Sherlock and John,

I’m so, so sorry about what happened to you.

I know you couldn’t control it - someone else has got the keys to 221B for a while, as they’re so utterly fond of saying - and you were merely props in a game of privileged boyhood whimsy.

You deserve better than that.

This series we could barely recognise you at times and only saw glimpses of you in others. Your relationship, your friendship, your love for each other was dimmed in favour of rugs too quickly set up beneath our feet before being pulled in fits of righteous self-indulgence. The depths of you, prodded so gently before, were left to sour in service to thin plotting and tonal missteps, of rushed redemption arcs and easy jokes rather than clever growth.

You deserve better than that.

Luckily, you’ve gotten better too.

We have been here - and we still are here - to right these wrongs. We have done and we will do; we will celebrate your love: talk about it, write about it, sing about it, draw it, investigate it, confirm it, champion it.

And someday, if we’re very very lucky, fund it.

But for now, all we can do is point out where others have gone wrong. Point out the injustices done to storytelling, the injustices done to those who’ve loved you these many years, and the injustices done to the little seeds of truth embedded in the parchment that first captured who you both Really Are over 130 years ago.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, we will find you again beneath our fingers. See you at the tips of our pens.


Your Fans

evidence jason and roy are canon fite me 

anonymous asked:

i'm so afraid of bringing my tc in trouble. we often talk (& it became a bit obvious) but when i try to 'ignore' him he always starts the conversations & i can't resist and talk with him. i just don't want to bring him in a uncomfortable situation and may risk our friendship (and yes.. we are really close).

Hey anon, well I don’t want to be rude or obvious but if you don’t want to get your tc in trouble then don’t. Follow your school rules, and if your school is not very explicit then just use your commom sense. It’s always better to be safe than sorry so if you think it could be innapropiate then don’t do it.
For example, don’t get physical contact no matter how harmless it can seem (like hugs), don’t stay alone with him, don’t talk about innapropiate subjects with him, etc.
If you doubt you can always ask. Good luck and take care.

anonymous asked:

I'm a little jealous seeing your relationship with John. I mean you still good friends even after dating.I had a best friend, we start to date, almost 2 years later we broke up cuz he lives in another city. We tried to keep our friendship but I couldn't cuz his new gf is a bitch(she sent a msg saying that she's better than I'll ever be for him), he don't know why I hate her, he thinks that I'm just wanting him back. I miss his friendship 😟 (sorry for this)

Honestly, I’d fill him in. It’s not fair of his girlfriend to treat you that way, and if your intentions are friendship she should respect that. (Np)

We’re waiting to do a FB announce until tomorrow, but I figure I’m telling you lot now in case I need to spend tonight being sad on the internet while babysitting.

Nick and I decided on Sunday night that we are better as best friends than partners. We are sad, excited, mostly okay but in need of some extra care while we figure out ourselves and our friendship. After nearly eight years together, and nine as best friends, there is a lot of figuring out to do.

So yeah, more sad tumblring ahead, but uh, not of the “just jean” drama rage self loathing kind, probably. Your sweetness, loving words and squeezes are appreciated.

Things Straight Guys Don't Understand About Gays...

1. We don’t want you…we have the right to think youre cute but 9/10 no

2. Some have boundaries

3. Dont be mad at us if us and yall’s girl have a better friendship than yall shitty relationship 🤦🏽‍♂️

4. You like to fuck girls in the ass…and we find out…🤔🤔🤔

5. When yall play gay and you do it around us…that is our emotions getting played.


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Today is Valentine’s Day, true, but it is also a better, nobler day, friends. Today is @openthepocketwatch‘s birthday! And if that isn’t cause for celebrating, I don’t know what is. This is also roughly our friend-iversary, which is also something worth celebrating, because Hayley came into my life like an actual ray of sunshine and has only ever made me a happier human being and a better writer, and wow, Hayley, has your friendship ever meant a lot to me. I love our long conversations and our creative adventures and have enjoyed the hell out of our gaming together. I’ve still got your Christmas card out and on display, which is perhaps not really the thing one does with Christmas cards come February, but every time I see it, I am filled with warm friendship feelings and there is nothing better to get me through the long winter months than that

