My tattoo artist just told me that stress is a choice.
He told me to stop biting my nails and to let it go. And I told him
“How can I let her go if I’m in love with her? If I know she’s the one?”
He told me
“Don’t let her go. If you know she’s the one, you never stop fighting for her. You get that feeling once in your lifetime. Let her do her thing and if she chooses you, you’ll know my dear, she she does not, it is going to hurt. But you choose to stress over it. You can’t do that. Love is crazy my dear and makes you do crazy, crazy things. But the same thing happened to me, and now we’re married and couldn’t be happier. Time is wonderful, even when we don’t want to believe it is. It’s helping us, not hurting us, I promise my dear”
He gave me hope that one day, things between the two of us are going to be okay, even if I wanted that “one day” to be today, maybe it won’t be. But I have hope in us. I have faith in our future.
—  2.20pm
- I’m still in love with you & I don’t know if you see it anymore
Ceres in the Houses: The Extremes of Life

Besides showing how we nurture and want to be nurtured, Ceres also deals with our highs and lows- the brilliant highs and dizzy joys of the times we have what we want, and the darker days when we completely lose our faith. 

Wherever Ceres is placed [click here to find], that’s where you face the most intense issues, and experience the most intense happiness. The highs and lows come in a cyclical way:

Ceres in the First House
Your personal appearance, your reputation, your persona, your profile
- Typical manifestation of the highs: Enormous self-confidence about one’s unique personality
- Typical manifestation of the lows: Severe identity crises 

Ceres in the Second House
Your money, your talents, your possessions, your self-esteem
- Typical manifestation of the highs: Being capable of getting anything
- Typical manifestation of the lows: Suddenly realizing nothing that was gained matters after all

Ceres in the Third House
Your words and ideas, your life on the internet, your speech, writing
- Typical manifestation of the highs: Being heard and respected for one’s mental capacities
- Typical manifestation of the lows: Having one’s ideas completely rejected, ignored or ridiculed 

Ceres in the Fourth House
Your family, your hometown or country, your home, your roots
- Typical manifestation of the highs: An incredible sense of belonging
- Typical manifestation of the lows: Trying so hard to fit in but not being able to

Ceres in the Fifth House
Your children, your lovers, your art, your leisure time
- Typical manifestation of the highs: Feeling as if one’s creativity is at its peak and anything can be done
- Typical manifestation of the lows: Feeling devoid of any artistic skills at all, feeling empty and not being able to tap into one’s imagination

Ceres in the Sixth House
Your body, your working life, your housework, your duty and service
- Typical manifestation of the highs: Being incredibly productive and efficient, full of energy
- Typical manifestation of the lows: Not being able to get anything done, feeling ill and stressed out without concrete reasons

Ceres in the Seventh House
Your former, current or potential partners, your enemies or rivals, justice
- Typical manifestation of the highs: Being able to understand others completely, having others trust you fully
- Typical manifestation of the lows: Feeling isolated and left alone, being ostracized, having the hunch that someone’s planning something against you

Ceres in the Eighth House
Your financial or property agreements, secrets, sexual relationships
- Typical manifestation of the highs: Having all your bills taken care of, being trusted enough to to manage other people’s resources
- Typical manifestation of the lows: Having to borrow money but not being able to pay it back

Ceres in the Ninth House
Your travel, foreign, educational or publishing agenda
- Typical manifestation of the highs: Achieving a state of full understanding of the concepts you were studying/investigating/contemplating
- Typical manifestation of the lows: Being stuck in a series of sticky situations & not being able to do anything to escape

Ceres in the Tenth House
Your career, your reputation, social status
- Typical manifestation of the highs: Getting a promotion, being publicly congratulated/praised for having done such a great job 

Ceres in the Eleventh House
Your friends, your groups, clubs, teams, societies or committees
- Typical manifestation of the highs: Being able to contribute greatly to the causes you’ve been supporting
- Typical manifestation of the lows: Being denied a saying in what happens in your group/association, being expelled from it 

Ceres in the Twelfth House
Your secrets, your unconscious mind, psychology, the psychic world
- Typical manifestation of the highs: Understanding the self completely, interpreting your dreams, tapping into the unconscious
- Typical manifestation of the lows: Feeling divided, feeling lost/broken and as if one’s identity has been shattered

-crystal melbourne | within the zodiac | “where’s my Ceres?”

