a haiku for each my lovers

1. we were teenagers
you were broken, so was I
our love was brutal.

2. you were Demi-god
we read poetry in bed
you bettered my soul.

3. you deserve way more
than I have to give to you
sorry I broke you.

4. you liked me in school
we had a couple of flings
you, just a filler.

5. I thought I knew you
a lesson in ugly truths
are you better now?

6. you, a one night stand
twice my age but a good fuck
what was your last name?

7. you broke all the rules
I was supposed to trust you
you sir are an ass.

8. this one was a fire
he’s still burning in my veins
only time will tell.

9. back alley bar sex
you’ve got the cutest smile
I hope you’re okay.

10. oh foolish woman
what did you think would happen
dancing with devils?

You’re so much more stronger than me, that’s true, with your ability to always bounce back and all that. Like the way you’d never get mad you’d just lighten your backpack letting go of people that had the knack to deter your ambitions and take you off track. I thought I was at eye level with you, or at least our lips met. I loved you, because you loved you. Made me feel I could love me too. A year will pass and your name will cross my mind again, but have I changed since our last encounter. That’s what you’d look for in my eyes, if I hadn’t grown, you’d say we weren’t ready. And of course you were right, you knew we’d never last if I didn’t know my worth, if I didn’t believe their was a reason for my birth. You could carry me and you almost did so, but you knew better than to let me off easy. I couldn’t escape this much needed growth.
—  Growth of a flower

malvaloca93 asked:

Hi there! May I use your kylemore abbey photo as my tumblr cover photo? Please, please, please! It's even better than what it looked like when I was there... oh and metal band? now you've got my attention. What's the name? :) cheers ;)

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what you’re talking about with this kyle more abbey thing lol but thanks. Yeah the metal band is fun, we actually recorded our first ep last weekend and I’ll be posting some music on here once we get it mixed and mastered

It was nice while it lasted

Had dinner at a pizzeria & after dinner I wrote on an unused napkin “1 of your waiters looks like Peeta Mellark from Hunger Games :)” & left it where the employees would see it when they cleaned up our table
but my family wanted a picture outside the restaurant (we’re on vacation) so as I’m waiting for my parents to snap their photo I’m looking at the Peeta-look-alike read my napkin through the front window
& he looks up & we make awkward eye contact & I freak out So I turn around praying for my parents to hurry up & I glance back to check & there he is standing outside the door looking & smiling at me & does this little wave & then we left & now I’m a little heartbroken B/c we’ll never see each other again as this is Maine & I’m from California

anonymous asked:

( * ░ &&. –– no, that ain’t possible. last time i saw ( isaac graham ) was way back in ( phoneix, arizona. ) & you know how old they are ? – ( twenty-one )! their ( opinionated ) & ( impulsive ) bullshit should’ve gotten ‘em killed by now. ain’t no ( charismatic ) & ( carfeee ) act gon’ change that. ( sam&17 )

low-key sobs over the last name graham ‘cause i’m hannibal trash, oops. but i do love the combo of carefree & impulsive, ain’t no stopping isaac, is there ?? and who better to play this charismatic boy than the absolutely gorgeous avan jogia ! but if you’re not feeling him, feel free to send another message our way. please have your account sent in within twelve hours, sam !

egalitarianjake asked:

24, 27, and 40?

24: Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot. 
Hmm. I remember a couple of years ago I was at screenwriting camp, and our teacher (named Kris) told us a story about the first time he wrote an action screenplay for school. 
The professor took him outside and pointed to the sky. The professor said, “Kris, look up there. Imagine two assholes. Now imagine them both opening up and pouring forth shit all over your screenplay. That would have been better than what you just gave me.”
I like the story not only because I find it funny, but because I know I’ll run into that too in my professional life. Kris now looks back on the story with a fondness, and I know I will do the same with my own similar life experiences.

