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Rules: Say 15 facts about your best friend and then tag three friendships so they do the same.

@tacmc and I were tagged by @paperbacktrash , @rowaelinsmut and @highladyofthedark !

1. Tara’s kid likes Shelby’s cat more than he likes Shelby.

2. Our significant other’s are practically the same person.

3. Tara has gone to roughly 9 of Shelby’s 4th of July family reunions.

4. We eat Mexican food at least 3 times in the weekends that we see each other.

5. Tara introduced Shelby to ToG when she needed a new book to series to read after Vampire Academy.

6. Throne of Glass rebooted our friendship. (We sort of lost touch for a few years, and this series brought us back together, stronger than ever.)

7. We’ve been to about 3,000 Jonas Brothers concerts. (Realistically, we went to about 7. Our poor mothers.)

8. Shelby is Tara’s maid of honor in her upcoming wedding.

9. Once, during a sleepover, Tara woke up and heard Shelby speaking in Spanish to Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys. She was asking him to marry her. Shelby does not speak fluent Spanish.

10. We began our writing careers with Jonas Brothers fanfiction.

11. We memorized all of the dances to the High School Musical songs in the 5th grade.

12. We had an unhealthy obsession with the Backstreet Boys in the 5th grade as well. 

13. Shelby convinced Tara to join the varsity cheer squad for one whole semester their senior year. She was miserable.

14. Tara used to have a dog named Shelby. (RIP) She was not named after the human Shelby.

15. Shelby’s parents called Tara “Tara McSue” and Tara’s called Shelby “Shelby Lou”.


16. Tara is extremely athletic. Shelby is extremely uncoordinated. In elementary school, they played soccer together. Tara made a lot of goals. Shelby made one. It bounced off of the goal post, then off of her face and rolled into the goal.

17. They also played basketball together. Once, Tara passed Shelby the ball and she caught it with her face. During a game.

18. Last but not least, in high school, Shelby decided to give softball a try. She went to hit a pitch Tara tossed her and the ball tipped off of the bat and hit her in the face. Shelby decided not to try softball on Tara’s recommendation. 

I hope you have enjoyed this snippet into our friendship!

We’re tagging @raconteurwitch and @cassianvanserra ; @queen-archeron and @highladyfxyre ; and anyone else who wants to jump in with their best friend!

Yesterday was laying a dead cat on (not in) the trash can. It looked like it got tortured because the teeth are broken and a lot of fur was missing. I saw it at the way to school and well… our mother looked more at the cat. I started crying as she told this to us because the poor cat. It wanted to live and enjoy the life like every other cat and ended up dead by being tortured.

Aries —
there was a war in your childhood home, and you can still remember the fires, how the blood was
pretty and sick on the bathroom’s pristine tiles, your mother’s still warm body limp in the tub.
breathe in through the mouth: in, out, in. you are not guilty. her life is not on your hands.

Taurus —
it is okay to love things more than you love people; practical, even.
people have left you, people will leave you – things, though, ah! things will not abandon you.
buy yourself something nice. it is the least bad out of all your choices.

Gemini —
you die every night and are reborn at dawn; you are a walking graveyard,
an army of yesterdays’ ghosts, and you no longer remember who you were at the beginning.
do not weep for the stranger that once inhabited your bones.

Cancer —
you are in love with the idea of love more than you are in love with your lovers;
that is why all your relationships are fleeting, why you are always falling apart.
all the same, smile when he proposes. pretend you do not know how this is going to end.

Leo —
oh, you poor, poor thing. all you have ever wanted was love’s sunlight, but all you ever got
were the thunderstorms, the clouds above your head heavy with sorrow, and so you chose
to drown out the rain between the thighs of a lover. do not regret it, for they were good nights.

Virgo —
you cradled your heart all your life with such care, and when the day came for you
to hand it to another, it shattered like glass in their grip. they did not mean to hurt you, you know.
they just wanted to hold on, afraid it will slip through their fingers like sand.

Libra —
you are the king of bad choices, from lovers to the fights you pick when you are far from sober;
you lost your sanity along the line between what is right and what is not, and you started hungering.
i fear the day your hunger will be quenched – only justice will sate you, and that calls for everyone’s dying.

Scorpio —
you are the one everyone fears: the monster in the closet, the witch at the stake – the devil, falling.
all of this is because they cannot understand you. they fear you like they fear death; instinctively.
do not mind them, for death is a kind god: the sweetest sleep, the darkness from which life is born.

Sagittarius —
some days, you think the sea is but a giant mirror, the vanity of coquettish stars and lazy clouds in passing.
some days, you think it is the fury of our earth mother, her tears and her sorrow saltwater in the breeze.
on all of them, you want to sail its’ lengths; you want to get lost out on the abyss, feel small beneath the sky.

Capricorn —
you learned early on the art of silent war – the war carried by words, sharper than any other blade.
at the same time, you have learned how little you mattered to the world, and so you cast yourself in armor.
i just wish you would learn to love yourself, if only a little. your own words have been cutting you all along.

Aquarius —
there is a sickness in you called longing: you’re wanton, thirsty, hungry, wanting – what, exactly,
well, that is part two, and none of us is really sure. you’re standing here, hands reaching for; come inside.
i will pour us both some wine, and we can pass the waiting time together. one day, you will know what you are lusting after.

Pisces —
all you have ever loved seems to be taken from you, until your house is left an empty, cold thing,
and your soul has been turned into a ruin. do not despair; get up from the floor, dust your clothes.
there are seeds on the upper shelves in the shed. it is a time as good as any to start keeping a garden.


poetry for the signs: the “it is okay” edition,

L. Schreiber


Sometimes when I’m trying to understand a person’s motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst. What’s the worst reason you have for turning me against my sister? That’s what you do, isn’t it? That’s what you’ve always done turn family against family, turn sister against sister. That’s what you did to our mother and Aunt Lysa, and that’s what you tried to do to us. (requested by prince-of-legba)


You can watch Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy here.

louis: sorry, fellas. it’s 2017. put the ladies first.

harry: they’re our future. our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents. they keep the world going.



“Time spent with her, the feeling of having her around, and being loved as a son, I think is the most precious memories to me.”

“It has been hard, It will continue to be hard, there’s not a day that goes by that William and I don’t wish that she was still around. We wonder what kind of a mother she would be now, what kind of a public role she would have, and what a difference she would be making” 

We felt incredibly loved, Harry and I, and I’m very grateful for that. That love is still there, even 20 years on. I think that’s a huge credit to her that I can still feel that now.” 

1st Patreon goal reached, Yay!!

I’m preparing everything to get my Wacom Cintiq thanks to everyone’s support! Even I’m thinking to get a new glasses for my vision!
 I’m really excited and glad about this. This means a lot because this is not helping me only for my work tools. This is also helping my mother to our big goal to get our own home sweet home very soon. I’ll keep giving my best to never dissapoint you. 
Now the next goal is start working on my original project Metadora project for real. I’m sure I will reach this goal in the future.

Thanks a lot to my patrons, friends, followers and people that is commission me for appreciate my work!