Dear the Girl,

I love you. Yes my dear I so truly love you. I love you despite the fact that I missed talking to you on our anniversary  because of school, that I don’t call all too much, that I don’t send anymore letters woven of words to you, I love you and I know I haven’t shown it much lately I really do…the thought of you is bound to my mind along with questions like “when will I see her next?”..I miss those moments were we just talk and lose track of time making our schedules shake and quiver with each impact, I miss the “push and pull”, I miss you beautiful voice that would sound so perfect when we sang to songs, I miss the dancing we used to do, I miss sneaking a kiss with  the risk unwanted eyes would see. The thing I miss the most that’s important, painful, wonderful is… you my dear.


the boy that doubts if his Armour really shines bright enough.