BORDELON“ With each Bordelon generation, we work to do a little better than the last. Nova, Charlotte, Ralph Angel, you are now in this line. Out of every place in this whole big world, this land bears our name. Farm it… nurture it, love it. Pass it on to your children and for every Bordelon that will come next.”

Breaking Benjamin Lyrics - Sentence Memes

  • I’d say your worst side’s your best side
  • My engine’s runnin’ on dry, my head’s so fucked up inside.
  • I’ll shove your head under water, but I won’t ever let you drown.
  • What did you mean when you said no? I only want what is best for you.
  • Your lips are better than mine, so you can kiss this goodbye.
  • Wise men wonder while strong men die.
  • Show me how defenseless you really are, satisfied and empty inside.
  • You’re so cold, but you feel alive. Lay your hand on me one last time.
  • I don’t know why you lie so clean, I’ll break right through the irony.
  • Help me break my conscience in, to free us from our innocence.
  • Just call my name, you’ll be okay. Your scream is burning through my veins.
  • Sooner or later you’re gonna hate it, go ahead and throw our life away.
  • We are never sad ‘cause we are not allowed to be.
  • I’ll fix your broken wings and let you lie here until you fly away from me.
  • Try to find out what makes you tick as I lie down, sore and sick. Do you like that?
  • Shove me under you again, I can’t wait for this to end.
  • There’s a fine line between love and hate, and I don’t mind.
  • I see nothing in your eyes, and the more I see the less I like. 
  • Why am I so pathetic? I know you won’t forget it.
  • You fuck it up every time, how could you leave me behind? 
  • When all these dreams have come to end. You wish you were, but you’re not my friend. 
  • I don’t want to change the world. I just wanna leave it colder. 
  • You think you’ve won this fight, you’ve only lost your mind. 
  • There’s no way, there’s no way that I’m running away. 
  • Smart little bitch, I don’t need lies. I don’t care what you want, I just want mine. 
  • I brought you to life so I can hear you scream. 
  • I’ve had it up to here, you know your end is near. 
  • You should have learned by now, I’ll burn this whole world down. 
  • I’m not like you. Your faceless lies. Your weak dead heart, your black dead eyes. 
  • Show me where it hurts… and I’ll make it worse. 
  • I’ll find what lies beneath, your sick twisted smile. 
  • Some are not worth saving, and you are such a pretty mess. 
  • You’re all I have left, I know we can make it out alive. 
  • Hate kills this world, but it won’t kill me. 
  • Easy to find what’s wrong, harder to find what’s right. 
  • I will clean your fucking mess, and leave no trace of evidence.

Early Bird Online Shopping

The best holiday shopping tips and gifts to buy now

The early bird gets the worm, so why not start your holiday shopping now and avoid the last minute stress later? Checking off your list before December even hits has many advantages. You not only have time to shop around for the best deals, but you can really put extra thought into your friends’ and family’s gifts. With our seven helpful early bird shopping tips below, be the smartest shopper you’ve ever been this holiday season. 

7 Early Bird Online Shopping Tips

1. Make a list. You don’t want to forget anyone, so create a shopping list with a few ideas under each name. Better to brainstorm now and start looking than frantically searching around last minute. 

2. Create a budget. Just because you’re starting your shopping before the rest of us, doesn’t mean you can spend outside your financial comfort zone. Avoid debt and set a spending limit - maybe even discuss price limits with the people you’re exchanging gifts with.

Avoid debt and set a spending limit.

3. Compare prices. Take your time this year to search for the best bargains. Create a new ‘Collection’ on our site now and check to see if the products you’ve hearted have gone on sale. Starting early allows is less stressful and prevents you from overspending. 

Starting early allows you to be able to take your time and not overspend. 

4. Be thoughtful. Put extra thought into your gifts this year. Listen to what your friends and family mention, or think about what they would really love to have. Gifting something special and surprising them with a gift they really want, makes the holidays that much more enjoyable. 

5. Look out for sales. Take advantage of Black Friday (Nov. 28-30) and Cyber Monday (Dec. 1) sales - those are some of the lowest prices you’ll see before holiday shopping really begins. Once December hits, keep your eye out for free shipping and discount codes. The closer you get to the holidays though, these offers may go away, so don’t wait!

6. Get creative. Instead of buying one big ticket item, put together a few of their favorite things. Package some of their favorite beauty products in a cute little basket. Or maybe buy some of their favorite underwear, plus an item of clothing you know they’ll love, and wrap it up all in one box. 

