We/our = 우리

Here are some interesting 우리 expressions that Koreans use often. Notice how Koreans use the possessive word “our” in ways that English speakers don’t. Compare the literal meanings to the figurative meanings.

우리 집 This literally means our house, but translates to my house.

우리말 This literally means our language, but translates as Korean.

우리 나라 This literally means our country, but translates as Korea.

우리 엄마 This literally means our mother, but translates as my mom.

우리 부부 This literally means our couple, but translates to my husband/wife & I.

우리 마누라 This literally means our wife, but translates as my wife.


It occurred to me this morning while ironing my white oxford why I love it so much. It spoke to me its true meaning, aside from being my summer staple. It wrote me a poem as I pressed its natural creases. It is a symbol of my mom.

You see my mom is this effortlessly cool artist lady. She’s always been cool, and I have the black and white photos of her in aviators to prove it. She is where I have gotten every creative bone in my body and she wears Polo oxfords as if they were her army uniform.

Most of us women turn into shadows of our mothers and I am no exception. Especially as of late I find myself in paint splattered worn mens clothes, i.e. my Mothers beloved uniform. 

So the thing is, I don’t care about the shirt itself, though, really, nothing beats a white oxford in any battle. I care about the aura it exudes because it reminds me of the person I love most in this world, my mom.

This world where trends have consumed us and Li Edelkoort pronounces fashion dead, I must reluctantly agree. Like who the fuck cares? I personally have to scour all the shows to find something that is innovative, timeless, and well, attractive. Almost no one puts out anything that is all three criteria. What gives me the right to be a critic? Well the fact that I write about it. The line everyone is a critic is no more aprapos than it is today. 

The thing is we all still care and pay attention. We all feed the machine. Even if you pay special attention to where your clothing money goes it is still apart of the cycle. We are paying for cheap clothes made by poor people we don’t have to think about and then we throw it away and get more.

So I challenge you to go through your closet and really look at what your buying. No not everything has to have some meaning behind it. But what does materialism and fast fashion really afford us? A messy room. 

Easy for me to say, I don’t have any money. Money gets you really beautiful things. So I’m told. I’m not saying don’t indulge but your indulgences should have staying power. Don’t be afraid to wear things more than twice. True style is the ability to make anything in your wardrobe speak to today, tomorrow, and not appear repetitive or mundane. Tough definition huh?

I know that void friends. The one that can simply be plugged with new shoes if only we could satiate it with the perfect pair. Guess what. There is no perfect pair. It is human nature to always want what we don’t have. You will never have everything you want. You can mortgage your house for a Birkin bag but eventually you’re going to want a house…

What do clothes mean? Nothing really. But when you go to fashion school and you can’t help but buy 5 fashion magazines at a time they tend to mean a little more. And theres nothing wrong with that. But if you find yourself ironing something you’ve worn a million times and you are struck by its simplistic beauty, and it knack for having pure form and perfect function, well, that piece means something. 

There always seems to be those who will always find conflict with things. If only we put certain energies towards helping our mother earth and each other than bickering amongst eachother 

Video: the Sahara and the Amazon, a Tale of Interdependence

It is common knowledge, at least in indigenous circles, that the Earth is a living entity, a being in and of herself.Moreover, everything we are not only springs from the Earth but also returns to it. After all, we do not call her our Mother for nothing.

Prince 5sos:Lucas Part 1

Okay so I am changing it up a lot but I hope you like it anyway.


I could hear the piano from my room. Mother only plays piano when Father is pleased about something, though it wasn’t always like that. When I was a little girl the castle was always filled with music. The piano could be heard in every corner of the castle and my sisters and I along with my twin brother Francis  would dance to the music our mother played and Father would sit in a chair and laugh as he watched us dance and be merry. We used to be such a happy family until the accident. After that The music was taken from the house and the halls were eerie with the quiet, for 10 years the music was gone. But today was different! Father must have good news about something to allow the music.

I sat in my bed snuggled into my warm red and gold comforter just soaking in the music. I have missed it so much. I fell into almost a trance like state listening to my mother play when my lady-in-waiting knocked on my door.

“Do come in Elizabeth!” I yelled for her to come in and I wondered if she had been enjoying the music as much as I am.

“Good Morning Princess, The Queen said she thought you would be awake already.”

“Well of course I am! Have you heard the beautiful songs Mother has been playing this morning I have been soaking it up for nearly an hour.”

“I am thrilled to hear that you so happy my lady but now it is time to get up and start the day. I have a few of the servants bringing up the bath and some hot water. Your father has some huge news for you I hear.”

It seemed like before I could blink I was in and out of the bath dry and having my corset tightened. “Your mother wishes for you to wear the dress grandmother had sent over as a gift for your 18th birthday.”