Alone. That’s how Satan wants us.

Alone with our own tangled thoughts. Alone with his whispered lies that start to sound more and more like truths. Separated from the very people who could speak courage into our deep places flirting with discouragement and defeat. Separated from friends who could let us stand on their faith when our own gets a little shaky.

The enemy knows if he can isolate us, he can intimidate us. Confuse us. Deceive us. And ultimately, make us believe that the safer paths in life are ones apart from God and our friends who serve God.

Sweet friend, if you have felt isolated recently, I want to encourage you to reach out to that friend who leads you back to God time and time again. If you are longing for a friend like that tonight, turn toward Jesus. Ask Him to send a godly friend your way. And know that I am praying for you to find that kind of friendship too.

—  Lysa TerKeurst

“…He was moved with compassion for them.” (Matthew‬ ‭9:36‬)

Thinking today about the compassion of Christ for us in the midst of the messy and the mundane. Jesus always seeks out where the hurting and suffering ones are, and that’s where He stays. Our faith is imperfect at best, our weaknesses are many. Yet we live in a land of hope: the light of grace shines bright and we are close to His heart of mercy.

Spurgeon writes, “His tender heart pities all the griefs of his dear people. There is not a pang they have but the head feels it, feels it for all the members. Still doth he look upon their imperfections and their infirmities, yet not with anger, not with loss of patience, but with gentleness and sympathy, "He is moved with compassion.”

since theology seems to be today’s blogging theme, I’m gonna take this chance to ask a question of my Roman Catholic mutuals/followers. I’m not trying to be smart, I’m genuinely curious. It’s been bothering me since Christmas.

If Mary was sinless, why didn’t she die on the cross instead of Jesus? It seems like a really roundabout way of saving mankind to have Christ be incarnated as a man and live a sinless life to die as the perfect sacrifice, when there was already a spotless human right there the whole time.

When we praise God in good times, our faith endures. But when times get hard and we praise Him still, our faith increases.
—  Something I’m learning in my walk with Christ
A question that plagued me

As a gay Christian, specifically a gay Catholic, I’ve been plagued with the same question for as long as I’ve even considered that I may be a lesbian. And ever since I came out, I’ve gotten this question more frequently than anything else:

Isn’t homosexuality a sin?

Aren’t you going to go to hell?

I spent years debating this. I never had an answer until recently, and I’m writing this post for the gay Christians that are scared, and for the straight Christians that give our church it’s bad reputation of blatant homophobia.

The most common argument I hear for homophobia is that in the book of Leviticus, “a man must not lie with a man as with a woman” and that in Genesis, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. But does Christ not call us to love one another? Are we not called to “love one another as [Jesus] has loved [us]” regardless of gender? If your argument is that it’s wrong to be gay, so God hates you, you’re unfortunately very mistaken. God loves me and you and all the other people regardless of gender or sexuality; if God doesn’t make mistakes, then we are to love however we are made to by God.

Recall that familiar story in the Bible, where the centurion goes to Jesus and asks that Jesus heal his servant. You probably think of it as a touching story of a kind-hearted Roman soldier, but in reality, it’s a story of God healing a gay man’s boyfriend. In the original Greek version of that particular gospel, the Centurion refers to his servant as the Greek word that means a servant who’s duty is to be his/her master’s companion and lover. The man was, in essence, his master’s lover, and Jesus didn’t turn the centurion away because of this. He instead said “your faith has saved you”. Jesus didn’t reprimand the centurion or tell him he’d go to hell for having gay sex, he blessed that lovely gay biblical couple.