I know you are probably very busy with cool and intense school things, but I hope you take at least a moment – or several moments! or all of the moments! – to have some you time today. You deserve it, friend: you are so clever and kind and generous, enthusiastic and dedicated and hilarious and basically all of the good things, and so you should take a pause and just exist in the glow of your own awesomeness. If I was kicking around in your neck of the woods, I’d insist on taking you out for a day of adventuring (and if you were here, I would also insist on taking you for some adventuring – probably of the snowshoeing and winter wonderland variety). As it is, we’re separated by geography, so I’ll just send you all of my love, as usual.

Have a beautiful day, friend, and I will be thinking of you. Happy birthday!! ♥♥♥

Friendship Prompts

  • We’ve been through thick and thin together but whoops, I slept with your ex and then we sort of accidentally fell in love but you’re the one who left them at the altar so we’re cool, right?
  • We showed up to the party wearing the same outfit. We are obviously soul mates. Let’s be best friends
  • I know you better than members of my own family.
  • I don’t know what I’ll do without you and to top it all off, you’ve left your only child to me in your will.
  • Ok, so maybe I’m a little jealous that you have more money than I do, you’re more popular than I am, you’re more talented and slightly better looking than me but that doesn’t change the fact that I would still take a bullet for you.
  • We have to keep our friendship on the down-low due to our cultural differences but here, we can use these walks talkies to communicate.
  • We’ve been camping in my parents’ backyard on the same night every year since we were nine. It’s a tradition, and even though we’re in our forties and we both have families now, it’s not weird at all.
  • I saw your significant other cheating on you and now I don’t know what to do.
  • You fell asleep during my big performance and I’m still mad at you.
  • We’re both straight, attractive members of the opposite sex but it won’t go any further than friendship because you’ll always be the guy who puked in my bed that one time

Happy birthday to this legend !! are u excited ? Ready to partaayyyy ?? I really hope you know how much you mean to me; in life people come and go but there are few who choose to stay and indulge. You’ve choose to stay and indulge in my really annoying, sometimes sad, always sarcastic, dad joke making life and I appreciate that.

I’m gunna get super sappy so bare with me:

Friendship is a unique thing. Why is it unique ? Because it’s never the same. Our friendship was built on music, loving people, and poems; the first words I ever said to you were from a poem I wrote when I was sad and you opened your heart and arms up and offered to be someone to help. We bonded over our love for music and the people who make it, and we bonded over being broken… but look at us now. We are better than we’ve ever been before, we are genuinely happy and ready to take on life head first. Although I haven’t been here long, I’ve had the privilege of being able to watch you grow as a person and it’s been awesome. I have yet to come to Long Island to say these words in person and give you a major hug, so for now this will have to do.

I’m sending lots of love and positive vibes, and I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays !! @lukeysbitchinggirlfriend

  • *constantly splits on fp*
  • me: I should really just cut all ties with them because they're oblivious to how much this friendship is hurting me and even if I did express what I was feeling all the time they wouldn't deserve to have my instability burden them honestly I'm going to end our relationship it would just be better for both of us especially them they deserve so much better than me
  • *gets a message from fp*


Hello members! We’re here to introduce our monthly tasks. This is our way of getting everyone involved and keep the muse alive! Every month we’ll have a new creative task paired with a theme. All we ask is you complete the task by the end of the month, easy right?

To kick off our first ever monthly task, what better month than February, known as the month of love. With Valentines day right around the corner we thought it’d be fun to focus on what love means to your celebrity. This can take the form of friendships, family, or significant others.

What we’d like to do to stray from traditional writing tasks is start off with a mood board and/or aesthetic type post. These tend to be gifs, quotes, images, put together in a photo post. The moodboard and moodboard gifs tag tends to have example, as well as good gifs to use. Then, just add a little blurb about what love means to your celebrity, even what form it takes. Maybe you even take a different route and chose heartbreaks. Feel free to include a quote or song lyric; just have fun with it!

