your self esteem will skyrocket once you realize that constantly putting yourself down is essentially negging yourself like some ouroboric pick up artist

Time is like the ancient Ouroboros. Time is fleeting moments, grains of sand passing through an hourglass. Time is the moments and events we so readily try to measure. But the ancient Ouroboros reminds us that in every moment, in every instant, in every event, is hidden the past, the present, and the future. Eternity is hidden in every moment. Every departure is at once a return, every farewell is a greeting, every return is a parting. Everything is simultaneously a beginning and an end.
—  Andrzej Sapkowski, The Lady of the Lake
The Poison in the Wound

Summary: Feyre and Tamlin meet to try and finally clear away some of the bad blood between them.

**This fic is independent of my other works, and after writing so many adult fics in a row I feel the need to specify— this is very much rated PG :)

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what i dont get is why people thought that sucking up to letshearitforthismisogynist and telling him he did nothing wrong would get them.. i dont know. joke cuck points with him? its not. he doesnt care about his audience and he doesnt care if you go into a trans girls inbox and be mean to her for calling him a douchebag because hes probably already going back to the violently ouroboric cycle of sucking his own dick and calling it comedy 

Who are the descendants of the Fae Warrior from the Bone Carver's Story? Queen Vassa? Archeron Sisters?

We keep trying to find connections between ToG to ACOTAR. And we thought the Bone Carver’s story was a goldmine for the crossover we all want.

Many theorize that the Fae Warrior the Bone Carver was talking about is Aelin Galathynius.

At first, I believed it was Elena Galathynius Havilliard because the Carver said that her blood now traces to a human line, so I thought about the Havilliards and how they are human, except that Dorian inherited Elena’s raw powers. Then the Bone Carver also said that he knew the Fae warrior wouldn’t be able to defeat them, only entomb them, so I thought he was talking about Elena trapping Erawan.


But reading ACOWAR for the second time, I realized THE STORY ABOUT THE FAE WARRIOR HAPPENED LONG AGO IN PRYTHIAN. Not in ToG World, and not where the Carver and his siblings came from.

When they came upon this world, it was new and they were Death-Gods. The Bone Carver had hidden in The Prison long before that Fae Warrior managed to bound Stryga the Weaver in The Middle and Koschei to the lake in the Continent because Carver knew that the Fae Warrior wouldn’t be able to kill or banish them, just entomb them. WOW THAT FAE WARRIOR MUST REALLY BE POWERFUL TO HAVE AT LEAST BEEN ABLE TO “TRAP” THOSE DEATH-GODS. We’ll talk more about “trapping” in a bit.

The Fae Warrior’s blood traces into a human line. Oh, I don’t know? MAYBE QUEEN VASSA OR THE ARCHERON SISTERS?! Because why would SJM have the Bone Carver mention all those details to Feyre at all if it wasn’t important?


• Fae Ancestry mentioned in ACOTAR. Remember at the beginning of ACOTAR when Feyre was describing their home, the runes for protection around their door was made by someone claiming to have distant Fae Ancestry in exchange for her father’s wood carvings. When I first read about that, I keep thinking: “Oh yeah that’s possible? Maybe the main character MUST BE A DESCENDANT OF SOME REALLY POWERFUL FAE.” Looking at it now, it all seemed so funny how suspicious I was.

• The sisters dealing with ancient powerful creatures and stuff. We get that the Suriel kept coming back for Feyre once each book to help her because of her kindness. But remember that first time when she was still human and she managed to “TRAP” the Suriel in her first try. And everyone’s like shocked because that shit ain’t easy, even High Lords can rarely do that and most not at all.

Nesta didn’t get brainwashed by Tamlin effectively.

Remember Amarantha’s first test with the Middengard Wyrm, Feyre managed to “TRAP” that into death real good. She was still human back then!

Then in ACOMAF, Feyre visited the Bone Carver with Rhys and the Bone Carver was curious about her being Made so he was willing to talk to her. He told her about his story and his siblings. In ACOWAR, he also willingly bound himself into an Illyrian form and left his haven in the Prison to fight in the war when Feyre managed to look upon Ouroburos and didn’t go bat shit crazy because that meant to him that she would be worth it.

