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Harry Styles - “Love at First Listen”

Took me long enough for this. I hope you like it. I’m actually quite proud of this one.

Harry was flipping through the stations on his radio as he drove around the crowded streets of Los Angeles, the sun blaring down on his Range Rover, his sunglasses low on his nose as he focuses on the station dial. The traffic in front of him finally picked up so he took his hand from the radio and back on the wheel and began to drive. At first when he realized what kind of station he had stopped on, he reached to change it once again but his fingers halted right as they touched the dial. 

The voice coming through his speakers was unlike any he had ever heard. He understood none of what was being sang but none the less he was entranced anyway. He didn’t want the song to end, he even sat in his car after reaching his destination just to continue listening to the song until it ended. He hoped he would be able to catch what her name was but it slid into the next song with no DJ interjection first. 

The entire rest of the day her voice haunted his brain. He would zone out when someone was speaking to him and could hear her soft melodies, the words flowing effortlessly and smooth as she sang. He had to find out who she was, he had to. 

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Remembered - Part 1

Words: 2.504 words

Type: Fluff and Drama

Summary: You’re in the island for years, you were first a prisoner and now you’re the girl of the group, one of the greatest fighters, but when Pan gets Henry you never knew that his father was your ex boyfriend.

Warning: English is not my first language. There’s cursing in this story. There’s a little tiny graphic scene (so tiny that you almost can’t even call it a graphic scene).

Here’s Part 2Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5

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A/N: Peter doesn’t have any connection with Rumple in any way.

Y/N, a girl that was taken by the shadow to Neverland on the night that a huge fight between her and her parents happened. She, being the only girl on the island Peter locked her in a cage for weeks (that was a few years ago), but why am I talking in third person?


The door of the cage opens and the face of Pan appears, he extends his hand giving me my food.

“Since when do you give food?” I ask and he looks at me. “Since everyone prefers to sleep.” He answers sitting on the ground beside me.

I take a bit of food and I eat it slowly, seriously scared if there’s any poison in it. I look at Pan and he notices that I was looking at him so he looks at me like he was waiting for an answer.

“Why are you here? Sitting next to me?” I ask and his look changed to bored to confused. “I thought you would like someone to make you company” he says and I stop eating “Since when do you care what I would like?” he chuckles and I look at him confused “And I was thinking that you were a shy girl”. I roll my eyes and I decide that I was done with my food, I drink the water on my cup and I give him my plate.

He grabs it posing it right beside him and looks at me again, “Do you want go back?” he asks and I look at him confused, “Hell no” but this time it was his time to be confused “Do you prefer to be a cage?” “It’s better than being with a family like mine” I answer and he nods.

End of Flashback

I let go of the arrow and it goes right on the center of the target, I smile and I lower my bow. I hear a person clapping and I look behind me founding Peter leaning on a tree. “Was it impressive?” I ask with a smile and he smirks “Not really” my smile disappears “Fuck you” I say and he chuckles while I go grab the arrow “You will” He says and I give him my middle finger.

I go put the bow and arrow on the tent where all the weapons were and I hear Peter following me, I purposely make him hit his face on the cloth (which made the door of the tent) and I chuckle.

I put my things on my box and I feel a warm breath hitting the right side of my face, I look at him and he gives me a peck making me smile, “You’re really annoying” I comment and he laughs “Of course I am”.

I sit down on table and Peter puts himself between my legs, “Do you even know that there’s intruders in the island?” he asks and I look shocked at him “Who?” I ask and he sighs “The boy’s family” He tells me and I sigh grabbing his face bringing him closer to me, “You know that are other ways of doing what you want, why the boy?” I ask while Peter looked at my lips moving. “I thought it was easier” I peck his lips and when I push away a bit hitting the back of his head “You dumbass, now you have a family hunting you down. Who are they?” I ask looking at his green eyes. “Hook, Evil Queen, his mother, Snow White, Prince Charming, Rumple and your favorite…” he says sarcastically and I look at him shocked “Baelfire?” I ask and he nods “Fuck” I comment and he laughs a bit.

