Top 10 Best Romance Anime's To Watch With Your Special Someone

1. Snow White With The Red Hair: Bypassing Their Status And Finally Admitting Their True Feelings For Each Other

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2. Kimi Ni Todoke: Discovering A New World With The One Person Who Supported You On Day One

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3. Cardcaptor Sakura: Once Rivals In The Past Now Understanding What True Love Really Means

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4. Yona Of The Dawn: A Shocking Experience In Life Only To Discover Something New Ahead As Well As New Feelings

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5. Yuri On Ice: One Routine, One Skater, Two Hearts Becoming One

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6. Maid Sama: Breaking The Rules Just To Be With The One You Love

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7. Ao Haru Ride: A Lost Love Being Reawaken

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8. Kamisama Kiss: Never Wanting To Fall In Love Again But They Realized That It Was Too Late

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9. Fruits Basket: Zodiac Animals Surpassing Their Curse For Love

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10. Ouran High School Host Club: A Sudden Debt Helps You Find Your Future Lover 

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11. Skip Beat: What Happened In The Past Will Forever Be A Memory But Finding A New Love Will Never Make You Forget

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12. Your Name: Different Times, Different Bodies But The Same Heart

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13. Orange: Sending Messages To The Past Just To Discover New Feelings

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14. Special A: Challenging A Childhood Friend Finally Discovering Their Feeling For Each Other

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15. Your Lie In April: A Sudden Wave Of Music Can Lead You To A New Road Of Love

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