The director of the popular cartoon “Avatar” actually got his inspiration from actual element bending squirrels residing in the Amazon Rainforest. Due to deforestation, the Bending Squirrels population drastically decreased in the past decade – leaving only 227 of them in the wild with 8 of them in captivity. You can learn more about the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest here: http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/southamerica/brazil/placesweprotect/amazon.xml


 Everyday should be ‘World Elephant Day’

’ The Ivory Crisis: Urgent and Comple x ’

It’s estimated that there were 1.2 million elephants in Africa in 1980. Now there are only about 430,000. And the numbers are plummeting – an estimated 30,000 elephants are being killed each year.  

Why? Their tusks. The demand for ivory – carved into figurines, chopsticks, bracelets and other “luxury” items – has skyrocketed in Asian markets, most notably China, as more of the population accumulates wealth. Unfortunately, there is widespread misinformation, leading many consumers to believe that the item they’re buying came from elephants that died of natural causes.

Our network of partners includes: Northern Rangelands Trust, Save the Elephants, Save the Rhino Trust, Kenya Wildlife Service, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Society, Zambia Wildlife Authority, Tanzania National Park Authority, Space for Giants, Ujamaa Community Resource Team – and you.

Aug 12th,


Been on a Magi kick lately, and I was chatting with Awa about it when she randomly said something about my characters cosplaying as Magi characters. 8′D These are the three she listed.

Mathias as Ja’Far, with makeup freckles and not sure if he should be holding a weapon because he has no training with weapons

Ourin as Sinbad with fake earrings and considering the amount of flourish/jewelry to be about normal.

Harlow as Sphintus. With a real snake that he’s hoping doesn’t kill him.

This was quite fun to do |D