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(NB: this is gonna be long and may include some profanity lol sorry not sorry) 

Okay, SO! I was at dinner tonight with some family friends and the restaurant we were at had the radio playing lightly in the background, and unsurprisingly, as Taylor is SLAYING the charts, Gorgeous came on and I immediately, very nicely, asked our waiter if she would mind turning it up a little and she was happy to oblige. Anyway, it’s like a minute into the song and the first ding™ was coming up so I was mentally preparing to wink and try my best to do Taylor sassy-sexy smirk thing when the boy I’m out with (he’s a few years younger than me and dead-ass knows how much I fucking LOVE Taylor Alison Swift) goes “ugh, how do you like so much? her music is SO boring, all she writes about are her boyfriends” at which point my mother’s wine glass loudly made contact with the table and my sister started vehemently shaking her head and trying to cut him off because they knew that I WANTED TO FUCKING PUNCH HIS SMUG ASS FACE AND MOST LIKELY WOULD’VE HAD I NOT BEEN IN A CROWDED RESTAURANT IN THE MIDDLE OF LONDON! But, I stayed calm(ish), which was truly a remarkable feat considering that the bridges in Gorgeous are especially emotional to me because Taylor and I bonded over them at the SS,  and then went on a long ass rant about why his statement was totally wrong and a product of the sexist and incredibly self-conscious media industry that has made Taylor out to be this man-using slut who falls in love only to make money which let me tell you as someone who has met and spent time with her is THE FURTHEST THING FROM THE TRUTH POSSIBLE!!!!!!!! So, for anyone out there who still buys into that whole character-assassination plot that is Taylor using her exes and boyfriends purely as writing material, listen up whilst I explain to you why the statement set me off so fucking much that I had a whole pub of people listening to me scream at a teenage boy about Taylor Swift on a Friday night. 

1. Whether or not meaning to be, it is an ENTIRELY sexist statement to make that Taylor Swift only writes about her love interests because when has the media and/or society EVER criticised a man over using exes and love and break-ups as content for song writing? All successful male artists have written about love at some point, and some of them have been successful because they have ONLY written about love, and never once has anyone had a problem with that or suggested that their music was any less fabulous because of it. Meanwhile, a woman uses her experiences in life which just happen to coincide with her experiences with love and the whole world automatically stirs up this narrative that she’s boy-obsessed, hysterical and has nothing else to write about but those relationships, failed or not. MEN HAVE DONE THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND IT HAS NOT BEEN A PROBLEM, TAYLOR DOES IT AND IT MAKES HER UNTALENTED, MAN-HUNGRY AND BORING - WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THAT?!?! Oh right, it’s back in the Eighteenth fricking  century when men thought women were hysterical for acting out and having thoughts/feelings. Honestly, saying Taylor’s music, or any other female artist’s music, is boring because it’s all about love is bullshit because 99% of the music on the market has always been about love from Mozart’s Fur Elise to Beyonce so that is one argument my feminist ass will always take down and hold against you. 

2. IT’S 2017 AND TAYLOR HAS PROVED TIME AND TIME AGAIN THAT SHE CAN WRITE MUSIC ABOUT FUCKING ANYTHING! She could literally write a song about a brick wall and it’d go platinum in record time - why? BECAUSE SHE’S THE MOST TALENTED SONG-WRITER OF THIS GENERATION!!!! I can list multiple songs of Taylor’s that have NOTHING to do with romantic love (aka The Best Day, Long Live, Never Grow Up, Eyes Open, Mean, Welcome to New York, Bad Blood, Shake It Off, Look What You Made Me Do etc.) most of which are her biggest hits, like Shake It Off for example which was number 1 in multiple countries for MONTHS! I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE THINK IT’S ORIGINAL/VALID TO MAKE THAT CRITICISM BECAUSE HONESTLY IT’S BEEN TALKED ABOUT TO DEATH AND THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO WILL FIGHT TILL THE DEATH TO PROVE THAT LOVE IS NOT THE ONLY THING TAYLOR WRITES ABOUT!!!!!!! 

