It was Sonia Sanchez who said, “The black artist is dangerous. Black art controls the "Negro’s” reality, negates negative influences, and creates positive images.“ 

Black contemporary art has met resistance from the white dominated art world. An arena that limited itself from a diverse aesthetic of culture and vibrancy. Galleries of ”white walls, with white people, drinking white wine.” 

Yet, black artists continued to produce,whether accepted by the white dominated art world or not, and produced some of the greatest and memorable pieces in contemporary American art.

The Our Black Project

The Our Black Project is looking for submissions - video, text or pictures - that document your journey to self discovery and the love of your individual notion of Blackness.

The goal of Our Black is to build a collection of narratives(visual or words) that reflect the diverse experiences of Black folk, one which could be used to better understand the complexity, depth, and challenges of Being and living Black. We want to share your stories for others to learn from, grow from and most importantly, heal from. We want to hear all the different ways that Blackness overlaps and interplays with other aspects of your life and identity.

What are some experiences that have stayed with you living as a Black Woman in America? Or your experiences and struggle as a Black Man in America? What have you experienced as Black LGBT? Or with with your Multi-Racial Identity? Have you been ostracized or judged for never being Black Enough? Have you experiences differed as an African immigrant or 1st generation American from those of you African American peers?

We want to know all of this and more. We hope that you can share some of your life experiences so that others can relate and learn from. We accept pictures, writing and video narratives!

Our Black Project Team

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The aim of Our Black Project The aim of Our Black is collect narratives on the Black Experience and the multiplicity of Blackness and ultimately compile a book for a spring/summer release.

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The more social network reach we can create, the more stories and experiences we can hopefully collect and share with you all!

We are excited about the impact this project has so far and the excitement behind it. Thanks for all the support!

Our Black Project Team