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This one is for King Ourin and family: What's your favorite music genre?


They’re not big on any harder sounding genres like rock, hip hop, rap, etc. But they still like some upbeat songs to dance to. They don’t have any electronic music in Cephorim, so they haven’t heard that before.

Here’s a couple songs that they really like:

Yiruma - Kiss the Rain

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

Vindsvept - Mourning

Music Junkies - The Imagining

Traingle OST - Cocoon (choirMix)

Kalafina/Yuki Kajiura - Gloria (fan cover ver)

Sola OST - Kasuka na Hikari

Yuki Kajiura - Suna no Utsuwa

Naturally there’s more, but that should give an idea of what they like 8’D

Ehhh not a big story on this one 8’D I was just listening to some Kingdom Hearts things and the line Sora says in 3D “You have to have a hearrt to cry.” really stuck out to me. Ourin was pretty depressed at the time so I drew him. |D that’s all

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Hey you fishy Bishies! Hot springs time!

Mun: Ahhh this one took forever |D (and it’s a ‘full sized’ pic, so zoom in on it to read if you need to)

I see what you did there though, eve Too bad ya got this huh? eve

Yeah Airius culture, bodies are precious, blah blah, no one bathes together or goes in hot springs without those fancy robes that cover to the knees and elbows. Pretty sure I mentioned it a bunch before and various places, but no worries if ya didn’t know 8′D

+forever has trouble drawing Mathias+ 8I He doesn’t look bad, there’s just little tiny details that I can’t figure out. I keep thinking I’m close and then I get colors on and something looks off BI

Don’t mind them being a bit cranky |D They’re uncomfortable around strangers, especially when they’re supposedly in a place where people relax.

Ah, and Trance doesn’t always wear that collar, but best be careful not to startle him when it’s off or things will probably break |D

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Hi again. It's me, the anon with open ended questions because you're all so fun to learn about. What's your favorite critter? If you want to get cherry points, land, sea and sky critters.

Mun: There’s only one drawing for this ‘cause I’m lazy and drawing animals is still hard for me. |D Sorry.


Ourin: They’re a really fluffy and small bird. Kind of like a red chickadee. My favorite water animal is a miniature seal and my favorite land animal is a vlerro. That last one is like a puppy mixed with a chinchilla.


Trance: Does an otter count as a land or sea animal? Fafirs are really cute too, I think for Earth they would be like a cross between a ferret or an ermine and a chipmunk. And dwarrows are fun to play with, they’re a bit like fancy dolphins. Watching flying creatures makes me nervous though, so I don’t know if I have a favorite. ^^;


Azre: …. Gypsy vanner >///>;. And a fanged dyther. Think of a cross between and lion fish and an oarfish… with teeth. And harpy ravens from Raven-Coast are pretty cool. They’re not intelligent, and can’t speak. But they’re wind spirits and are said to be one of the creatures at the Coast that takes spirits to their world while the other ravens devour the body. Kinda cool.


Emiris: Well I know I don’t like spiders. 8 | Harbinger eagles are the one I can think of at the moment. Supposedly they’re able to predict things, or know when they just happened. Weather, someone’s death, when a child will be born, a shipwreck, and other things. But they don’t actually talk much and there’s no proof of their supposed signs being consistently accurate. Hamster squirrel’s are pretty cute. And carpet fish are fun to watch swim around. They’re like big rugs that ripple through the water.

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*To all of them except Cheren* You're so adorable it should be illegal, how do you do that?! ÒAÓ

Dorin: *picks up* Aww the tiny human thinks I’m adorable. How cute.

Ourin: You an exception too you overgrown mammoth. Now put her down, she can’t see the rest of us around your hair.

I’m pretty sure it’s a curse. B | Almost everything I draw ends up cute somehow.

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So Aeal. If these are your babies, I wanna see some baby pictures! Time to embarrass everyone!

Mun: Okay, so I didn’t know who to do so I asked my Skype group who they wanted to see |D Only did five and it still took me a couple hours. 8’D Here ya are though. Babies >u<


Mun: First request was Harlow, 8’D So have some Harlow booty while he chews on a feather. Don’t worry, the feather won’t give him any diseases or illnesses, it’s not from a bird. An he’s naked because his parents usually let him sit on the blanket after giving him a bath so they could pick out clean clothes that he liked.

Harlow: I don’t even know how people get a hold of things like this. 8 |


Mun: Next request was Ourin~

Mun: He had fancy clothes from the beginning of course, and he was a momma’s boy. If there was anything new and weird around that he didn’t like he’d just stare at it if he was with Minea, but otherwise he’d end up crying. Even after Lenma was born he was still a momma’s boy. There were a couple years where Lenma would follow him around, but eventually it flipped and she and he took turns being protective of each other.