3. “Boring” and “Taylor Swift” do not belong in the same post code let alone the same sentence because Taylor never has been even close to “boring”. She is one of the only artist out there that is in touch enough with their audience and fans to know what they like best and never fails to deliver it. She has changed her sound over the years not just for us, the fans, but also because she naturally recognised the need for a shift in her music (see her comments on Red not wining AOTY at The Grammy’s like it should’ve if you don’t believe me) and there are not many people in the industry who have been courageous enough to take the risk and break away from what made them successful in the first place. Yet, Taylor did and became even bigger and better for it; 1989 was a totally new direction for her and still deeply resonated with ALL her fans from her country days. Name another artist that has successful transitioned from one genre to another so seamlessly, flawlessly and in a way that still keeps true to their sound and themselves?! I’ll be waiting a long time for you to answer that.

4. LOVE IS THE MOST COMMON HUMAN EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!! Even if it was all Taylor wrote about, which I think it’s safe to say we’ve established is not the case, could you blame her?! We have all had or are going to have an experience of falling in love someday whether it be in a romantic, sexual or platonic way. There is literally nothing more common in humans (other than hearts and lungs and death) than love - it happens to every one of us in our lives despite race or religion or gender or socio-economic class or geography or political stance so of course it is an experience that a writer would want to use as inspiration and share to an audience. Love is in everything from sciences to literature to music - is it really that inconceivable that someone who wants to connect with others would do so by using a universal experience!?!?!

5. Lastly, if it doesn’t have a negative impact on your life or actively harms someone why the fuck do you even care?! Taylor’s music makes SO many people SO incredibly happy (as does Taylor, just saying)  so why try to ruin that for them? What has Taylor ever done to you? It is honestly NOBODY’S business who Taylor writes her songs about or who was in mind when it was conceived, whether a fan or a friend, it is her life and her story and she DOES NOT have to share it with anybody unless she wants to and chooses to! SHE DOESN’T OWE US ANYTHING!! And if you know that somebody strongly resonates with her music and is a huge fan of her art, what’s in it for you to make them sad and hurt? Do you think we like to hear people talking shit about someone who has been nothing but kind and loving towards us? It’s not fun being a Swiftie at times because we  literally have to spend all our time defending Taylor over and over again from stupid, false and cruel misconceptions about her, we would much rather be out enjoying her music, baking cookies, watching Friends and looking at cat videos on YouTube but instead we need to remind you that Taylor is a fucking person rather than some object you can use and abuse for your own selfish agenda.  So, please, keep your opinion to yourself, especially when you know how much @taylorswift means to us. 

Basically, you have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about and if you honestly believe the things the media says not only are you stupid but you are undeserving to have your ears blessed by Taylor’s music, and I feel sorry for you that you won’t get to have it in your life because it is fucking amazing! 

I know that “Haters Gonna Hate” but really, couldn’t they at least be factually correct instead of hiding behind decade-old jokes and tabloid headlines?!


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Hi 💗💗💗💗 32 and 20

20.“Don’t be an asshole. Asshole.”
32. “I’m tired of being your secret.”

This was super fun to write. good choice anon.

You can thank @druggedaiquiri for my current obsession with Fionn and why he has been popping up in my stories recently.

Warnings: NSFW, typical FOB, harry being an asshole

“Hey…wake up.” My eyes opened to a certain brunette looking at me, while he continued to poke at my side with his finger.

“Mhmm…” I responded as I closed my eyes, trying to fall back asleep.

“You have to head out now, don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.” My eyes shot open at his remark. By “anyone”, I knew he meant me.

Me and Harry have been casually sleeping together for a few months now. At first, I was more than happy to be his late night booty call, but now it was getting on my nerves. If I was strong enough I would just walk away from him. But I was completely head over heels for this man, not that I would ever dare tell him that. I was afraid that if I expressed my feelings, he would drop me and go on to the next one. He never had a lack of suitors.

