Well, today was irritating...

Not only did I have to deal with uppity freshmen girls who thought it was fine to waltz in an hour late to Cheerios practice, said freshman decided it would be fun to glue my locker shut after I made them run suicides. Juvenile little brats…

At least I had time to stop by the book store on the way home; there’s nothing like a new book and a glass of ice tea to make a day better.

It's Way Too Loud... || Faberry

[Quinn swayed to the pulsing beat of the music that blasted through the surround sound, her second cup of beer tipping precariously in her grasp. She made her way through the crowd of high school students towards the back door for some fresh air, nodding politely to a group of younger Cheerios as they walked by each other. She stole a shot of something from a stumbling sophomore on her way out the door; she might not have wanted to come to the party, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy it now that she was here.]

I can have fun, too. 

[She grumbled into the cool night air and threw back the shot.]

[Quinn wandered down Main Street, her bag slung over her shoulder; the kids had stolen the book she’d picked up a few weeks ago and it seemed like a good enough excuse to go pick up a new one. At least, it was good enough for her. After everything that had been going on recently, she deserved a little R&R. Besides, it would give her the chance to actually meet the new guy in town… Faron. She breezed through the front door of the local bookstore and the bell jingled merrily overhead.]

Tomorrow's the Big Day...

The kids have their first showcase meet; is it weird that I’m nervous for them? It’s not even a competition, but guess that’s just one of those things you feel as a coach. I just want them to do their best and to have fun.

It’s still funny to see the little ten year olds doing their tumbling routines– they’re so cute at that age.