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ok so one day my friend and i were walking towards one of the toilets at uni (it was about 7pm) and we were talking but knew there was a person dressed in black in front of us that entered the bathroom right before us- like seconds before- and closed the door. We open it and the lights were off and no one in the 3 stall bathroom. (1/2)

(2/2) we got creeped out bc we both saw it and a few months before a teacher told us about how there used to be a security woman working at our uni and was in charge of taking care of our building but one day she died in a traffic accident on her way to work and some people say when you stay till late in the classrooms things start to malfunction so yeah i think we saw the security woman

That is crazy! I love hearing personal encounters that are followed up with historical connections. Thanks for sharing that with me! At my college I was told some of the halls where haunted. One hall in particular had many student locked out of their own room when they left it for a quick minute with not explanation.

INTP-ISFJ - Not my kind of thing
  • INTP and ISFJ were saying goodbye.
  • ISFJ:I'll see you at N.'s wedding. (Note: N is our friend in uni)
  • INTP:Huh?
  • ISFJ:Oh...you didn't know?
  • INTP:I don't think I was invited.
  • ISFJ:I'll send you the invite.
  • INTP:No, no, if she didn't invite me personally, then it's ok.
  • ISFJ:Nah, it's not formal for her. She was just inviting people on facebook. No cards or anything.
  • INTP:No, really, it's ok.
  • ISFJ:Don't worry about it! I'm sure she'd be happy to have you.
  • INTP:No....it's just that I don't like weddings, so if I wasn't personally invited, I'd like to avoid it.
  • ISFJ:Oh...well...if that's the case, then you don't have to come...BUT WHY??? Weddings are fun! And you get to meet old friends!
  • INTP:Well, sitting through the ceremony and having to talk to people for 3-4 hours in extremely uncomfortable clothes is not my kind of thing.

This is me and my best friend and partner Josh on the left. I originally met him on a college visit to our Uni’s LGBTQ Resource Center and within two months of us both being on campus together we were dating. We’ve been together for a little over 9 months now and are planning on being together for a long time. I’ve never met anyone who has made me feel so loved and appreciated before. 👬

This is SO beautiful! thank you for telling your story!

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In my small group of friends (3 of us at the time) who played pokemon go we all found out the day we were going pokemon hunting we are each on a separate team! so valor, instinct and mystic! it was so funny and now on our way to uni on the trains we are gonna compete for gyms we pass by :)

Haha, that sounds like a lot of fun! Keep on fighting and don’t let yourself get discouraged, no matter how many gyms they take from you! Keep up the friendly rivalry

- Candela

So my Surveillance course for Sociology is like, ridiculously amazing. Great lecturer, fairly nice assessment schedule - the 3.5 hour exam isn’t going to be too bad, especially seeing as he’s already told us the format of the exam and the types of questions we’ll be asked - and the content of the course is really, really interesting!

Our new Montrose Turntable with our own Uni-Pivot tonearm is the result of a year of work, taking everything we have learned over the past threes years in HiFi at Fern & Roby! Our favorite design feature is the manufacturability of this great turntable which drives the cost down and makes this world class table affordable. Our goal is to get #hifidelity into more people’s lives! The Montrose has all of the great mechanical and electronic design features of our reference table, the Tredegar, but is made from Richlite! #Richlite is an awesome architectural material made from #recycled paper and resin. It is also an eco friendly material like our castiron plinth on the Tredegar which keeps us happy! The paper and resin matrix make a great sonically inert platform for an awesome turntable! It is also rugged and beautiful! We are so excited about this product that comes with our arm for $4,500. We believe there isn’t anything comparable in the market! We make everything in-house @tektonicsdesigngroup in our 20,000 square foot design and manufacturing shop in Richmond, Virginia! #madeinrva www.fernandroby.com sign up for our newsletter for our post #capitalaudiofest2016 promotions - coming soon! (at Richmond, Virginia)

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Our second lady from this week is another Cambridge contestant with real fashion flair - cupid bow lips on BBC 2? I’m in! With a look that really reminds me of fka twigs, she certainly made the cut.

Deets: Rosa Price from East London studying English at Jesus College Cambridge

Highlights: Sassy self-introduction, excellent book knowledge (the way to my heart)

Did they win? I’m gonna have to say this 4 WHOLE TIMES aren’t i? No, no they didn’t.

apparently to people who have never been there our uni campus looks exactly like eggsys flats in the kingsman film.

as i lived there a year and have been one of the main school-goers since roughly the beginning of our uni days, let me apprise you of the truth.

to people who have spent a great deal of time on it, our uni campus still looks exactly like eggsys flats in the kingsman film.

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Hey, so as a current student of Leeds, I'm wondering if you're going to encourage people research our uni's culture as well as not falling into an Americanisation of an English university?

yes, we will !! we’ve been researching & working very hard to make this as realistic as possible. and although leeds college of arts is separate, we are going to go ahead and still and accept arts studies because that denies a lot of possible applicants, because a lot of characters have an artistic muse. other than that though, we are working very hard to make sure this is realistic as possible. if you have any tips or you saw something we got wrong, please please tell us !!

its amazing cos i’ll be friends with people for fucking years and they’ll still post triggering shit on facebook??? like im fucking annoyed because it is ALWAYS people with fellow mental health problems who seem to convienently forget mine. like one was the god damn disability rep for our uni and she fucking posts things i even nicely asked her to just warn me of stuff?? she didnt even reply that one time i asked. 

and its not like i have hard to miss triggers, its something you dont need to post on facebook about?? at all?? its super easy just dont post about it its just so easy my ocd and anxiety thanks you

I dont!!!! want to!!!! unfriend!!!! anymore!!!! people!!!!! I care about!!!! even!!!! if they dont!!!! seem to care!!!! about me!!!!