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I'm going to continue commenting on your fic as more chapters come out, but I really wanted to also say hi and try to voice how much I am in love with your writing! I'm very impressed with the way you demonstrate and imply what emotions the characters are feeling through simple physical reactions. I LOVE how it's from Mob's pov, and you so often make the audience read between the lines -- which makes the emotion behind the words all that more powerful, I think. I really can't wait to see more!!

Oh gawd I’m crying ;u; this is - I feel so honored, thank you so much ❤️ It’s just really amazing that my stuff could inspire someone else like that!

(hey if you do end up writing terumob, feel free to tag me! I’d love to read it!)

I’m SO happy you like Mob’s POV and everything! It was a bit of a challenge at first and then later I started worrying that maybe it’s becoming too stale for readers to always have to read between the lines… But I love writing like this and I hate switching POVs mid-story, so we’re stuck with it anyways ^-^

Thank you again, so much. I hope you have a great day!

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