Warning: soppy post alert

Okay so today’s a very amazing person’s birthday, wheytoast, and it would be criminal of me not to make a hella cute post about it. Basically, this lil dork has helped me through a lot lately and he’s my closest friend. He may be an annoying lil shit, but I love him just the same. His voice is the best thing everand he smells amazing.He somehow makes me laugh even in the darkest of times and is just super sweet and caring, I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to and getting to know anyone as amazing as him in my whole life. I could probably go on forever but I wont. Just wanted to express how much this lil shit means to me. Have a good day dork <3

Sex talk
  • Me:You know me so well
  • we are gonna do it under a panera bread table
  • BFF:lol how romantic haha
  • Me:yep
  • it will be magical, and special and romantic
  • and a rainbow will form above our heads
  • BFF:lol awww and unicorns will watch
  • Me:cherubs will come down to sing for us
  • BFF:lol God himself might make an appearance lmao
  • Me:it'll be so beautiful it'll turn Satan into a Good Samaritan
  • BFF:
Every time Andy and I talk about what someone's cock looks like

we come up with the same conclusion. Each time. Seriously.

We’re now talking about running some sort of thing when we live in NY where we go up to random dudes and guess what their cocks look like. We’d be rich because I totally think we’re always right.

We all should choose our friends carefully.
 I used to think that no one could know me better than somebody else,
 because you’re inside yourself, your body, you can’t see yourself.
 If you think like that, you surround yourself with
 other people who are willing to tell you who you are,
 which are usually judgmental people …
 we should really surround ourselves with the ones
 that adore us and believe in the highest of us.
- Jewel-

Gif Animation by DarkAngelØne



It’s time to show the grumpy Chief of Staff some love.  This week we are voting for our top top Elizabeth and Russell moments - remember to post them in order with your favourite being at #1. 

1.01a:  “I know you have a friendship with the President, but you’re in the system now, trying to take advantage of that would be ill advised.”  “How would I take advantage of that?”  “By going around me”
1.01b:  “I think you’ll find that I make a much better ally than opponent.”  “Same here.”  “I’m going to chalk this one up to rookie enthusiasm, but going forward I won’t be so forgiving”
1.02a:  “So when he says it’s my call, what does he mean by that?”  “He means it’s your ass”
1.02b:  “That’s quite a character you found there.” “You’re welcome”
1.02c:  “How long do you think you’re gonna punish me for going around you.”  “I don’t know what you mean.”  “We got lucky yesterday?”  “That’s one way to look at it.”  “Yes he know.  If it’s any consolation that’s not how the president sees it, he thinks you saved his ass told me to tell you that.”  “Were you? Gonna tell me that?”  “I hadn’t decided”
1.03:  “The Secretary of State’s job is to offer diplomatic solutions not cowboy operations.”  “Oh I resent that characterization, especially coming from someone who’s never even run an op”
1.04:  The scene where Elizabeth is hopped up on coffee and Russell looks at her like she is crazy
1.05:  “I’ve been a little busy trying to avoid war with Iran. The Pipeline Report is a 1000 page document.”  “Do you need to read it?  Of course you do.”
1.06a:  “Excuse me, but I’m the Secretary of State and you will speak to me with the respect that that office demands.” “For now you are” “You wanna condescend me that’s fine, you’re going to have to fire me first.”
1.06b:  “I think there’s only one way to salvage this crisis.”  “Oh I swear to God, if you say air support right now….”
1.07:  “The Indians nearly crashed Twitter demanding the Texas hotshots.”  “#bringthecowboystotheindians”
1.08a:  “Yes I heard about the arm candy top 10 list, that’s very impressive.  I’m sorry they slighted you Russell, but here’s the problem”
1.08b:  “Please, enough talk about legs.”  “Russell was that a joke?”  “It was in the neighborhood”
1.09a:  “Someone recently reminded me that I’m fourth in line for the Presidency so you don’t get to come into my office and push me around.”  “And I’m Chief of Staff to the actual President it’s my job to know everything”
1.09b:  “Madam Secretary, don’t go sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.” “Oh Russell, get out of my office”
1.11a:  “Maybe you can finish what he started.”  “What’s that?”  “Actually land.”  “I really don’t appreciate your sense of humour”
1.11b: “You got a minute?” “You scared me!”
1.11c:  “My God all this time, how could you just go about your business?”  “That’s what I was trained for”
1.14 - “I almost feel sorry for your staff.” “A little cold terror never hurt anyone.” “You should have that embroidered on a pillow.”
1.15 - “My god Andrew, what have you done?” “He’s talking about a coup.”
1.16 - “He’s literally riding in on a white horse.” “Well you gonna lead a bloody coup, confidence is good.”
1.17a - “I thought it would be good to leave some flexibility there ma'am.” “Why?” “You don’t get to interrogate my staff Russell.”
1.17b  Russell tells Elizabeth about his brother
1.18a - “Chief of Staff Russell Jackson is here tonight. You’ve probably read in the press he and some of the cabinet members don’t always see eye to eye. I mean, honestly how can we? Is he smiling, please tell me he’s smiling.”
1.18b - “Am I the only one thinking he shouldn’t drink the tea”
1.19a - “Did you really think I was going to convince Quinn to give the statues back.” “A guy can hope.” “You’re welcome to use the phone which works for me to by the way.”
1.19b - Russell stealing her fries, again
1.19c - “Clearly I’m the one with the most on air charm.” “You do have a kind of stealthy charm.”
1.20 - The look exchanged between them in the situation room.
1.21 - Russell accuses Elizabeth of insubordination and Elizabeth calls him a good soldier

1.22a - “You and the president won’t protect me?” “I’m sorry”

1.22b - “So looks like i’m going to take that executive privilege.” “I love when it all works out.”

All the rules and stuff…..                 

  • There are a lot of great Elizabeth and Russell interactions, so you can imagine how hard it was for beautifuldisastr and I to come up with this shortlist.  We’re really sorry if your favourite isn’t on the list.
  • Please only vote for quotes/moments that are on the list.
  • It would be SO much easier for me to collect the votes if you make a new post to give your votes.  Adding your votes to end the end of someone else’s post may cause me to overlook them.
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