27: Talk about your favorite part of someone else’s body.
I’m gonna get sappy here and say my favorite body part from someone else is egalitarianjake ‘s hugging section. So like arms, torso, you know. Because he gives perfect hugs and I’m an insatiable cuddle bug. Of course, you’re the one who asked this question, too. ;) 

40: Talk about the end of something in your life. 
When I was young, in elementary school, I became a synchronized swimmer. I was a part of a prestigious club, the Santa Clara Aquamaids. I had pride in my team and myself when I was younger. I then moved up the proverbial ladder and joined the 13-15 age group. Previously, in the 8-12 group, everyone was pretty much shit. But 13-15′s (really more like 13-18) were the ones who ended up getting picked to go on to even more meets and experiences. My coaches had gone to the Olympics. My friends who moved up with me were suddenly better than I was by far. 
I felt dysphoric about my body (while not even knowing that’s what it was) while swimming. I made myself hate makeup because we applied it so thickly during meets. I was fat, which was weird because I was going to 4 hour practices every day of the week except for Sunday. I felt miserable and never wanted to go to practice. And yet, the friends I made there were the only people I truly thought could be my friends. 
I continued to not improve despite my efforts, and as my friends became popular and always had prime spots on the A team, I was always dead last for the C teams. My last year, I wasn’t even put on a team. It began to feel like my team (meaning friends, coaches, everyone) didn’t care about me as much as I cared about them. Because while I despised getting into the pool every day and being forced to hold my breath until I choked and moving my body in ways that I never thought it could move, I loved the people I met. I loved my coaches.
And yet, I was consistently kept at the bottom rung of the ladder. The coaches never gave me time to practice, instead giving the time to the girls who knew what to do already. I was kept on the sidelines as everyone else practiced. I wanted to get better, but I was never given any chance to improve. 
Once I graduated from middle school, I stopped going to practice. My parents stopped paying the monthly stipend to keep me in the club. 
None of my friends even noticed. None of them said goodbye to me. 
A couple months later, another girl quit as well. She was my duet partner at the time, and we were about the same level of skill despite myself having nearly 3 years of prior experience. 
Everyone noticed. They posted long, public messages of good times spent together and how they would never forget her. Our teammates clearly didn’t care about me as much as I cared about them. And that’s when I really started having complex feelings about the sport. 
On one hand, I love it. Synchronized swimming is beautiful, and I have so much respect for the people that I know who have continued with the sport. But on the other, the people I loved did not love me. I poured my heart into that team for five years, and I didn’t get a single goodbye. 
It’s been four years since then and I’m still pretty bitter about it. 

Wedding Vows .

It would be an honor to serve God with you for the rest of my life .
I mean , what sounds better than becoming YOUR wife ?.
See the love I found in you baby it just don’t happen everyday
And giving up my last name its a small price to pay .

Baby in you I’m enamored ; And I’m feelin quite blessed too ,
So from this day forward baby Can I have and hold you ?.
Remember in the beginning when I told you some men deserve diamonds ♢ ?.
Well , I stand here with you cuz that’s exactly what your kind is.
I promise to love our story , every word ; and every verse .
Even in writers block baby , for better or for worse.

We can only get richer from here , and I ain’t talkin bout in money ;
We was poor before , it won’t always be sunny …
But to grow in God with you honey that’s the main goal
Cuz it won’t profit to gain just to lose our souls …
Yeah I know it’s early , but can you blame me for lovin ?
I can say my best friend is also my husband !
Man it feel good to get that off my chest
But before him yall I didn’t have much left .

I understand now with you that it’s about more than just myself , I vow to love you baby in sickness ; and in health .
I was given you for a reason , It’s the cards that I was dealt …
Was it written in the stars ?. Or just caught in Orion’s belt ?.
Well for any reason you make my heart melt .
Forget richer or poorer I’m after spiritual wealth

Here comes the part about how it’s you I will love and cherish , and how from day one I wanted your hand in marriage .
It’s funny tho babe , cuz that’s how it really went …
Man I always used to tell you that this was heaven sent .
You believe me now ?. As I give my life as God intended us to do, I’m so honored baby just Look at me and you !
It seems foolish don’t it ?. But its you that I seek .
Even you was screamin bout how it’s only been a week …
But I knew ; I loved you from the start .
Walk to God with me baby , til death do us part .
That’s kindah harsh tho , to me that never sounded pleasant ;
Cuz I’ll still love the remembrance even when we get to heaven .