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Como fora pedido, abaixo do read more terá #30 psds, #03 actions, #12 texturas e bordas para gif icons. Ao total, foram #45 resources para gif icons. Tive ajuda da Tauriel, então uma parte vai para ela também. Caso usar, por favor, dê like ou reblogue. Esperamos que goste.

{{ As requested, below the cut will have  #30 psds, #03 actions, #12 textures e borders for gif icons. In total, they were #45 resources for gif icons. I had help from Tauriel, so a part goes to her as well. If you use, please give like or reblogue. We hope you enjoy. }} 

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PSD #5, for The 100 darkest scenes.

It seems like, at some point in the show, The 100 dark scenes stopped being dark, and became darker; especially scenes at night in the woods. Since my original base psd only worked for “average” dark scenes (it was supposed to work for all of them, but oh well), I was requested to make yet another psd for at least one of the darkest scenes. I promised I’d try, and I always prefer to make it more general so it’s more useful. Therefore, this is my result. It’s the best I could come up with. Hope you like it or that, at least, it works for you.

Additional optional layers:

  • For blue-ish scenes.
  • For yellow-ish scenes.

Important: it WON’T work for the usual dark scenes like the ones lighted by fire, or flash lights, cos it will be too bright for that. If you want one for the rest of the dark scenes, you can try my original The 100 base psd


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  • You have to message me for the link, don’t be shy. I don’t bite.
  • When you come to my askbox, ask specifically for psd #5, cos, as you may have noticed, there are other psds of The 100 and I could get confused and give you the wrong link.
  • Don’t repost or claim as your own.
  • Enjoy! :)

Download (mf)

kahlanhbic  asked:

Can you make a psd of the killer frost scene in the forest?

This is the psd I have used for these scenes (created from scratch by me), please feel free to adjust layers as needed (but do not use as a base!) - please do not claim as your own and like/reblog if using!

Without psd:

With psd:

[version 1 - forest]

[version 2- forest scenes]


anonymous asked:

Hello! First I wanna thank you for your "Magnus and Jewelry" gifsets, they are super awesome. Now, may I ask you if it's possible for you to share the psd you used here >> /post/150867071183 . Magnus skin looks the perfect color and I think it will help many people who have hard time with coloring POC characters. Thank you :)

I’m glad you like it!! I’ll share my base PSD since I don’t really work with fully colored PSDs. I color each gif individually; the lighting is just too different scene to scene. Like, the layers for this gif would make Magnus in this one as orange as the sun if I transferred them straight over.

Here’s the base PSD I’ve made that I use for everything:

☆ { DOWNLOAD }  ☆

You’ll notice it’s very dark/minimal; it’s literally just a base. The way I use it is that while I’ll always alter the individual layers of my base + build on them, the order they’re in rarely changes. Additional layers usually go directly above or under to brighten and color, but almost never in between. I have a color adjustment tutorial here.

I find more important than the PSD itself is knowing what your final outcome should look like. So I’ve made a palette for Magnus (using my base PSD) that should hopefully serve as a reference point:

[Note that this doesn’t include stylized colorings – that’s a more complicated topic and at that stage it really just depends on the individual set. Some are totally fine but others are more iffy which is why I encourage people to learn proper skin tones first before experimenting.]

anonymous asked:

what photoshop actions / else did you do to get those picture of Mellow Bay so vibrant and pretty?? i love it !!

I’m glad you like them :)

First, I used photoshop action by OhMySims here. There are also versions 2 and 3. Just click “next post” Version 3 is the most vibrant and bright, I prefer using version 1. Then I used PSD file by Pleyita. Unfortunately the old Pleyita’s blog was deleted but you can find this psd in archive here. Just scroll down. The PSD that I used is called “All in one”, but there are also several lovely PSDs by this creator that I use.

In Pleyita’s PSD I used radial gradient, brightness, curves and some colors overlays. I can’t remember the numbers that I changed myself. But the PSD is really pretty, just play around with colours yourself according to your tastes.

And you’ll get something like this: