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okay okay guys listen I want a season 2 as much as the next person but like??

There’s no way I believe this Todd whatever his name is because why on earth would an American VA know about a second season before any of the Japanese production studios have released any information? Like it just doesn’t make sense.

Not only that but he doesn’t give any other information?? He just says that there’s a second season coming but he doesn’t say when and he doesn’t say who’s producing it. I haven’t watched the whole video but if someone has and they can tell me where he says this I’d be happy to reconsider.

it’s been ten years now since OHSHC aired and like, if they were going to continue you don’t you think they’d be making a really big deal about it? they wouldn’t leave it for some VA who won’t be involved in the process until much, much later on down the line to release the information? which he gives almost none of anyway?

trust me okay I want this to be true I really do, but it just doesn’t add up!

I had the craziest Kyouya scenario in a daydream:

There’s a reporter that happens to be doing a detailed story of the Ootori family and the family legacy that involves all of the children and this requires a consistently rescheduled interview with the family as a whole, a brief interview with Yoshio because he has fucking business to attend to and Yuuichi and Akito have slightly longer ones and Kyouya’s incidentally has the longest one because he’s the supposed impressionable one and the handsome, single, eligible bachelor. The interview is for an internationally popular magazine that has a lot of notoriety and due to the profile of it, a rising up-and-coming young writer was assigned the story with a senior writer to gain experience. 

But the younger writer is also a bit more of the radical one and is more interested in the expenditures of the Ootori family and becomes obsessed with the funding of the company and how it gains its money really and then comes across some fucking shady transactions with some over-seas companies and some secret accounts that are linked to different names and the entire thing really seems like there’s some fucking embezzlement going on. Said younger writer manages to contact Kyouya and Yoshio and sits them down and explains the seriousness of the findings and explains in detail, before they can get kicked out of the company building, that should something happen to them, that there will be a fucking immediate release of this information because this shit is juicy and the media would eat every last salacious drop of it. 

So naturally, Yoshio thrusts Kyouya into the position of doing damage control and when this young reporter is asked what they want from this meeting that really is good-fucking-blackmail, they say that they don’t know and Kyouya’s frustrated because some ill-minded pretentious cunt thinks that they’ve managed to pull one over on him. His main concern is genuinely choosing between seeing his father falling into the clutches of an over-zealous reporter or letting Yoshio rot in fucking jail for embezzlement. 

This is wild, right? Should I write this? 

Aleixo (Pokemon/OHSHC)


I see, so this character has left you too speechless to even comment on what the monstrosity behind that link is.

An odd-locking weirdo. That grin is scary so I’ve scrolled down pretty fast and didn’t read or look at what else had been listed on the card. 

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Do you like Miraculous Ladybug?

I love it!! It’s such a good show!! Oooh maybe I should ask Kyoya if we could cosplay them at the host club…Haruhi would be Ladybug…

…and of course I’d be Chat Noir~!! ;)