Ourin: I remember that picture. It’s hanging in the lounge with all the other pictures. Dad was the one that took it and Mom used to tease him about it, saying that he wasn’t very good at taking pictures considering he didn’t get all of her. But we all knew he was trying to get a picture of just me, but the only way they could get me to settle down was to have Mom hold me.


Mun: Aaaaand next was Falin~

Mun: This picture is actually back before Falin died, when his name was Haylen instead of Falin. ‘Cause ‘baby’ Falin looked the same as he does now. XD He didn’t have those marks under his eyes as Haylen, but he still had the same color of eyes and hair. His parents used to let him play in the clean laundry.

Falin: *remembers none of this, regardless of the fact it was eons ago.* 8 |


Mun: Neeext was Max

Mun: Max liked food all his life and always liked to play with it. |D He was a happy, messy kid. That’s blueberry mash in the picture, his parents were chefs too and never minded him playing with his food before eating it.

Max: Awwww, that’s an old picture, hahaha. Mom and Dad usually let me sit on the counter while we all ate together there. Though, as you can see, I think I played in my food more often than I fed myself.


Mun: The last one that was requested was Maher

Mun: Maher was raised by an orc couple that his mom smuggled him to, and they lived pretty much in the middle of nowhere. They didn’t have any kids at the time, so it was a bit hard for them to get things for Maher. There’s only so much baby stuff you can buy before people start asking questions. |D They couldn’t always buy him new clothes, so they often got ones that were too big for him so that they would last for a while, and baby toys weren’t common. And just a little extra note, Maher’s mom didn’t tell the orc couple what she wanted for a name for him. It was a complicated event to get him out safely in the first place and once they left there was no more contact between them to make sure no one found out what she’d done. But the blanket he was in had “MS” stitched into it, so his new caretaker decided to name him “Maher Shelar”. If you’re curious Maher’s name was supposed to by “Malik Saman”  and that’s where the “MS” came from. >u<b I could ramble on for awhile about his past, but I won’t do more than this. |D

Maher: At least you showed one of the happy moments. 8 | Though I remember that bear. Derim smuggled it from a different territory for me while he was on a trip. He was a nice guy. Didn’t mind my rebellious teenager years much at all.

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Ourin, how do you feel about having gained a grandma?

Ourin: It’s… hard to put into words…. When I got older I’ve always had to be the one that people felt could protect them and make sure they could live peacefully and… as happy as possible. Of course there’s times that I can cry or feel depressed or get sick, but it usually scares people who don’t know me well enough to realize that they’ll be okay despite that. I’m only officially the ruler of one nation, but because of everything I’ve done a lot of people in the other nations have come to rely on me as a sort of backup when their own ruler needs help…. It’s complicated. The world knows me by name because of all the crazy things I’ve done that somehow helped us through that mess that we’re still recovering from, but most of them outside my city don’t know me otherwise.

But when I was younger I used to love being with my mom because she gave that same sense of security that I think others feel around me. Like even if something bad happened then she would take care of it and it would be okay. When I got stabbed she was the one that caught the attempted killer, and though I knew she was scared she didn’t show it. She made sure I watched and listened to her instead of everything else and it wasn’t as scary as it could have been.

Nagini… It’s kind of the same with her? She’s like that. The way that it feels like everything will be alright. I don’t feel as tense around her, it’s like being back home with everyone in the same room. And she’s also someone that’s easy for me to talk to about anything, just like with Ammy. Of course she isn’t exactly like Mom, or Ammy. Mom wasn’t as delicate and had more of an authoritative aura to her. And Ammy there was that feeling like… it was more than just family. Like we weren’t quite two completely different people.

I guess… Nagini gives me pieces that I never thought I’d have again. It was confusing at first, and sometimes it still is. I never had a gramma before, my parents’ parents died before I was born, and Ammy’s grandparents died shortly after she was born. But aside from… sometimes not being able to understand what’s going on at a certain moment it’s still good to have Nagini around. Sometimes I get to feel like a little kid again, back when the world was so small and perfectly happy. It’s nice.

….I hope that made some sort of sense.

Le lovely lady in the picture is Nagini, and she belongs to my bae Awa, who is the one that asked the question. >u<

did some speed doodling for a bit after shading Ourin cause I’m lazy and don’t wanna make a new app pic for him yet.

Then I got in the mood to draw some fluff for him so there’s the starts of some cuddling.