The dress she spoke of was the dress my mothers mother had had made for me nearly a year ago. It was made if pale pink silk and cream colored lace and golden colored thread had sown the whole piece of art together. It truly was a masterpiece and I had never warn it. The dress alone without my crinoline and hoop weighted nearly 45 pounds I had always been too afraid of what would happen to for I did not believe I was strong enough to carry such a dress. “Alright then, if that is what she wants than that is what I shall do.”

Once dressed Elizabeth and I made our way to the throne room where I could hear my parents laughter through the door. We entered and the laughter stopped. Father called me towards him. “Y/N, come to me.”

I slowly walked towards my parents, taking a deep curtsey before my father. He said my name again and pointed to the seat beside him. The seat that was once meant for my twin. I stood beside the seat and stared at the king. “Sit down child!”

It felt strange sitting somewhere that was meant for my brother but I always did as Father asked, he was not happy often I wanted to keep him this way as long as I can.

“As you know my child your brother has been passed many years now and I have no rightful heir to my kingdom. Being that you are of age and the eldest it would seem that you are in line for the throne.” Before my father could even finish I had jumped out of my seat overjoyed. “I accept Father I wouldn’t be happier to be Queen and rule your kingdom on my own.”

“On your own? On your own!? That is absolutely absurd a women could never run my Kingdom and never will. Now if you would sit back down I would like to finish my news.” I quietly sat back disappointed. “Thank you, now where was I? Oh yes. See as that I have no sons, for the kingdom to be kept within our family you would need to marry a royal or noble that will be getting nothing from their family, meaning a younger brother and, here comes to good news, your mother and I have spoken with the royal family of a kingdom not far from here and they have graciously accepted our offer. Within the hour their youngest son Prince Lucas will be arriving and in six months time you will be married and at the end of the year the two of you will be crowned King and Queen. You will not fight me on this Y/N I am doing what is best for you and for the kingdom. Besides he is a fine young man and he is eager to meet you.

Okay so this is part of the first part of Luke’s part just to see what you all think. Let me know?

I’m really going to open up to you guys…

This is my little sister and I preparing for the RED tour a few years ago. She’s seven now. I have been taking care of her since she was born. Our mother is a drug addict. Before Jillian was born, she was an alcoholic and while living in her house, we (me & my three other siblings) were constantly going without food, running water, heat in the winter, and no electricity in the summer.. When I was 16, my older sister and I took all 5 of us and moved out. Since then, I have been working two jobs on average, trying to stay in school to become a nurse one day, and struggling to care for Jillian to give her a better life than I had at her age. I saved up for Two years to afford to bring her to the RED Tour because her and I LOVE Taylor so much. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her more happy than when we were dancing along to Taylor’s show together. She was obsessed with her light-up Tutu I made for her and wore it for a week straight after the show. This time around, I can’t bring her to the 1989 Tour because I just can’t afford two tickets. She is very sad because she LOVES Blank Space. We watch the video EVERY day because she’s obsessed with white horses and thinks Taylor is “so pretty when she’s riding the horse.” She named it “Magic” 😂😂
All I know is, taylorswift I wouldn’t have been who I am today, after all that I’ve been through without your influence in my life. If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have had the strength to overcome these things and strive to do better than the life I was given. You changed me. You changed US. To this day, Jillian looks up to you. She always says that people “need to be good to others, like how nice Taylor is.” We love you. And we thank you, for being who you are, for giving to us, and caring about us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love, Amanda & Jillian❤️

I left work an hour early today for Adelaide. We’d scheduled a long overdue play date with her best school friend–seriously, it’s May and this is the first time we’ve gotten the girls together, just squeaking us out of fail territory–whose mother I really, really like.

Isn’t it great when you like the parents of your kid’s friends?

And so, so awful when you don’t?

Kiddie pool. Dress up (with lipstick). A ballet recital (pictured). Four pairs of tap shoes stomping at once. Curious George. Coloring. Pizza, grapes, and carrots.

Both of the other mothers (our host and another guest) are bilingual: Spanish and Swedish. It’s fascinating to listen to two conversations waffling between three languages, but a little hard to keep up.

Maybe I should learn some Italian.

I probably know more Gaelic, sadly, which is quite the opposite of useful … except when knowing which is the ladies room while drunk in a pub, though you’d figure it out pretty fast.

Adelaide told me twice what a fun day she’d had.


And then she crashed like she’d spent the evening in a mosh pit.

More of that, please.

athpluver asked:

If we were dating... oh wait, we can't we're sisters oh no but Elsanna.

Welp…. that would be awkward and our mothers are Elsanna shippers as well, lol