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Sister Christian - Part 5

Summary: You are a musician with a show in the same town as the SPN convention. You have always wanted to go and decide this is your opportunity. There, you meet Jensen Ackles.

Genre: RPF, fluff I guess for the first parts. The last one will contain SMUT! :)

Characters: Jensen x Reader. Mentioned are: Jared Padalecki, Cliff, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., Ruth Connell, Matt Cohen, Alaina Huffman, and Osric Chau

Warnings: Language for this first part. Eventual Smut in the last part

Betas:  Thank you to @emoryhemsworth​ and @frickfracklesackles​. Thank you to @sis-tafics​ for her help with the smut! Also thank you to @littlegirlsdontplaynice​ for her read through.

Word Count: 1837

A/N: Holy cow! This is my first ever fic and I hope it’s okay.  I decided to make this a mini-series due to the sheer length of this fic! Please leave feedback! Also, this is PURE FICTION! I mean no harm to Danneel and the kids. I love them! Just assume she married a rich lawyer. :) Also, thank you guys for your response with this! As a first time writer, I was nervous but everyone has been lovely! Tags are below. If yours doesn’t work or you want to be removed, let me know! If you have missed any parts, the links to the previous chapters are below the fic! Click on the name of the song below to be taken to the youtube link for the song.

Songs used are NOT MINE. Rights belong to the owners.

Sister Christian by Night Ranger (I based a lot off of Jensen singing it) The video is at the bottom.

Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood

Craving You by Thomas Rhett featuring Maren Morris

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2/10  of Don’t ever stop being you

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you sat on the floor while sipping tea, Jimmy sat next to you drinking a strong cup of coffee just staring at the wall of darkness. “So did you like the song?”

“I didn’t like it Jimmy.”

“Really?” you could hear the sadness in his voice

“Yea, I loved it.” He listened to him giggle lightly at the response.“So you and Maggie…”

“Gosh [Y/N], what is it with you asking about Mag and I?”

“I just wanna know who my best friend is sexually involved with.”

“I’m your best friend?”

“So you and Maggie, are you two…”

“Yea, we are.” He whispered

“Oh ok. Well I’m tired so goodnight.” you placed your mug in his sink and walked towards the door.

“Where ya going?”

“Ethel’s, need a bed don’t I?

"I told you.” he started but you were already gone, tears welling up in your eyes.

I knocked on Eve’s door, she had a bed you could use. When you knocked though you didn’t expect Dell to fall on top of you as he fled from the trailer. He quickly jumped up and ran off, while Eve walked out the door to scream at him but noticed your aching body.

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“Oh [y/n]! Are you ok?”

“No.” she helped you up into her trailer and handed you some ice for your ribs.

“What are you doing here? I thought Jimmy…”

“He asked me to spend the night, then told me he was dating Maggie, so I left and came here to ask if I could sleep over.”

“Bet you didn’t expect Dell to fall on ya huh?”

“No” you painfully laughed

“Come on, I’ll get you to Ethel. She’ll help fix ya up.”

“He What?!” Ethel exclaimed when Eve told her what Dell did, “Oh sweetie no wonder you are hurting.”

All the girls, except Maggie and Elsa, had gathered into her trailer, Eve had ice on her hand, you with ice on your ribs, and some with rage in their eyes. They were scheming a plan, one you didn’t even listen to until you heard the familiar voice, “I’ll talk to him.”

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you looked up to see the concerned face of Jimmy inches away from your body, “I thought you were going to Ma’s?”

“I didn’t wanna disturb her, so I went to Eve’s, I knew she had a bed I could stay in.”

“Now look at ya, you’re hurt.” Sympathy fill his eyes as he touched your hand with the ice in it.

“Jimmy, if I didn’t wake up to her knocking, things might have went a lot different.” Eve said quickly, causing Jimmy to look from you to her.

“Eve, I’m glad you’re ok. Just let me talk to him first before ya’ll kill him.”

