Goodmorning. Got a sweet surprise in the mail yesterday. A 35 year old Polaroid from @annbrevoort, with little @mahieu in her arms for the first time. That needed to be photographed with a Polaroid camera. Dank je wel An voor deze mooie verrassing. Wat zag Eric er aandoenlijk uit en wat is de pola mooi gebleven. Will scan and post my pola later this week. Along with my ‘water’ pola’s. #thepolagirlsclub #polagirlsclub #mortalmuses #ourcollectivelife #shuttersisters (at Home)

Success! Yay! The two avocado seeds are showing signs of life. Tried two ways of growing: in a pot with earth and in glass with water. Both are working. My big avocado gets baby brothers! And the mango is promising too. So exciting to see what the seed will do. My last attempt failed. It seems that mangos get a dose of cobalt radiation before they are shipped around the world. To keep them from spoiling. Can’t imagine that is a healthy thing. I got a biologically grown mango this time. @trianat How is your avocado doing? #theavocadoclub #ourcollectivelife #shuttersisters (at Home)