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Hetalia AU - Seme England My muse

Dressed up as-

Hetalia - England

Durarara - Shizuo

Ouran Highschool host club - Tamaki

Fruits Basket - Kyo

Soul Eater - Spirit

Junjou Romantica - Usami

World’s greatest first love - Takano

Dramatical Murder - Koujaku

Hope you like it~ c:

Haruhi's Weakness (Haruhi, Kaoru, Hikaru)

Prompt from anon: Haruhi walks in on the twins having a tickle fight, and gets dragged in herself!

“Hikaru! S-stop it!” Kaoru cried out desperately, squirming beneath his twin. Said twin was straddling Kaoru’s hips, digging his fingers into his ribs underneath his uniform jacket. “The other hosts are gonna be here soon!”

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anonymous asked:

Any anime recommendations?

sorry just gonna freak out for a minute here-THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE BEEN ASKED THIS, ITS SO ODD CAUSE NOW I WATCH ANIME?? And yeah definitely! 

  • Haikyuu!! -its hella gay, hella stressful, hella funny, and every character is wonderful. You want Karasuno to win but you don’t want anyone to lose. Literally every character is wonderful. 
  • No.6- its a gay dystopian scifi with kickass women and a canon trans character, and bees?! need I say more- seriously incredible, plus you get you ass kicking moments
  • MY Love Story!- Everyone is precious, its hilarious, Suna is the best bro ever.
  • Sound!- queer LADIES! about marching band, goes from gay to holy fuck so gay in one episode.
  • Dmmd- if you want emotional rollercoaster and homos and violence
  • Free!- swimming anime, hella half naked men, pretty gay, then the second season is an emotional rollercoaster
  • Ouran Highschool Host Club- rich boys, pretty gay, all obsessed with the gender neutral protagonist with a kickass dad
  • Kuroko no Basket- a precious blue puppy that made me watch 3 seasons of basketball anime, pretty funny, THEN THE BLUE PUPPY GETS A PUPPY THAT LOOKS LIKE HIM, and there are a couple of other puppies

basically most of these don’t involve a lot of violence because I have lost too many favourite characters before and I need my fluff


This is the full version of this! Sorry for the long wait!!!! Please click the photos to read the dialogues!

“IwaZuka & Ouran High School Swimming-Host Club will be waiting for your return! See you next summer?????”

Edit: Bigger version of the last pic here!