ouran: hitachiin twins

Those who have not read the manga will never experience:
  • Haruhi melting when Tamaki tells her his name in French.
  • the joy of Tamaki playfully stealing a kiss from Haruhi on a trip and her blushing like love-struck school girl because of it.
  • “Carmen.”
  • Tamaki actually being trilingual and reading really complex books in English. 
  • Ranka and Yusuru becoming friends.
  • Mori being Superman.
  • Tamaki finding Haruhi’s “weakness.”
the signs as ouran high school host club types

the princely type- leo, taurus

the cool type- capricorn, virgo

the boy lolita type- pisces, cancer

the strong and silent type- aquarius, libra

the little devil type- aries, scorpio

the natural type- sagittarius, gemini

finally got around to writing part of a Hitachiin smutfic I’ve been thinking about for the last few days. 

Ill make you a deal, if enough people like this extract, Ill finish writing it soon. 

Without thinking, Kaoru lifted his head to face his brother, and lost his breath because of it. Hikarus bright golden eyes were mere inches from his, his beautiful face set in a mask of soft confusion, a sight Kaoru was unprepared for. His mouth ran dry as he struggled to keep a hold of himself, while every thought of his brother he had had over the past few weeks bombarded his mind. Looking at Hikaru like this, it was hard to believe they were even twins. Of course it wasn’t like looking into a mirror, how could it be, when Hikaru was so utterly perfect, and he was… just not?

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