Baekhyun and little Jesper ♡

fans have been calling little Jesper baby Baekhyun because of the striking resemblance between the both of them.

little Jesper’s parents posted the photo compilations of their son and Baekhyun on their facebook thanking fans for their effort in compiling and sending them the photos.

i would like to share something interesting with all of you. ever since we revealed our instagram account, there were a lot of people tagging us our children pictures. among them all, the pictures that we received the most are the comparison pictures of Jesper and korea’s boyband - EXO member Baekhyun. it was from then on did they (the kids) know about Byun Baekhyun GeGe.

thank you to all our cute friends for taking the time to look for these pictures. also, thank you all for the hand drawn artwork. we saw all of it. really~ a lot of these pictures actually made us laugh! it also gave us wonderful memories! happy day :D

as the kids are currently in seoul for a holiday, Jespers’s parents posted a picture of him and Baekhyun’s paper toy on their instagram yesterday:

chelsea_jesper: #jesperchu bumped into BAEKHYUN last night

Baekhyun liked that picture and also commented on it. :)

as expected from our byun netizen who sees and knows everything (’  ㅅ  ’)


After jello ellis freed her from the basement, whit was finally able to get her hair highlighted she was able to experience sunlight on her skin AGAIN look at that tan skin look at how healthy she looks #freewhit forever


our considerate baby B reminding suho

160731 actor_jg: 말로만듣던 엑소 콘을 가보고 다재다능한 끼들의 폭발 ! 판타스틱한무대 폭발하는 팬들의열정에 충전받고 옵니다. 대박~^^ 무엇보다 뭐든해내는 현이 젤 멋지더라 진심~!! 복근 엄지척! 노력한공연 고맙게 잘봤어 고마워~^^ 맥주한잔하자~!^^

I went to the legendary EXO’s concert, an explosive performance of talent! Thanks to the fantastic stage with explosive passion from the fans, i went home fully recharged. Daebak~ ^^ Hyun-ie that does well in everything and anything is really handsome, seriously~!! Thumbs up for the abs! I’ve enjoyed the performance you’ve worked hard on, thank you~ ^^ Let’s go for a beer~! ^^