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On cephorum, is there a gift giving holiday like Christmas?

Mun: HHHHHHHHHHHHH this is sooooo long (18 frames) so obvious page cut |D sorry, but there was a looot to explain. tl;dr: gift giving is a pain in the butt in Cephorim, so they don’t have anything that requires it really, and the last day of their year celebrates the concept of things dying to make way for things to live once their time is up. (Because that’s totally a Christmas thing, right? >.> ….. or is that Easter? *has no idea and didn’t research ‘cause forgot she had this question and it’s been crazy, it’s 2 am, leave me alone |D I love you all.)

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Oh my god, are you an ourin highschool fan? If so who's your favourite character, and who do you ship eue Hitachi twins x harui be my jam~ (I forgot how to spell there surname so hope this was close enough? XD )

Ong YES!!!!! Hahaha well i mean I love the hitachi twins- i think they are hilarious!!! Haruhi is probably my favorite though because she is always just like “these damn rich people” she is fairly normal and sarcastic and surrounded by absurd and dramatic characters. I always liked her with tamaki because he was so overdramatic and i though it was funny/ kind of cute. But there are
Moments i ship her with pretty much everyone. Sorry but of an overshare but i really love that show!! And the manga- which i still need to finish.