Date: So do you have any hobbies?

Me: I like reading.

Date: Oh, what do you usually read?

Me: *sweats profusely thinking about all the fanfiction I read*



Me: The menu


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Reasons to Vote "Yes" on Keeping Net Neutrality

1. Many struggling teens resort to the internet for answers on topics they are uncomfortable with talking to their parents about, like depression, sexuality or religion.
2. Without net neutrality, low-income families who use online educational systems would not get the free education they need.
3. Some small businesses are only on sites such as Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist. Without net neutrality, these small businesses would collapse.
4. Websites such as Google, Bing and YouTube would fail, because people would rather not go on these websites at all than pay for it.
5. Many people do not know important phone numbers such as the suicide help hotline, the poison control center, or roadside assistance numbers. Because net neutrality is what makes the internet free to use, many people resort to said internet to find important emergency numbers.
6. It’s not just important phone numbers- it’s what to do in an emergency. Internet users can watch tutorials on emergency procedures, such as the Heimlich Maneuver, or they can search up what to do if they are being robbed.
7. A lot of jobs require access to the internet to function. Examples of this would include posting ads on sites like Google or Facebook, or simply needing it for research purposes.                    
8. Taking away net neutrality would mean the the FCC would be able to censor or monitor what internet users do on the internet. Guess what other countries’ governments do this? China and North Korea, both of which are communist countries. America should be known for its freedom, not its monitored/censored internet.