@davidmushegain: these two beautiful beings @lilyrose_depp and #VanessaParadis for the second issue of @ourcityofangels .. thank you both 😇😇…. alot of people are writing and asking how to buy a copy, there will be some copies available at @colette in Paris very soon and we will be selling some issues online later this week at ourcityofangels.com . Any money we receive back from our magazines sold in a store will be donated to @plannedparenthood . And one hundred percent of proceeds of anything we sell directly online will be donated to @plannedparenthood . Much 💛. (📷 @davidmushegain , creative direction #AshStymest )

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..while on the subject of shows why not post a few ticket stubs from some of my favorite shows I have seen in May…a lot are from same years because i was actually organized enough to save ticket stubs at a certain point…..this ones from Primus at the Palladium.. i always loved the Palladium…actually i never really liked the sound there but the venue is awesome….

…this was a pic I took in 2011 of Margot Robbie…. I had seen her the night before at a bday party at my friend Alex’s house … I remember first seeing her and think how gorgeous she is…I asked her if we could take some photos and we did the very next day… I think that was her second day in Los Angeles…… Last Magazine reposted this photo today… you can read the rest of the story on their website…  and also check out her new movie Focus  opening tomorrow ….

..its so nice to be home in LA….i found this pic..its from a while ago…Stella Maxwell here in LA…..we shot some awesome photos and then i lost the shoot…i thought I downloaded it but I didnt ….thats the third time that happened…crushing…..really crushing…….but I have this little jpeg from that day….anyway I guess I was thinking about life…somethings we just have to cherish when they are infront of us…I suppose we cant hold onto everything….including photos….i hope I dont lose any photos again though…theyre a part of me and who i am….and its a blessing to have people trust me enough to let me  take photos of them….i kind of want to photograph everyone…can you please email me if you want me to take photos of you…thanks …. mushegainphoto@gmail.com

…so I got to hang with may sister tonight and watch her perform and thats was so rad….and then last night i got to hang with Mila and go watch Lou Doillon perform and that was so awesome too…. such rad female energy around these days… oh and the night before I was at Isabel Marants shop opening and Isabel is so cool and has such good vibes and then Warpaint played there and it was so so cool to see them…. anyway here in Mila and Lou chillin post Lou’s show at the El Rey…..