“Yeah. As you can tell we are sick. Very, Very Sick” Kian said, keeping his hands deep in his jacket pockets. 
“And then I was called and told that I just Had to come over an take care of them.” You said, sticking your head into the view of the camera. 
“Oh shut up. You love us.” Kian said, pulling you into his lap and wrapping his hands, that were still stuck in his pockets, around your waist. 
“I can’t take care of you guys if you get me sick.” You said, unwrapping his arms from your waits and standing up. 
“Touche” Jc said, taking  his face away from Wishbones neck.


Resuested by: @loviecleone43 “Could you please do a Kian text where he gets jealous of your relationship with JC and you let him know you only have eyes for him.”

AU: You and Jc are dating but you secretly Like Kian alot. Kian and you have been friends for a couple of years but he had a crush on you since day one. You moved in with them because you’re dating Jc. But since you moved in with them Kian is been acting strange. When the three of you guys decided to have a party at home Kian had been looking at you the whole night and you noticed. After the party you decided to spend the night at your best friends house and you texted Kian asking why he gave you a dirty look.

Hope you liked it , requests are still open! x

Not 5SOS related.. But. This is o2l the boys who kept me smiling for two years. The last two years of my life have been the shittiest thing for me and these boys were there to catch me and help me. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without these boys. Their videos always made me laugh and smile. I always went to school with them on my mind to get me through the day. And when I got home I’d do homework and watch them. Kian, Ricky, Jc, Sam, Trevor and Connor are my sunshines and always will be. Even if O2L is no longer running on YouTube, I still have them.

This isn’t a good bye.. It’s a new beginning.

Always a family.. The O2L family. ❤️