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Ouran High School Host Club   ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Possibly one of the best reverse harem anime, manga, and live action drama series out there. Ouran Host Club tends to attract audiences through its eccentric humor, clear individualized episode sub plots, general romance and mysterious personality themes. Of course, negative reviews online and on youtube usually are along the lines of it being a boring “happy-go-lucky” episode line up which uses character development to kill time. Objectively speaking that can be true, and a few “filler” episodes may be annoying, but the majority of people seem to look at the overall point of view while taking my stance to adore this fun free-fall of a show just for its use of vivid colorful imagery, drastic movement, humor and lighthearted sentiments which we often ignore during our complex lives. The dialogue uses quirky wit, and kind of reminds me of SpongeBob. If one closely examines dialogue, action, plot and artistry they will know this Anime is designed for mature audiences who are smart enough to see that through the silliness and satire lies a message to viewers to be the best and most humble that they can be in life no matter how hard one’s own may be in order to spread happiness to other lives.