Don’t even get me started when Rhys sent Feyre to the Weaver during ACOMAF so she could retrieve the ring his mother gave him. That shit was creepy af. Even the High Lords don’t mess with the Weaver but Feyre took the ring and managed to get away. I don’t think anyone has ever really gotten away EXCEPT THE FAE WARRIOR WHO MANAGED TO BIND OR “TRAP” THE WEAVER IN THE MIDDLE. But I loved how in ACOWAR, Feyre tricked Ianthe and her Hybern bodyguards into entering The Weaver’s cottage. I wished we could’ve seen what the Weaver did to them, I’m very curious with how the Weaver does the whole process.

Bryaxis. That adorable scary af whirlwind of nightmares and shadows from beneath the library at the House of Wind in Velaris. He made deals with Feyre. The first one was that it will kill the Hybern messengers who attacked the library in exchange for someone to tell it stories. Second, he’ll fight in the war for a window in its place in the library so it can see the moon and the stars. During the battle though, he disappeared. We don’t know where Bryaxis went or what the hell happened but other than that, I think Feyre handled Bryaxis pretty well.

Then there’s that whole deal with The Cauldron and the Archeron Sisters. Feyre and the Book of Breathings. Then Feyre with Ouroborous.

• The process of transforming into Fae varies from the strength of a person. Feyre is different from the two because she died breaking Amarantha’s Curse before she was made into a Fae by the Seven High Lords of Prythian, and she was unknowingly given some of their powers. The other Archeron sisters were both made into Fae by the Cauldron. Elain had been gifted the power of foresight while Nesta took more power than it was willing to give. THEY ALL SURVIVE.

• Mates are equals and it is rare. Feyre is mated with the most powerful High Lord of Prythian. Elain has a mating bond with the only son of Helion Spell-cleaver, High Lord of the Day Court. And Nesta MUST be mates with the most powerful Illyrian Commander because the signs are there.

Made into Fae? Check.

Awesome Powers? Check.

Equally Powerful Mate? Check.

The Archeron Sisters didn’t just receive a Fae Starter Pack, they got like the Ultimate Fae Life Package. Maybe it’s because they already had Fae blood to begin with?


If the Archeron sisters aren’t the descendants, then MAYBE QUEEN VASSA? I kinda feel like this is more likely? Because why mention that part about the Fae Warrior at all if it wasn’t significant to the story? And why was the Fae Warrior story just mentioned when Feyre’s POV was about to end? Maybe it’s a setup for the spin-offs and it will only be significant when it comes to the Nesta and/or Elain’s plotline? OR MAYBE QUEEN VASSA IS THE DESCENDANT OF THE FAE WARRIOR, AND NOT THE ARCHERON SISTERS!


The Bone Carver said that his brother, Koschei, was bound to a Lake in the Continent. Queen Vassa was betrayed by the other Mortal Queens, cursed and held captive by a sorcerer-lord at a Lake in the Continent. WE ALL BELIEVE THIS IS CONNECTED, DON’T DENY IT.

And although it was mentioned by Elain that in her vision the sorcerer-lord had a habit of collecting girls and turning them into white birds, Queen Vassa seemed to be different and special because she was turned into a firebird. Interesting. But why was she different? Was it because she was a Queen or is there something more?

Just think about it. If Queen Vassa is the descendant of the Fae Warrior, cursing her must be like Koschei’s revenge in a way. And also, maybe he needs Queen Vassa to unbound himself from the lake so he can prounce around the Continent, destroying people like in the good ol’ days before Prythian even had High Lords. Of course, we only know so little about Queen Vassa and her kingdom but we can’t deny the possibility!

I also have suspicions about Jurian but I’m leaning towards the ladies being the descendants.


I’m not sure I explained myself well because I was speed-typing just so I don’t forget what I was trying to say but I hope I got my point across.

