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word count; 1.8k

genre; angst

summary; you always surprised him with peonies on the night of your wedding anniversary.

The flowers bloomed just right that year— every year, to be in fact. And every year, you would order peonies to surprise your husband on the day of your wedding anniversary because peonies were his favorite beloved flowers. You would order from the nearby flower shop that you could call underrated because the old lady that worked there always made wonderful bouquets.

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Color Magic 101: Developing Color Connections

As promised this post will be about favorite colors….sort of…it will actually be about why we, as humans, develop the color preferences we have and how to deepen those connections or make new ones for the purposes of color magic.

There are many theories floating around about why we develop attractions to certain colors. The truth is that we don’t definitively know the answer to that question but it probably involves a little bit of all the current theories. Why do we care about this for magical purposes? Because we can utilize our understanding of natural human instinct to work our magic in harmony with nature.

Ecological Valence Theory

This theory suggests that we develop our emotional connection to colors through experiences with them over time. Evolutionarily, in order to survive and reproduce, we needed to sustain ourselves with nutritious and edible foods. Finding which foods those were was a matter of trial and error but we developed visual cues for categorizing which colors were good and which were bad.

Another example: We give our children gender colored toys as infants (blue for boys/pink for girls) and they begin to develop positive connections/experiences with that color. As they get older, and begin to construct a gender identity, cultural norms also begin to play a role in defining their concept of “male” or “female” which may make those connections even stronger.

This explains how we develop positive and negative associations but what about deeper meanings/connections? First let me explain how your brain works…

The Network Model

Your brain is made up of a network of nodes which each represent one of the following:

  • Emotion (Joy)
  • Sensory Experience (Taste of an Apple)
  • Semantic Meaning (an association with a concept like “Trees”)

Those nodes get connected to other similar nodes and the more similar they are the stronger the connection. This process will continue to evolve as we experience life. 

So say that we take the node for Green. It has strong connections to Nature, Grass, Trees etc. but then we have a terrible experience changing a very dirty, and very green, diaper. That experience is now associated with our understanding of the color green. 

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Spreading Activation

Here’s where it all comes together. When one node gets activated, all of the nodes connected to it also become activated. When those surrounding nodes become activated they temporarily become integrated with your perception of reality.

Here’s an example: Woman sees a guy wearing a red shirt. Her past experiences and network of associations with the color red include “passion/romance”. When that node gets activated she will temporarily perceive things associated with the color red to be more sexually attractive and therefore believe the man to be sexier than she might otherwise have thought.

How powerful is that?! What’s even better is that thinking about a color creates the exact same neurological effects as actually seeing it!!

Magical Application

So, how can we use this in color magic? 

Firstly, If positive experiences lead to positive color associations then the color which makes you happy could be vastly different than the color which has that same psychological effect on me. Therefore, our color correspondence lists could look completely different! That means we should definitely take all those “this color corresponds to this” lists with a grain of salt. If you intend to delve much further into color magic I highly recommend creating your own correspondence list to refer to and alter as needed.

Secondly, using this information you can program your brain to create specific connections with certain colors by having experiences which contain both elements. Because the visual component doesn’t even necessarily have to be there, you can simply think about a color anytime you are experiencing the emotion you want to connect it to and BAM connection made!

Example: If you want to associate the color purple with anger then anytime you find yourself being angry look at something purple, write the word purple, or just think of the color in your head. You’ve just connected those nodes. The more times you do that the stronger the connection will be! 

That particular example might not have much use but imagine if you could simply think of a color and make yourself happy, calm yourself down, give yourself energy/motivation, or feel beautiful? That’s powerful stuff!!!

Lastly, if you are aware of your color associations, you can temporarily alter your perception of reality whenever you want. If you know that the color yellow makes you thirsty, and you need to drink more water than you currently want to, make a connection to yellow so that you want to drink more!

I hope you guys found this installment of our exploration of color useful. Go do some tests, start figuring out what your personal color connections are and make some magic happen!

Love and Light


credit: Nick Kolenda for his guide to color psychology


We’re so excited to finally be able to share with you all our video for Color Green! This is one of the most personal videos we’ve ever released. It starts off showing Greg (one of Louis’ closest childhood friends) with his daughter and shows his daily routine through his eyes. Greg is one of many people out in the world who are color blind, and the way he sees people’s skin, traffic lights, etc. looks different and we wanted to shed some light on that. 

We also want to give a huge shout out to Enchroma. They have an amazing pair of glasses that allow the color blind to see the world with enhanced color and because of them we were able to present Greg, along with a few other color blind people, with these glasses. The first time Greg, along with everyone else we presented the glasses to, tried on these glasses were caught in the video and seeing their reactions to how the world looks in full color was something that we can’t even put into words.

Fix your eyes on our new video for Color Green 👀 

We are also thrilled to announce the ‘Lost in Translation Tour’ with our friends Dreamers and The Wrecks! We’ll be playing a ton of new songs for you from that album along with some of your other favorites ;) You won’t want to miss out! The pre-sale begins Wednesday at 10am local. Use the code ONEOFUS to get your tickets. General on sale starts Friday at 10am local. 


