This year I dressed up all cute as an excuse to show off my festive red tights. My mom got me this navy letterman-styled jacket that I wear constantly because it makes me feel like I’m a badass sukeban with a huge urge to smoke and break some noses. She also got me a cute scarf and a new robe! Andrew got me a red jacket that makes me feel like royalty it’s super warm. Last but definitely not least, Serene got me Guacamelee!! Thank you, lovely!! omg I can’t wait to play this while wearing my sukeban jacket, it might just satisfy my overwhelming urge to maim and destroy.

I hope your holidays were wonderful! I’m going to make sugar cookies with the clearance sprinkles I bought today. :3

ourfaeriesarediffering  asked:

Given Nirinel has teachers, what does witch school involve, when not investigating ghosts in the forest?

Nirinel is a special case!

While she might have teachers, they’re not necessarily in a school. Nirinel is Grand Witch Genevieve’s personal pupil. She’s studying to take over the Wayward Village in the future. She must learn compassion and business skills and a whole range of stuff in order to understand magic law and the people behind it. 

Normally, students- who must be registered under St. Helena’s Magic Law, can attend the Royal School of Magic but… most honestly don’t. It’s a school for status more than anything. I mean, if you can afford it, sure! Lately there’s been changes to the education system where middle-class and lower students are accepted on a percentile where they don’t have to pay for class. 

Usually smaller towns and cities have their own sets of witches and magicians and sorcerers and the like who have to help the community by law and help learning students grow. Some are better than others but as long as you’re providing proof of education and involvement in the studies under the set country curriculum, you’re fine. 

You must study magic before you can study anything else (if you’re gifted in the art of magic) because it can prove potentially dangerous to yourself and society if you don’t learn to control it.

Finally, Healers are taught both first-aid and emergency aid along with how to make best use of their healing arts. Healers are considered the weakest of the arts, though. They’re incredibly useful for small cuts and bruises, but healers can only “stall” long-term issues such as disease and illness.  One of their key spells is honestly the act of keeping blood in place temporarily to prevent bleed-out.