Dear North Carolinian,

We know you’re out there. You were born and raised here.  Or you moved here and fell in love with this beautiful state and its warm, wonderful people. Or you grew up here and live elsewhere now, but are as much a part of this state as it is a part of you.

You are one of us.

We know you’re angry about what’s going on here. We know you’re out there protesting, organizing, registering voters, writing letters, signing petitions, attending fundraisers. 

We know you’re talking to your family and friends, neighbors and co-workers, your parents and partners and children about what’s happening here.  You tell them how our state is being governed in a way that hurts communities and families and businesses, robs people of their voices, kicks people when they’re down. 

You rage against a corrupt administration that sabotages women’s options.  That denies rights to people based on whom they love.  Forces hard-working teachers to struggle more for less pay.  Lets children go hungry.  Punishes people who haven’t been able to find work.  Makes it more and more difficult for many to survive, never mind get ahead.

We are so glad you’re here.

Thank you for being joined in this fight- these fights, these so many damned fights- with us.  Thank you for sharing the information that keeps us all better informed.  Thank you for taking up some struggles that at first glance don’t even seem to be yours, personally- because you are wise enough to know that these struggles are inextricably linked with yours. Thank you for connecting with each other, and with us, to help us all share the burden of outrage.  Thank you for showing up to be counted, for making signs, for even being arrested, to show your love for North Carolina.

It is such an honor to work alongside you in this fight for our state.  Thank you for being a part of OUR North Carolina.

My North Carolina remembers the traditions that have made it a uniquely democratic, humane, homegrown, communal, individual, quirky, sweet, fun-loving culture; remembers that barbecue requires red-pepper-vinegar and hickory wood, but also that the important thing is how we share it, like communion; remembers that basketball is about a culture where - unlike many places - we all love the game, but every Thanksgiving dinner table has UNC, State, Duke, and Wake fans, ribbing each other not in UNISON but all together; embraces the fusion movement, the way we changed America when our young people wouldn’t listen to us and so stood up for what we taught them; a place where we KNOW how to hold onto the heart of who we are and let the bad stuff go.

Tim T., Durham, NC

This is MY North Carolina! I am a 7th generation North Carolinian. My ancestors fought in the Civil War. I have traveled all over the US with my job and when I return to RDU, I want to kiss the ground. My heart is broken by the recent developments in our state governance. What once was considered a beacon of southern progress and growth has now become a shining example of a state that has taken a giant leap backwards because of a broken government that serves its own interest instead of its constituents. It breaks my heart that my state has now become fodder for national ridicule and new material for late night comedians. If only they knew how serious & sad this is to the people who were born, raised, and educated here…to those whose ancestors fought and died to make NC the great state it once was. 


Deborah Everett

Clayton, NC