Instead of buying one big ticket item, put together a few of their favorite things.

7. One for you, one for me. We all know that when you’re looking for gifts for other people, you find things that you’d also like for yourself. Throw hints to the people you know you’re exchanging gifts with this year, to avoid getting things you’ll never wear or use. Also, don’t be hard on yourself if you pick up something here and there for you. You deserve gifts too!

Shop Now, Gift Later

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I say, “it’s nice to meet you,” and before I know it, we’re talking about the stars and naming ours and you’re my first and last thought of the day, just a text away, and I love you I love you I love you.

You say, “this is who I am,” and I call it beautiful, because you are; but we all have ugliness lurking inside of us. Yours tries to kill you from the outside in, tries to cut at your skin. I think our ugliness looks a lot alike. I think I know you a lot better than you’re willing to admit. You try to keep your mouth shut.

We say, “the universe looks a lot like a service station.” What we mean is that sometimes when we’re tired, we like to stop between the constellations and catch our breath for a moment. What we mean is that sometimes the constant journeying in this world can become unbearable. What we mean is that even people like us — red-eyed and sleep-deprived, making it through these battles with barely a scratch — need a break from this life sometimes.

—  the universe looks like a service station // r.e.s

putting warnings on here can go both ways seeing as there are men on here that look through the tags for our tactics, but better safe than sorry.

Adding a friend last night on snapchat, i had a heart attack realising, that those of you that use your real number for sugaring, like me snapchat obviously has an “add from contacts”  

ANY of my pots could have had my real name and middle name. When i just searched myself on google it got worse as i realised even though i changed some usernames, past posts with that name on was the 1st page on google with my full name.

a lesson to proceed using a burner app unless you make sure to get his number before he gets yours and block him off everything. 

This sucks, idek what to do now seeing as im so easily found

Hello! Welcome to Dazatsu Week!

Where we’ll make beautiful arts, fics, cosplays, etc etc for our lovely otp for a week. The event will last from July 11 to July 17.

Each day will have a corresponding quote and two ideas you can choose to do.

Here are each prompts:

Day 1. (What’s your name, boy?)
A. First Meeting
B. First Impression

Day 2. (What? You idiot!)
A. Break up
B. Separation

Day 3. (Can you? My new subordinate is a lot better than you.)
A. Faith
B. Jealousy

Day 4. (I did it mostly for Atsushi-kun.)
A. Sacrifice
B. Choices

Day 5. (Then, why did Dazai-san saved me?)
A. Savior
B. Doubt

Day 6. (Because neither Dazai-san nor the agency has forsaken me!)
A. Family

Day 7. (Victory is yours, Atsushi-kun.)

You can tag your work #dazatsuweek2016, #dazatsuweek, #dazatsu within your first five tags so the admin can see it. Th admin will visit dazushi tag as well to be sure.

The main theme for this event is for everyone to appreciate this pairing and to have fun. Enjoy and see you in a month!

Things I loved about my wedding:

- The weather sucked. We moved the ceremony inside because it wound up being 43 and raining/sleeting all day. But man, did we make it work. The photos are spectacular and windy and wild and even BETTER than I could have ever imagined. And my photographer and I are also now buds and she’s invited me to be her second at weddings to bulk my portfolio. Seriously, that girl worked it.

- We killed it at vows. Not a dry eye in the house.

- Our officiator person was also a groomsmen and you should hire him for your wedding because holy speech Batman.

- Our friends are amazing. They like to drink and laugh and dance and are up for anything.

- …like doing the Chris Brown - Forever wedding entrance dance (see: The Office or JK Wedding Entrance Dance.)

- We threw the best reception of all time I think. 6 straight hours of dancing and drinking (the downside (upside?) of having your reception at the same place as your ceremony.)

I am so, so happy. And looking around at everyone last night, I have never felt so loved. And I can’t stop staring at Doug’s wedding ring. I lovvvvve my fucking husband.

Last Name Basis | Episode 14: Tony Hawk’s Wig Snatch

Uh oh, we’re late again, but better late than never right? This week an appearance by Tony Hawk is looming over our heads as we discuss a creepy way to honor your dead loved ones, why Ben Affleck sucks and the recent protests in Baltimore. Questions or thoughts about this week’s episode? Tweet us with #LastNameBasis or leave us a comment on our site, http://lastnamebasis.com!

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