This task is essentially to get the creative juices flowing in a fun way. Once finished, tag your post lacountytask, and lacountytask1. ( you do not need to track each individual task tag since that’ll get crazy ! :P but you can if you’d like. ) If you need any help at all, don’t hesitate to contact the main. 

~ with love from the mod team

Dear W1,

My darling, my one true love, the one that makes this world worth living in. I know I have hurt you, in so many ways and I am deeply hurt by those facts. So much so that I have no desire to care about my health till you can get to a better place. I know things aren’t easy right now but time will help.

In regards to a lot of my comments, I have never meant for you to suck it up and put your feelings aside. But rather help me understand them. And when I say that I’m hurting too, isn’t me saying help deal with mine rather I’m trying to show you I’m in the same boat as you. I’m not trying to say that my feelings are more important than yours just that they are similar. My goal is to build our once beautiful friendship and relationship to a much better place. I know that is going to be difficult but I’m willing to go to the ends of the earth and beyond to make it happen.

I know I said I needed sex too. But that was an incomplete thought. Yes I was hurt because it broke an old status quo we had. But to be fair I’m still trying to treat you like you where before we moved in to our amazing poly family. Which shows that I still need tons of work. But I’m very glad you did because you need it more than than you think. And about my comment I wasn’t implying that I wanted you to take care of those needs, which I love when you do!, just that I needed to as well.

It hurts that you think that I believe you to be untrustworthy with bearing more children. Yes I am concerned but not to what would happen to the child but how much risk it would put you in. To go back to the past a bit, when you had our daughter it was one of the most scariest and beautiful days. Why, well with how you described how you had been bleeding and couldn’t get a hold of anyone at the doctors office and wrote it off because you had an appointment that day after work anyway. Well what if you didn’t have an appointment that day and waited longer that day to get a hold of someone. It could have been much worse. Do I want you to carry my children, yes! As many as you want to bear! Does each pregnancy come with risks, yes. As afraid of those risks I wouldn’t ever say no.

My love for you is still strong and I’m wanting to make it much stronger. I still look forward to the day we all grow old together. Love you till we no longer are in this world and forever after we. Love you always H1.

Idiot - Vernon

You had been in love with him for years, but played it off as if you loved him in a brother sort of way. He never had an issue with it. He knew you adored him in a way that was platonic. He always asked for girl advice and you made sure not to blush or stutter whenever he came to you for help. You were really tight and good as friends. Even though you were in love with him, you were more worried about what would happen if you were more. Would our relationship change? What if we broke up? Could we still be around each other? These thoughts constantly ran through your mind.

His friendship meant more to you than a love life.

So when another close guy friend of yours asked you out on a movie date; you didn’t hesitate to say yes. You thought it would be good to finally move on from Hansol. You tried convincing yourself that things would be better this way. You didn’t know if you could continue being friends with him if you kept all of your feelings for him pent up, so you decided that it was in your best interests to let him go in order to save your friendship. You were out the door - just about to leave the house so you could meet Wonwoo at the movie theater - when suddenly Hansol walked up from your driveway. “Shit, you look good,” he said dragging a hand through his thick brown hair. Nice compliment.

“Um…” You looked at him curiously. “Thanks… I think. What are you doing here?”

He grabbed your hand. “Don’t go on this date.”

“Excuse me?” You said in slight outrage. “Why do you–”

“I want to marry you. Okay? I realize we’re seventeen and you’re a genius and you’re beautiful and fun and I’m nothing special, but when we’re older, I want to marry you. Okay? So don’t go on this date. Please. I don’t know how you’ve been so good,” he sighed. “I’ve loved you since we were kids and I can’t watch any guy attempt to love you. Especially if its someone close to me. I’m sorry I’m selfish and obnoxious. But you’re mine and I know I’m not being fair because I–”

You smiled at him and wrapped him in a hug and held him tightly. “You’re an idiot.”

He sighed and buried his head in the crook of your neck. “I know,” he mumbled against your skin. “When Wonwoo-hyung told us that he was going on a date with you I punched him and told him that you were in love with me.”


