Our small county is made up of the city of Ouray, the town of Ridgway and several small communities.

From Log Hill Village (2nd pic) you can see a lot of the county and that isn’t even from the top of a mountain!

From the top of Twin Peaks- 14,150 feet up, 3rd pic- you can see a lot of the town of Ouray.

A couple of miles north (4th pic) and you’re in between Ridgway and Ouray where the houses are far apart, giving the impression that it’s just you and nature.

The town of Ridgway itself is a mix of thriving businesses and shops and wide, open spaces perfect for wandering and thinking. (5th pic)

Ouray is a place where two world meet but in a different way (6th pic) with modern shops in buildings dating back to the start of the town.



I know this isn’t the theme for this week but I thought it also showed natural so I still wanted to post anyway.

Ouray county is full of resilient people. And lasts week’s music in the park is a perfect example of this.

The night started off fairly average. The opening act got people up and on their feet, dancing to Bluegrass style music. Locals made small talk, catching up on the latest local gossip and visitors got warm welcomes. It seemed like it was going to be pretty normal.

Until the headliner came on. Then the clouds that had been hanging over the park for the entire evening opened up and started pouring rain on the gathered listeners.

This has been pretty normal for Ouray in the past couple of weeks but what was really surprising is that few people moved. If anything, more people got out of their chairs and started dancing to keep warm. The band kept rocking, people kept dancing and everyone was still having a good time. The shower was strong but quick and soon the clouds receded, rewarding the patient crowds with the last rays of sun and a gorgeous sunset.

To me, this is what Ouray County means. Ouray and Ridgway are full of people who are willing to dance in the rain, wait for the sun to come out, and enjoy the sunset soaking wet. We endure bitterly cold winters to enjoy the lovely summers, we trek through snow and mud to spend time with friends, we look beyond the pouring rain and wait for the rainbow.

It’s something really special- not often do you find a place where living there is an adventure everyday. People here are willing to try new things, not afraid of getting wet or cold if it means having fun.

So to wrap this all up, Ouray County is a place like no other.


The final video:

This is the final post for this blog! Our videos were supposed to really capture what makes Ouray County special and I hope it did! I hope you all enjoyed and thank you so much for all of your support! 257 total followers between Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter- wow!

Just to Start

So now we’re finally getting this started! This is the faithful (sort of) mod who will be showing you what Ouray County is all about saying hi and that she is (sadly) away from Ouray right now :c

But I’ve been digging deep up and down tumblr to try and find some posts to reblog than can best capture this area, even if its not from a locals point of view.

So for now, only reblogs but more coming soon, including:
Pictures! (By locals, for everyone)
Videos! (Because what better captures a places essence than film?)
And much more!