“Although I on occasion written songs that were inspired by boys, or breakups, that’s not all I write songs about. I would like to correct that statement, and say that I like to write songs about things that I consider to be romantic. So, I think that even loneliness can be romantic. A city can be romantic. Being by yourself and being happy that can be romantic. Friendships are romantic, and I think that playing to 50,000 people in your hometown is romantic. I also am really captivated and enraptured by the idea that we can all be here at once. And that every single time we look back on this, it’s just a memory. But right now, this every second we’re actually living in, all we have, really is right now. And this song is only going to last for the next four minutes and then it’s just going to be something we look back on.” — Taylor before singing Wildest Dreams