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February 24 - Kansas City, MO @ The Truman
February 25 - Lincoln, NE @ The Bourbon Theatre
February 27 - Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
February 28 - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot
March 2 - Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom*
March 3 - Eugene, OR @ WOW Hall
March 4 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox*
March 7 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
March 8 - San Diego, CA @ House of Blues*
March 9 - Sacramento CA @ Ace of Spades*
March 10 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Belasco Theatre
March 11 - Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom
March 13 - Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
March 14 - Houston, TX @ House of Blues
March 16 - New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
March 20 - Charlotte, NC @ The Underground
March 21 - Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre
March 23 - Philadelphia, PA @ The TLA
March 24 - Portland, ME @ State Theater
March 26 - Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore
March 27 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
March 28 - Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
March 30 - Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club
March 31 - Rochester, NY @ Anthology
April 1 - Toronto, ON @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre

* New Politics & DREAMERS only

eetudie  asked:

Hi! A friend of mine (who is a huge Harry Potter fan) told me that I was a slytherin but what does that mean? Don't kill me please I'm just starting to get a hang of it :)

Hello! No of course I wouldn’t kill you for this ☺️ well, if they think you’re a slytherin based on the traits of the house there’s a very high chance that you are one. However, I would advice taking the test on pottermore.com (sign in and get sorted into a house depending on how you answer the quiz! However many people claim that the test sorts them incorrectly at times, so it’s best to learn the traits of each house and decide which you can see yourself in).

The Slytherin House is often misinterpreted as the Evil House. This isn’t true in the slightest.

The Hogwarts Houses are based on your personality and those who belong in Slytherin are usually characterized by their

- Pride: pretty self explanatory.
- Resourcefulness: I asked a friend who she’d want to be in a deserted island with and she said “a slytherin, probably.” Slytherins will quickly find ways of getting themselves out of situations they dislike.
- Ambition: we’re achievement-oriented!
- Cunning: we’re sneaky and wry.
- Self-preservation instincts: a slytherin will always prioritize themselves or those they love and care about deeply and would therefor be hurt if something happened to said person.
- Cleverness: takes brains to be cunning, doesn’t it? ;)
- Value of fraternity: Slytherins are very loyal to their inner circle.
- Certain disregard for rules: a slytherin won’t do something rash and jump head in into something that could affect them negatively/ get them in trouble though, they’re calculating and will know when to do what they need to.

Our House colors are Green and Silver. The Slytherin Common Room is in the dungeons, beneath the lake.

Sokudo in Italy
  • Oso: Choromatsu come here!!!
  • Choro: what is it, Osomatsu nii san?
  • Oso: Italian flag looks like our color!! Red and Green!!!
  • Choro: *can't help but laugh* that is..cute..
  • Oso: I have an idea!!! Once we go home lets make a cafe! So you won't leave me again.
  • Choro: *hug* yes yes. Sorry.
  • --while later--
  • Choro and Oso: We are home!!*carry Italian flag* our colors match! Is not that funny?
  • Todo: you are going there to make this joke?? I feel so insulted
  • Ichi: Totty is angry because there is no pink flag
  • Todo: *angery*

anonymous asked:

We ended up with the 4 Horsemen Scenario, but the problem I've got is that they used to be our coplayers?

It’s called recycling! Do you have any idea how much energy it costs generating new pieces of code? do you know that the resources of this universe are limited? Have you thought about the poor cosmic frog, what would you just take from it? No. you think only about yourself.

We are an environmentally friendly company. Our color is green.

SN Tech Support (Gear)

(Do you mean everybody? Or just me? I don’t know but I’m gonna do us all. My favorites are blue and hot pink and gold.)

Marvin says, “All of our favorite color is green!”

Jackieboy squints at him, “No, it’s not. Mine is red.”

Chase nods, “Mine too.”

Henrik says, “Mine is blue.”

Anti sips from his mug, “Mine is black.” 

Dapper signs, “Mine is green!” 

namepun39  asked:

Congrats on the engagement! :D Just wondering if you could share the details of when did happend like was it like one of those romantic movies and stuff etc. But of course if u want to. Still congratulations🎉🎉🎊🎊🎉🎈🎈🐧

I don’t mind sharing lol, he told me he was going to give me my Christmas present the day before Christmas because he had to work on Christmas day but he told me to wait in the room while he went to go grab it. Little bit later he comes back and says “Okay, your presents ready but you have to wear this” and he gives me blindfold, I put it on and he leads me out to the backyard, THERE ARE A LOT OF STAIRS IN OUR YARD JUST SAYING AND WE HAVE A POOL SOOO I thought I was gonna fall down the stairs or into the pool multiple times ahaha. We finally stop walking and he tells me to hold still, I still have no clue what he’s doing or what it could be. Andrew then took off the blindfold and I WAS BLINDED by a bright light (which turned out to be the lights and his phones recording all this ahahha) and around me there were blue and green Christmas lights (Which were our colors, Andrew for green and blue for me) and they all met up to a reef in the shape of a heart. And I cry. And the thing happened. And I cried for a good few minutes after. And we walked back inside and the family was all there and I cried some more and BLARGH. I won’t share the video cause that’s a private moment I only want to share with friends and family but here is a quick screenshot from the video.