our boys came to play tonight

He (this professor)was having class next to my classroom so when the class ended I went to the window near that classroom with my friend and we were just hanging out. So he came out and we started talking because my friend is in the school band and they are playing tonight in our school. Sooo then came this other boy, freshman and started teasing my friend LONG STORY SHORT the professor asked her if she liked someone and then turned to me and asked me the same. And I kind of smiled and said “yea but he doesn’t go to our school…well he doesn’t really go to school” and he kind of smirked and said “oh? does he work/have a job?” and I said “uhmm, well yeah..” he just kind of looked to the side and smiled haha (I didn’t really have him in mind but yeah he’s also cute) but!!! that was like!!! HE KNOWS!! ya get me guysss