I hope we get our answers in 2018! For now, we theorize. Help a female out and tell me what you guys think!

this whole theatre of cruelty that’s taken over social justice (and by extension, feminism/radical feminism) is depressing

there’s more interest in scoring cheap hits against people whose politics don’t align with ours than there is for a genuine desire to make things better.

I’ve always been a lurker of radfem blogs, minus the first time I actively engaged in radfem circles on tumblr a few years back, and like…I learned more from those interested in actually spreading radical feminist ideas than I ever did from those only interested in drama and being shitheads. but the drama is rewarded, egged on, and it’s just an ouroborous of shit.

like. idk. at this point I wonder if it’s better to disengage and simply return to my books, post relevant quotes and statistics, and hope it helps others. because at this point radfem circles on Tumblr look more like 2012-era SJ.

Cold Fire Rising 2: Ouroboros (What Happened After) - Chapter 18 - BrightLotusMoon - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]

I wrote a crossover between TMNT and Supernatural a while back. I was sick, with a fibromyalgia flare, a migraine, and a fever, and on Facebook I got challenged to do a fic where brothers meet brothers. This still makes me crack up.

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Let’s talk about Sephiroth and Jenova.

The question, as it’s always been debated, is this: Was Sephiroth being controlled/brainwashed by Jenova, or acting of his own free will? The first tends to be the argument of apologists and the latter tends to presume the sublimation of Jenova as an entity. I think most people feel that the answer lies somewhere in the middle, which of course it does, but how can you begin to untangle where?

On the one hand it would be completely absurd to discount Jenova’s influence. Every scrap of information we have about her tells us that this is what she does - she is a usurper, a parasite and a puppeteer in every facet of her design. To say that he read as though possessed by something can be no accident. There is absolutely no way that when Sephiroth was sequestered in the basement, she wasn’t “there” too, whispering in his ear.

On the other hand, Sephiroth is not a perpetual victim. Besides that no character injected with Jenova cells is completely her slave, Sephiroth’s “will” is conferred almost mystical power by the script. More then that, he is simply not Sephiroth if he hasn’t got any agency. This is a man who would rather architect total destruction than resign himself to fate. He opts to reinvent himself and his entire reality rather than accept that he’s been Shinra’s pawn since before he was even conceived. His relentless march towards nihilistic “Godhood” is narratively meaningless if you presume that he didn’t choose it over bearing the weight of his circumstances. 

And then there’s the other problem - Jenova has been a part of Sephiroth since before his birth. How do you find where one stops and the other starts when they are a genetic as much as a psychic ouroborous? It’s as likely as not that Jenova’s genetic predisposition shaped his eventual megalomaniacal desires without even him realizing it - it’s easy to see how the destruction of all human life handily benefits a being that feeds off of the energy that will be produced, but a little less clear what the tangible upsides are to being the “God” of a dead planet.

There is all of that to contend with before even touching on how the Jenova Product has shaped literally aspect of his life: How the symbolic presence of a mother so perfectly and conveniently fills a void left by Shinra’s militaristic and paternal upbringing (and we know how Sephiroth hates his father so). How, as a born and bred weapon of mass destruction, he likely wouldn’t need the urging of an external force to be inclined to see and solve problems through a lens of power and violence. How, as the centerpiece of an imperial regime, he must never have learned to cope or compromise beyond what he could teach himself (he knows he must be special, so he must choose to be either a monster or a demigod, with no room for humanity or nuance). 

There is an inevitability to Sephiroth’s “fall” as much as there is a tantalizing opportunity for redemption, and Jenova represents the pathway to both. In light of that fact, I think the question we are all really scraping for is this:

Could Sephiroth ever have been anything other than what he was?

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Can we hear a thing or two about True Dragons?

So in Glorantha, a big old flying lizard might come along and burn your house and eat your livestock. It’ll hoard all the gold it can and generally make a nuisance of itself. And you might call this a dragon and you’d be fair to do so.

But it’s not a True Dragon. It’s a Dream Dragon, and it’s a poor replica of the real thing.

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