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Kagome x Mori please? Maybe something where he sees her practice archery or she watches a kendo match of his. Something where they bond over martial arts?

Went with both, cause, why not? Had fun writing this. I hope it’s to your liking.

Her head was bowed to hide her shared giggles with her teammates as they watched a kendo match. The archery team had been invited to participate in a sports festival at one of the most prestigious high schools in Japan. The other girls were a little more interested in the boys when they were free to roam, that didn’t stop a couple of them from mocking their super-rich lifestyles.

The next contestants drew Kagome’s attentions. Well, only one of them did. He was tall, towering over his opponent. For some reason, she paid extra attention to the entirety of this match. The moves were graceful, in a way she had not seen since traveling the past. She waited with baited breath at the end when he finally removed his helmet.

His black hair was slightly mussed up, sweat dotted his brow as bowed to his opponent. It was after the bow when cool gray eyes locked with hers and all the air left her. A strange sense of something familiar washed over her and left her shaking.

“Kagome-chan, you alright?” the question and sudden but gently shake to her shoulder brought her back to reality.

“I… yes! I’m fine!” she offered a bright smile as they left, the matches were done. It allowed Kagome the chance to regain a normal breathing pattern. “We’re up next, yeah?”

Her teammate nodded as they walked past the host school’s kendo team. “Yup! Luckily, we have half an hour to get back and get ready.”

Their own demonstration out did their host, their captain forcing Kagome to bare the weight of their success. Much to everyone’s ire, Kagome’s included. She tried to share their victory, since it was a team effort. Their captain seemed to ignore her attempts.

“Congratulations.” the deep voice had Kagome spinning around to face the owner.

Blinking a few times, it took a couple of moments for her brain to catch up recognizing with who she was looking up at. After realizing that she was staring, she immediately blushed. “Ah, thank you! And to you as well, for winning your match.”

The other girls began to titter and giggle behind her before leaving to give her ‘some privacy’. Though not without whispering their demands that she share with them details when she returned.

“I saw your match, you move rather gracefully.” he gave a bow of his head, again that familiar feeling washed over her. Between one heartbeat and the next, an image of a certain figure from her past stood in place of the student before her. Tall, regal and silent that demand respect and attention with his wild grace that hid his true nature behind the mask of Lord.

“You as well. You have a wild grace of your own.” his words had her blushing all over again, forcing her hands to raise to her lowered face as she attempted to hide her blush.

“…thank you.” she peeked at him from the gaps between his fingers. After her breathing slowed and she felt her blush slowly die down, she finally lowered her hands. That didn’t stop them from toying with the hem of her shirt. “I’m Kagome.”

“Morinozuka. Please, call me Mori.” a soft smile was offered, it had her blushing all over again as well as stealing her ability to breath.

When he invited her for some tea, Kagome could only blush and follow him. After finally managing to calm down said blushing, she was able to finally enjoy her time with Mori. She went about asking if they had met before, only for him to say no.

It was a few moments later when he commented that perhaps they had met in a previous life, when that feeling once again washed over her. Only this time, something else coiled around her and took a possessive hold.

Kagome stared at him from over the edge of her cup of tea. “Perhaps.”

Love Letters from the Hosts (Tamaki Suoh)

Prompt: Tamaki Suoh has been in love with you ever since you were a guest to the Host Club, and now he couldn’t help himself but find a way to confess. So, he braces himself for what’s to come, and writes a love letter to you, letting his true feelings loose about he feels about you.

Your name: submit What is this?

Dearest Y/N,

Ever since you have step foot into the Host Club, I knew you were someone that was truly remarkable; I cannot get my mind off of you whatsoever, and I’m not too sure how to actually feel about this. At first, I thought I was growing some type of fever, with me turning red around your gorgeous self as your smile brightened up the music room, or maybe I was simply catching a disease, even Hikaru and Kaoru claimed that I was being overdramatic.

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