I had a conversation a few years ago, with one of my dad’s best friends. He is also Gay and Catholic, and when we spoke, he told me how important it is to love other, in all forms of love, whether filial or agape or eros love, regardless of gender, and that is why he doesn’t consider his sexuality a sin, and neither do I.

At the end of the day, faith, and its expression in the form of religion, is about our personal relationship with God. Or gender doesn’t determine our faith, nor does our sexuality, race, or age.
In the words of Pope Francis, “if a person is gay, and follows the Lord, who am I to judge?”


RIP Rowdy, Labrador Retriever (14 y/o), Canby, OR • “Through all of his funny idiosyncrasies, his near death experiences, and even his rare and unique vitiligo diagnosis, he remained our faithful, loving pup. We are blessed to have had him by our side for the last 14 years. He was a warrior – a dog with a purpose. He will be missed not only by his family but by all those whose lives around the world he touched and changed forever.” @white_eyed_rowdy

i’m gonna try and explain this situation, from my point of view. let me reiterate: i am not speaking for all muslims here. i am not speaking for all muslims here. but i, as a girl who is muslim, am speaking from my knowledge and point of view. there will be muslims who will disagree with me, just like how there will be non muslims who will too. i already know this.

but … i’m just putting what my beliefs are about this whole situation, as a muslim girl, out there:

yousef isn’t muslim. sana is muslim. sana clearly likes yousef. for some muslims, the fact that yousef isn’t a muslim, wouldn’t be a huge issue. they’d still be okay to date/marry their non muslim partner.

however, for some muslims (and i’m saying this with my point of view put into this too), dating/marrying a non muslim, is a huge issue. a huge, huge, huge issue, both religiously speaking, because there is a clash of faith/no faith, and also culturally speaking too, where in which, people will point fingers. but hey, people point fingers all the time anyway. so, let’s remove the culture factor.

religiously speaking, practising muslims find it extremely important that their partner is muslim too. for some muslims, this isn’t even something that is negotiable. we can’t compromise on that. faith comes first for us. 

the prophet muhammad (saw) said once, “when Allah’s servant marries, he has completed one half of the religion. thereafter, let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.”

let me explain what that above hadeeth means. if our partner is muslim too, it makes life a whole lot more easier, a lot less simple, but also, because with our partner, the 2 of us can motivate each other, and help each other, and support each other when our imaan (faith) and deen (religion) isn’t as strong as we would like it to be. we become each other’s motivation. we become each other’s rock. we become each other’s inspiration. 

and that’s the whole essence, and beauty, for a muslim having a partner who is muslim too, that we may wish to marry, and further deepen our bond with.

sana, according to her beliefs, needs for her partner to be muslim too. that is something she doesn’t wish to compromise on.

yousef, isn’t muslim. he doesn’t believe in Allah. 

so where does that leave sana, who is really starting to like yousef?

yousef could revert back into islam, if he was muslim before, or he could convert, and things could work out for them 2. some people though, may not feel that that is an adequate enough reason to accept islam back into your life again - just for the sake of someone else. if you’re wanting to come into islam, then it should be because you want to, for the sake of Allah, for the sake of worshipping Allah, not for anybody else. because your islam is between you and Allah to have, that should be the reason, not any other, for wanting to convert/revert. so, yousef reverting/converting, would have to be something that’s not just solely because of sana, but because he WANTS to accept islam, for the sake of himself and Allah, and strengthening that bond again. 

of course, some people will say that yousef converting/reverting to islam for sana could be a good thing too, if, say, after he does accept islam, he fully accepts islam into his life, and believes in Allah too, and practices islam as much or as little as he wants, but that he believes in Allah, that is the main thing. 

otherwise? i’m not too sure how this is going to work for sana and yousef, if neither sana wants to change her stance on compromising (which, personally, i can’t see her doing), and neither does yousef want to become muslim (again) and believe in allah. 

but yeah, let’s see what happens.

If you’re feeling disconcerted about how fast things are changing in your life, about how much you are changing— remember that the Jesus of your yesterday, is still the same Lord over your life today.

