~ Starstruck ~ [Closed]

One day had already passed on this island, Rise finding it to be a rather enjoyable experience. She was a new student, and even though she knew the rules there was no interest in killing to be found from the girl. It was a relief to have the worry of having to defend herself being taken away. Plus for the analyst, it was a chance to at least make some friends. The chance to tan though was the biggest bonus of all. After a nice few hours of relaxing in the sun, Rise threw on a sundress over her bikini and headed back.

Her eye would be caught as she passed by the smoothie bar however by a distinct head of aqua colored hair. It couldn’t possibly be…her? Could it? Miku Hatsune; everyone knew her. She was one of Rise’s inspirations, and someone she hoped to live up to. With an obvious shyness, she would take  the seat next to Miku, gesturing to the attendant for a drink. “So… U-Um… You’re Miku Hatsune, right?” Her bubbly demeanor was gone as she found herself having a serious case of being starstuck. “I’m Rise, Rise Kujikawa. I’m a huge fan… Maybe you’ve heard of me too? I mean, I’m nowhere near as famous as you, but it’s nice to know there was a fellow idol here.” Rise would cease her rambling, turning to suck down the smoothie as a faint blush came over her face from being in the presence of the one person who could be considered the queen of the idol world.