I was tagged by tattoosfade (thank you hun!)

Name: Liz
Nicknames: Rose, Trouble
Birthday: June 2
Gender: genderqueer
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Country of Origin: USA
Favourite colour: Bright fuckin purple or dark blue
Time and date at current moment: Feb 8 @ 12:33 PM
Average hours of sleep: 6-12 hrs
Lucky Number: 8
Last thing I googled: ableton live account
First word that comes to mind: something..
One place that makes me happy: The bulb
How many blankets I sleep under: Two
Favorite Fictional Character(s): Mark Renton or Nemo
Book(s): Trainspotting, Girl Interrupted, Dharma Punx, the east bay punk one, Catcher In The Rye (yes, Mari), Harry Potter series, Howl.
Animation: Do old Nickelodeon cartoons count?
TV show(s): Breaking Bad, Parks and Rec, SNL reruns, idk not much.
Favorite Beverage: Caffeine in any liquid form.
Favorite Food: Mac and cheese, bread. Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream.
Favorite Music: I CAN’T I REALLY CAN’T. Uhhh crack rock steady, ska punk, hardcore punk, folk punk, 90’s punk, 80’s oldschool hardcore, some crust.
Last movie I’ve seen in cinemas: Shit I don’t even remember
Dream Holiday: Go to a few provinces in Canada or drive around Europe.
Dream Wedding: Give me cake
Dream job: Sound engineer
Username: queer-punk, dirtydeviant

Um ok I’m gonna tag puke-pixie, tokenblackgermannativefriend, anarchoslut, ourdistanceisntdecay, hoodrat-gutterpigeon, dapper-punk, tank-grrl, sassy-chaos