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OMG TAMAKI SUOH I LOVE HIM (tell me you can't see adrien being hm that cheesy son of a bitch)

I DEFINITELY see it! A little part of me believes that Adrien uses Tamaki as a reference on a daily basis (¬‿¬)

And since Ouran came out about more than a decade ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if Adrien grew up watching it. He probably looked up to Tamaki and picked up some of his mannerisms x) 


Anyone remember these two sly goofballs? >v< Finally, a new anime screencap re-draw, and this time it´s Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High School Host Club! I literary named my file blep, because thats what this pose is, it´s just blep xD Once again, original on top and my re-draw on the bottom! This time I tried making the drawing a bit more my own by colouring the lineart as well! Hope you like it <3


Surveillance: An OHSHC and Soul Eater Crossover

“Follow Maka and Soul as they are thrown into a school of rich high school kids—Ouran Academy, to be exact! See how they navigate the school trying to track down a witch that has violated the peace treaty, whilst keeping their secret, especially when they come into contact with a group of gorgeous boys! Set after the manga.”

So… I found this really cool story on FF.net, and I really couldn’t NOT make fan art it. I mean, the story’s really interesting, and Soul and Maka’s interactions with the Host Club are really funny, especially when the Hitachiin twins are involved.

I really only drew Soul and Maka because the story IS centered around them and ‘cause I literally have ZERO experience drawing the members of the Host Club.

Honestly though, I suck at perspective. Like, ew. The perspective of the desk is all wrong. But, I guess this is alright, considering I haven’t made any digital art on my computer for MONTHS now…

Anyways! The story is by Reginna Grace on FanFiction, and it’s really good so far! It’s not exactly complete yet, but I highly suggest you give it a read, especially if you’re a fan of both SE and OHSHC.

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11437322/1/Surveillance-An-OHSHC-and-Soul-Eater-Crossover


These girls are the core of their universe, the reverse harem protagonists!

Who’s your favorite, and who did I forget?


An idea by a friend of mine when she thought she saw a drawing of them at a con (but i think it turned out to be sailor scouts or something).