her name, and then shakes her when that first call goes ignored.  “Agnès, stop!  That’s enough, you did it!”

Agnès looks up at the crystal, biting her lip.  It’s shining, yes, but not nearly brightly enough.  “Its light has to be stronger than this, Olivia.  It…must be able to push back the darkness…”

This was how Airy had taught her.  Olivia looks at the crystal again, and then at her friend, uncertain, slowly shaking her head.  “I don’t remember the crystal shining more brightly than this…this is how the water crystal should look, to me.”

“But the darkness will–”

“And if it does, I will awaken it, now that I know how.  But please, rest.  The way you were pushing yourself, I was starting to become afraid…”

“You worry too much, Olivia,” and it seems such an odd thing for her to have to say.  But she leaves it be for now, and simply keeps watch in the temple for the next few days as she helps Olivia and the other Crystalists clean and repair it.  The crystal’s light stays without diminishing, and Agnès gradually suspects the truth, that she was led to make the crystals’ light too powerful.  She is able to awaken the wind crystal without overexciting it, and she feels both proud and ashamed to know that she did it so many times incorrectly at Airy’s behest.  She wouldn’t even have realized, were it not for the concern of her friend and fellow vestal.

(10.  Peace doesn’t last.  Ouroboros eventually creates another Airy, Airy eventually finds a way to overexcite the crystals.  The link goes to the next world.  The chain is finished, and Ouroboros’ attack rings world 3.  The remaining Eternian forces put up a valiant defense, but the new Airy’s scheme has already weakened them.  Ringabel falls before Edea, but she follows soon after.  Agnès and Olivia spend their last moments in prayer with the other Crystalist believers.  And when the ring closes around the Luxendarc, when the entire planet cracks and is shattered, when Tiz sees both Karl and Til fall from the breaking wreckage of the inn only seconds before the earth under him collapses as well–

The Celestial resets.  And on world 3, two years in the past, Tiz wakes up and retches all over his bed.  He’s shaking as he gathers up the sheets for washing, trying to remember what nightmare he had that was so terrifying, but all he remembers is a lingering certainty that they can’t stay here.  If Airy is misleading them, there’s something bigger behind her.  They have to keep going.)

In the beginning of a new year, we’d like to sum up what 2013 was for us. We believe that the most important accomplishment is that even though we had a record high number of orders, we still found time to create many new designs (top, left to right): 

1. Maria ring, Before the Kiss ring, Daphne ring, Edelweiss ring

2. Pomegranate cuff links, Ouroboros ring, Laurel branch band, Pomegranate ring

3. Moonstruck band, Passion ring, Tatiana ring, Olga ring

4. Beatrice ring, Alexandra band, Duchess ring, Lovers ring

Some of them - such as the Pomegranate ring and cufflinks were continuation of the existing line, while others - like Beatrice and Edelweiss engagement rings - were totally new creations. We have many plans for 2014, so please stay tuned :) and visit us at wingedlion.etsy.com