Undertale theory???

You guys wanna know what I find interesting about saving Alphys’s lost soul in the pacifist route? The fact that she’s using Mettaton’s attacks instead of coming up with her own.

But is she really the one attacking you? We know that in this route Alphys doesn’t want to hurt you directly. Sure, she sabotaged your journey to Asgore’s castle a few times so she can feel important but has she ever actually fought you directly with her own two hands? 

The thing is, knowing her, I find it hard to believe that she’s the one actually fighting you in this moment. Earlier we saw Mettaton’s leg return to encourage Alphys and Undyne to “just smooch already” so clearly he was there when Flowey took hold of Frisk’s friends. And he has a soul too just like the rest of them so why wouldn’t Flowey have gotten him too?

My point is, I feel like in the moment seen above you’re actually fighting Mettaton but he’s off-screen because Alphys is the focus. She’s focusing on her despair rather than hurting you so I think it’s possible that Mettaton is fighting you for her, he’s defending her from the human they all forgot was merciful and harmless. Maybe Alphys was wrong about the possibility of them never being friends again (written in the True Lab), maybe she was wrong about being the failure she thought she was.

She’s important, she matters.

It’s not until you make Alphys feel better and happy that the attacks stop, and assuming it is Mettaton who’s attacking you, that tells me that even though he’s acted really shitty toward her, deep down he still cares about her although he’s terrible at showing it. She made him who he is, she made his dreams come true so it’s only natural (and preferred) that he’d still hold some appreciation for her.

I’m probably wrong about this whole thing, maybe it’s just because I really like the idea of their friendship. But I just want to pretend for one moment that Mettaton isn’t going to abandon Alphys completely like he did Napstablook.

If he can make things right again with them, I seriously hope he can make things right with her too because despite what she thinks she’s important and she matters and he needs to realize that and treat her with some respect.


i used to be the type of person that would beg you to stay and care about you even if you left but now if you leave me, fuck yo feelings and how you doin