☯ Hike Surrey hills or Boxhill

☯ Play messy twister

☯ Tie dye t-shirts  

☯ Sleep on a trampoline

Build a blanket fort

☯ Para-sailing

☯ Get tan tattoos

☯ Make chocolate covered bacon

☯ Let off paper lanterns 

☯ Go to a waterpark

☯ Go thrift shopping

☯ Have a paint fight

☯ Walk through a drivethru

☯ Make gummy bear ice lollies

☯ Go for a bike ride

☯ Burn all school work

☯ Tie messages to balloons

☯ Photo of ourselves everyday to compare the change

☯ Do an all nighter out and about 

☯ Jump off a cliff into the sea

☯ Colour/decorate seashells

☯ Do yoga

☯ Try do a perfect water hair flick

☯ Watch 12th August meteor shower

☯ Buy a homeless person a sandwich 

☯ Go to timberyard cafe

☯ Write a diary entry from the 21st June - 6th September

☯ Do carwashes to raise money


We went to the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. Keeley got pulled up by a street dancer to perform with him. 

Our Bucket List

1. Walk from Birmingham to Stratford (or vice versa)

2. Pull an all nighter

3. Go to Reading Festival

4. Talk to the Bankcroft stoners

5. Donate food and money to homeless people

6. Photography day out

7. Play the lying down game

8. Walk around Birmingham with a free hugs sign

9. Cover Heartburn (Acoustic) by Architects

10. Switch tumblrs for a day

11. Make friends with strangers

12. Make a summer blog

13. Have a proper date

14. Watch a Matrix marathon

15. Watch a Harry Potter marathon

16. Make our own version of Where’s Wally?

17. Have sex with a stranger

18. Try cheesey chips

more to come!