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Olá pessoal. Aqui ta uma masterlist com coisinhas que os amantes por photoshop podem usar em suas edições. Nesse post você irá encontrar desde tutoriais até texturas e psd’s. Espero que ajude porque eu entrei nas partes mais obscuras da tag para conseguir achá-los (exagerei, ok).

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psd (tags)


character psd (tag)

icon borders




png pack

fonts pack

muse inspo blogs
(photos, typography, etc )


Kaching! PSD  ♡

this psd will make your screenshots look like a million simoleons!

so! i’ve decided to release the psd I use for my legacy pics, as a small followers gift! this psd works best (imo) with gameplay screenshots, to give them an extra lil - ̗̀ pop  ̖́-  but it also works with cas pictures too! it’s great if u want vibrant and bright pictures! i hope u enjoy and like this psd!

download and info below cut ♡



  • increases overall brightness and vibrancy!
  • got that sweet, sweet saturation
  • makes reds, blues and browns more vibrant
  • can be a little yellow sometimes! :( if that happens, simply adjust the cooling filter and it should look better
  • adjustable! it won’t suit every screenshot and all lighting, but it’s easy to modify!


  • don’t claim as your own
  • don’t reupload/redistribute 

thank u to @twikkii for helping me come up with the name and tagline! <3

@ominousii (and also some other people) asked me how i made my instagram profile, so i decided to share with the psd template that i created for the Instagram web profile updated to the 2017 version :D

I really hope you will find this useful ^^

it includes:

  • 1 psd with editable texts



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  • do NOT redistribute this or edit it and claim it as your own
  • (optional) credit is not necessary but I’d really love to see where you use these, so tag me or message me :D

MIX  &  MATCH   AESTHETIC  PSD!   hello,  rpc!  this  is  an  aesthetic  psd  that  can  be  used  for  all  sorts  as  far  as  face study,  fashion  study  or  even  promo!  transparent  background  along  with  options  to  play  around  with  smaller  icons!  you  can  download  here  /  must  credit  by  liking  or  reblogging.