You pulled away to look at him. “Yep. I was right. You really are an idiot,” you smiled and then stand on your tiptoes to kiss his nose. “But you’re my idiot.”

Black History Month is here! And we’re excited to start this blog up, so what better way than to celebrate Black History Month with our black OCs? 

This is an event for Black creators, by Black creators. This month will be all about showcasing our Black OCs and sharing their personalities, goals, interests, love interests, friendships and so on through whichever medium you fancy: fanart, fanfic, music, screenshots, edits, gifs, etc.~

Week One: Will be all about your OCs’ backstories, including their birthplace, culture, family, experiences, and just about anything that happened in their past that shaped them into who they are. 

Week Two: This week, will be focused on your characters’ personality and traits. What do they believe in? What are the favorite things to eat and drink? Do they have hobbies? If so, what kind? What are the little details that make your character distinctly them? Let us know!

Week Three: Love will be the main focus of this week. Share about your Black OCs’ love interests. How do they get along? What’s the dynamic of the relationship? Is your OC monogamous or polyamorous? Pan or ace? If your character is aromantic, then focusing on friendships and platonic love is fine too! Any and all forms of love are welcomed and appreciated, so show us what you’ve got.

To make sure we see your work, put posts and reblogs under the tag:    bhmoc event

You may also submit directly to us! Smash that submit button and attach your work and a description!

Let’s get into formation and make this month a memorable one.

graphics created by: fatalmirage

Images provided by: elfyourmother, giwatafiya, belowbedlam, blkwonderwoman, bunabi, fatalmirage


{This entire poem screamed Fitzsimmons to me so I attempted to make three edits to convey it/try to do it justice. Turned out to be a pain in the ass but hey ho 💃 And Lang Leav is incredible. All her poems make me want to cry.} “There was a feeling of inevitability when I met you. The sense that we would be together; that there would be a moment when you would look at me in a certain way, and we could cross the threshold from friendship into something so much more. We spoke once about lovers who kept finding each other, no matter how many times the world came between them. And I think I had to break your heart, and you had to break mine. How else could we know the worth of what we were given? I think you were always meant to know me a little better than anyone else. And our lives were rated to converge like some cosmic dance. I know there is terrible distance between us. But our bodies are made of celestial light, and we are hurtling through space and time, toward the most beautiful collision.” ~ Lang Leav

We all should choose our friends carefully.
 I used to think that no one could know me better than somebody else,
 because you’re inside yourself, your body, you can’t see yourself.
 If you think like that, you surround yourself with
 other people who are willing to tell you who you are,
 which are usually judgmental people …
 we should really surround ourselves with the ones
 that adore us and believe in the highest of us.
- Jewel-

Gif Animation by DarkAngelØne

before I tell you this, I just want to make sure it doesn’t affect how you see me, or that it doesn’t affect our friendship because that’s the last thing I want. But recently I’ve had this growing affection for you, you’re so caring and you listen, and I love that about you. I just get really anxious when I’m around you because I know if you touch me that I could just decompose under your fingertips. And I know that you have a thing about her and that you like her, and then there’s me and there’s like a billion other girls who are better than me that are dying to love you, but I love you, and that feels so weird to say because I’ve been in this other relationship when all that i want is you, because I look at you and you understand, and I just want the opportunity to be loved by you. I have an affection for you… Like an Ed Sheeran, “she won’t love you like I can”, I need you right now in my arms, kind of affection, and there’s no other way to say it.
—  I’ve fallen head over heels for you and I can’t hold it in anymore

Sit next to me and touch my thigh
Put your ear close to my lips, hear me whine
Press your lips to my shoulder
Feel my entire being shudder

Look at me like the starry night
Explore my eyes like the galaxies unite
Sing to me love songs
For our love can do no wrongs

Tell me you love me through paragraphs
Show me to the world in photographs
But darling, hide our love behind friendship
If anyone finds out, it’ll be a sunken ship

Fear creeps on us every moment
But we fill the cracks with cement
We can’t glimmer today
But today is better than yesterday

—  t.s. ( march 9, 2015 )