link me to your gemsona as a reply to this post, and ill draw our fusion B)
ill only be doing about 5!!

fusions can be found here! 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
feel free to draw your own fusion with my gem, just be sure to link me to it when youre done so i can see our beautiful gem baby B)))))

utsarga asked:


Opinion on;

Character in general: LADY SIN IS HOTHOT. But srsly I’m a sucker for good genderbends and I think lady Sin is super interesting, especially considering that she was the original design. I love thinking about how the series would have been different if Sinbad had been a woman.
How they play them: Eh. ur ok. No but like you’re so great. You’re not just like ‘boobs and wine ayyyooo’ like you still keep her true to sinbad’s character while taking into consideration the differences that would arise as a result of the genderbend
The Mun: who?  Total weenie, she’s like p cute and funny and destroys my emotions every time she logs on

Do I:

RP with them: Ye B]
Want to RP with them: like plsss

What is my;

Overall Opinion: do not ship with rxjah she will sit on your blog and wait for you to reblog an angst meme and then send you heart breaking drabble prompts aND THEN SHE’LL ABANDON YOU AND UR CHILD AND SHE WON’T PAY CHILD SUPPORT

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

Top 10 Thursday Special: Punk Goes Soul...

Like I said yesterday, ‘90s R&B cannot be touched so when I went to make a list of songs for this a couple weeks ago I had way too many. Plus, I didn’t want to leave out recent hits since the kids seem to like a man named The Weeknd. As much as it hurt – I cut it down, made it even and decided that no one would be able to do Boyz II Men justice – as hard as they tried. So as promised, here is another Top 10 special along the lines of that Punk Goes… series that we all love so much. Please enjoy, and if the bands happened to stumble upon this – please record! See the picks at goldenmixtape.com…

leonardoxleads asked:

“I can’t wait to see your belly swell with our perfect babies.”

A/B/O starters (send one for my muse’s reaction)

Donnie wanted to share in his mate’s elation, but he couldn’t.

Our perfect babies, he’d said. Our babies. Perfect.

Don didn’t want to show it, but the thought of carrying their children, of Leo siring them and being proud of what they made, made his throat constrict with unshed tears. He had to turn away to hide them as they brimmed his eyes, embarrassed if they should fall and stain his cheeks. Never before had he felt this combination of such joy and shame–terrible shame for his needless crying ruining this happy moment–and it was a conflict of emotions he hoped never to experience again.

Damnit, he was acting like such a cliche.

He blamed the hormones.

“I-I can’t wait for us to see them, too…”

SERIOUSLY…this has been by far THE toughest secret to keep! We are so thrilled to announce an addition to our family!!

Baby B will be making an entrance approx January 30th, 2016!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir batin. Semua gambar tak menjadi, jadi muat naik semua yg ada. Also, introducing our newborn baby, Muhammad Ihsan b. Sulaiman. 😘 @sulaiman_sunan (at Taman Setia Jasa)