If you feel alone, and you’re crying out to God to be felt while you’re trying to deal with all the decisions you have to make, remember that He is still with You. There may be no whispers of direction during worship sessions, trust His word, beloved, when He told You that He’ll never leave you nor forsake You.

The God we know when we are at the mountaintops of our faith, is the same God that holds us together when we’re clumsily making our way through narrow valleys. Trust Him, love.

We Are Young: Chapter 4

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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Hometown pride was just as big as school pride when it came to hockey games in Rifthold.

The stadium was packed with the people. The bleachers on both sides of the ice were full, and Aelin was sure the whole town showed up to watch the first game on the season.

And what a game it was.

Second period was coming to an end, and both the Rifthold Royals and Skull Bay Pirates had yet to score a goal. Dorian was definitely living up to his nickname this game. But the Pirates’ goalie seemed to be just as good.

The tension in the arena was thick. Everyone was waiting for someone to score that first goal. And it only grew thicker every time the puck got close to a net.

But though the scoring was lacking, the fights and penalties definitely weren’t.

If Aelin didn’t know any better, she’d think the only reason Fenrys, Aedion, and Lorcan were on the team in the first place was to pick fights. They spent more time throwing punches and sitting in the penalty box than they did actually playing the game.

“If he wanted to throw punches all day long,” Lysandra watched with narrowed eyes as the referee broke up another fight between Aedion and one of the Pirates players. “He should have just joined wrestling.”

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Amidst all the I love yous; I need yous; I want yous, the impact of a sincerely proclaimed ‘I believe in you’ is scandalously underexposed.
Of course there is the 'I believe in us’, which emphasizes on one’s confidence in the perpetuity of a loving relation. Yet it focuses on the involved as one unit. And again the common ground that is sought after is love. 'I believe in us’ is roughly saying 'I believe in our love’, or the somewhat cruder stated sentiment 'we love each other’.
There is something incredibly endearing about being seen as a singular and unique being through the eyes of a lover: I believe in you as a standalone figure with all your goals, dreams, desires, and ambitions; your opinions, your characteristics. I believe in the genuiness and integrity of your person and all that comes with it.
I believe in you and where you are going. I see what makes you special when I take me and my love out of the equation. I believe in the person you were before me; the person you always have been. I believe in whatever journey you are taking, and I’d like to come with you. That is, if you’ll have me. Needless to say if you’ll have me.
There are many things and concepts in which we humans pour our faith, but none will have the same impact as a simple demonstration or vocalization of the faith we have in each other. As far as this concerns lovers, it is as simple as stating: I recognize your place and purpose in this universe, and as a spectator this marvels me.
—  I believe in you, by M.A. Tempels © 2017

Mugsy, Golden Retriever (2 y/o), Hudson & Barrow St., New York, NY • “He’s my soulmate (don’t tell my fiancée, though I think he already knows). He’s my 4th Golden. He loves the water – he’ll break through the ice to make himself a little swimming pool and loves to go to the beach. Our lives revolve around making him happy. We got him and were going to move out of the city, but he kind of restored our faith in humanity. Before we had him nobody would really talk to us; now everyone wants to talk to us.”

Christianity is not something that simply comforts you, that is the duty of friends and family, Christianity is not something that simply makes you happy, that is the duty of our emotions and choice.

Christianity is, and will always be, a life change, just as we grow older and have to adjust to changes so must we with our faith, it does no good for a baby to simply be content in laying around and never learning to walk or speak, so must we be in our faith, never being content in simply singing our songs (Even though it is our call to worship our King) and taking the cross for granted.

We must learn to carry that old rugged cross just as Jesus did, for He was not content in leaving us to live in sin and death. Remember that our choice of accepting Christianity was not just a get out of jail free card, no it is the renewal of our hearts and minds, the accepting of the almighty God to rule without question over our hearts.

Make sure that you are not living for today by saying things like “Life is too short not to be happy” but instead live for the eternal by saying things like “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now