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Kian Imagine

(So, this is just a quick imagine to give you guys something to read while IM working on a special one for you. But, this is when O2L was still going :(( and Ricky was doing his video for Dare week and he woke up Kian but your actually there with Kian. The video is above if you want to watch it.:) )

You were woken up by the sound of Ricky’s voice and a bright light. You felt two arms tighten their grip around your waist.

“Kian Happy Birthday. Oh hold up it is too bright.” Ricky said, and the bright light went off.
“Wait, don’t wake up yet” Ricky’s voice sounded muffled over your sleepiness. You, Kian and Jc had stayed up all night playing video games, so you all got barely any sleep.

Kians body snuggled up further into you, as you tangled your fingers in his, which is what you normally do when you cuddle.  
“I-I’m supposed to slap you.” Kian mumbled a no, snuggling his face in your neck. You heard a quick ‘thump’. A few seconds passed and the door shut. You sighed loudly, closing your eyes again, drifting into another nice sleep.
You were reawaken again by Ricky’s voice. You and Kian both groaned, him vibrating your neck a little, causing you to let out an involuntary giggle. “Guys I need to tell you something.” Ricky’s lisp sounded strong right now. You groaned, rolling over on your back, as Kian lifted and rested his body up on his arm, which was resting on the right side of your body.

Ricky was holding up his camera, when you realized it was fucking dare week, meaning this was probably just a video for Ricky. Which also meant it was fucking Monday.

You groaned, rolling over to were you would be facing Kian and stuffed your head in the fluffy white pillows of the bed you two shared.

“Okay….Kian, Y/N. Theres a ghost in my house.” Ricky said, and Kian’s head hit the pillow, and Ricky’s body shifted the bed a little, while Kian slipped his arm under your neck and pushing your body’s flush against each other, with his other arm lying lazily over your side. “Can you lock the door when you leave.” Kian mumbled into you neck, and I wrapped my arms around Kian’s torso, the change of temperature taking no effect on you due to his large zip up sweater you were wearing.

“There’s a ghost in the house.” Ricky stated a little more seriously. And you flicked my wrist a little at him signaling him to go away and let us sleep, which he completely ignored. “So your not scared of the ghost?” Kian mumbled out an “no” and I giggled silently into Kian’s bare chest.

“Right well, happy birthday. Goodnight you guys.” Ricky said, and the bed moved, and you heard the lock on the door jiggle, and then the door shutting.

“Fucking finally. I love him and all, but…” you mumbled, and Kian let out a laugh, “I know baby.” He said, still chuckling a little.

Preference #2 (Jc/6)

He broke your heart and he’s sorry. -requested- ft. Tate Langdon.

(a/n): Okay so I’m gonna add a little blurb to this one. Just remember, english ain’t my first language, it’s actually spanish, so sorry if there are some mistakes. I’ll do the best I can tho. I’ll do them separately, otherwise I get confused.


You have caught him. You had seen the texts. And he didn’t deny it.

“How could you. Am I not enough, Justin?” you whispered, heartbroken. You sat on the couch, hiding your head on your hands. “What have I done wrong? If I’m such a terrible girlfriend, you should just break up with me. DON’T YOU KNOW I HAVE FEELINGS TOO?!” you ran to the bedroom you both shared. You started packing your clothes quickly so you could leave. He just stood on the door frame, watching you from behind. He didn’t said a word, which hurt even more. He didn’t seemed to care. He was loosing you. And damn, he didn’t seem to care. “SO YOU DON’T CARE?! I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW CALM YOU ARE. HAVE YOU EVER CARED?!” you shouted at him. “I do. I do care (y/n). I broke your heart, and I’m so so sorry. But I care about you’re feelings more than mine. And I won’t force you to stay with me. Not when I have hurt the one I care about the most. If you want to leave, I won’t stop you. I just want you to be happy. Even if it’s not with me.”

Not 5SOS related.. But. This is o2l the boys who kept me smiling for two years. The last two years of my life have been the shittiest thing for me and these boys were there to catch me and help me. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without these boys. Their videos always made me laugh and smile. I always went to school with them on my mind to get me through the day. And when I got home I’d do homework and watch them. Kian, Ricky, Jc, Sam, Trevor and Connor are my sunshines and always will be. Even if O2L is no longer running on YouTube, I still have them.

This isn’t a good bye.. It’s a new beginning.

Always a family.. The O2L family. ❤️

His favourite picture of you and your best friend..

@ConnorFranta: @Y/N @Y/F/N How is this even comfortable..?

@RickyPDillon: Filming with these two today! @Y/N and her friend, @Y/F/N :)

@SamPottorff: These two will be the death of me. I swear it.

@JcCaylen: @Y/N @Y/F/N I don’t think you guys are doing it right..

@TrevorMoran: My Queens, @Y/N @Y/F/N! The sassiest :)

@KianLawley: Meet George and Bob.


Your Matching Bathing Suits (O2L Preference)

Ricky- (His Choice because…”ITS MY LITTLE PONY DUH”)

Sam- (Your Choice because it “Looks like Arizona Tea kinda”)

Trevor- (His Choice because “it has all of the places that I want to take you to one day”)

Connor- (His Choice ((As best friends)) because “he thinks that anchors kind of resembles our friendship, we keep each other grounded”

Kian- (Your Choice because “You love floral and black and white are awesome”)

Jc- (Your Choice because “blue looks good on me and tribal print looks good on you”)


I HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!! It actually took me a while to find these, and then I had to crop the faces out, because then it would ruin the preference.