He then placed a hand on your back and under your legs and lifted you off the seat. you didn’t fight it even though you knew you should have, instead you leaned my head on his shoulder and let him take you to his trailer. He sat you on the couch and rearranged the pillow before lifting you again and placing on the bed. He just sat next to you and talked to you all night, until you passed out on his shoulder.

you woke up with your head on Jimmy’s shoulder, you could feel his arm around your shoulder and the other on your thigh, his head also resting on yours. you were sore, but what else did you expect after having a strong man land on you last night. you didn’t move much, scared you’d wake Jimmy up so you just sat and enjoyed the moment.

“You up?” you heard him whisper moments later

“Yea, you wanna go back to sleep?”

“Only if you lay next to me Maggie.”

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Tears formed in your eyes as you moved your head away from his shoulder. He then opened his eyes confused, but then looked more panicked when he saw who was in his bed. you just got up and walked out after that, and rushed as fast as your sore body would take you, and found yourself at Desiree’s door.

“Dess, you up?” you yelled as I knocked

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” She yelled on the other side, swinging the door open and seeing your watery eyes she pulled me in.

“Your ribs still hurting?” She sat you down at the booth and started towards the freezer.

“No Dess, I’m fine. Jimmy… called me Maggie this morning.”

“Why would he do that?" 

"Well see after he carried me back to the trailer we sat up talking and I fell asleep, woke up leaning my head on his shoulder, and he had one arm around my shoulder, and the other on my leg, his head resting on mine. I must have woken him up when I moved and when I asked him if he wanted to go back to sleep…” The tears started to fall at this point, “He said ‘Only if you lay next to me Maggie.’”

She was silent as she got up to now sit next to me, she hugged you as you cried in her shoulder.There was no denying it now, I really did have a crush on Jimmy, and it really hurt to see him happy with Maggie. you couldn’t mess that up though for him, he was also your best friend, you whimpered to Dess, “What have I gotten myself into?”

“Well Honey, you have fallen for an amazing man, who doesn’t see who he should really be with.” she patted your hair, “Now do you need to be getting to work?”

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you picked up your landline in the kitchen and dialed Maria’s number, Dess had driven me home in the car and dropped you off here, you told her you’d call Maria for a ride to work so she could get going. She hugged you before driving back to the show, and told you I’d be ok.

“Hello?” you heard a chipper voice say on the other end

“Mars, you gonna drive me to work or what?” you jokingly said

“Be there in five.” She hung up, causing you to race for your uniform.

“You what?!?” Maria exclaimed after you told her of last night

“I told you Mars. I spent the night and left this morning, after he called me the name of the girl he’s fucking.”

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“Oh don’t look now, here comes one now.” you looked up as Eve opened the door and took a seat at the counter.

“Hows the hand?” you asked getting her a slice of pie and cup of tea

“Good, hows the ribs?”


“Listen, Elsa told me to come get you, she wants you to perform tonight and the show.”


“I guess Desiree told her about what happened and they have a plan for you to get back, now come on, we all know you can sing. She wants you mid show, this one time. Remember the girl’s song?”

“yea Eve.”

you couldn’t help the memory creeping into your head, of the first night they performed it. Jimmy took you to the show, as you both stood and watched the boys crowd around the stage, you couldn’t help but smile at how good Dot and Bette were. That’s when Jimmy took your hand and led you outside, after telling Dell he was making sure you got to the bathroom ok in the rain. you two danced… in the rain, until it was his turn to go on.That’s when Dess and Ethel saw it your eyes that you really liked him, but they never questioned you on it.

“She wants you to perform it.” Eve said, pulling you back to reality, “She had me and Paul put the flyers out this morning advertising you.”

“Well let’s go I guess.” you smiled as you raced from the diner and into the truck that Paul was driving.

“What are you doing here?” Jimmy asked, “I went to the diner and Maria told me you left with Eve.”

“You are looking at the mid show performer tonight.” Elsa snapped, her german accent made it sound harsher than she meant it. “Now go away until the show tonight.”

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“Yes Elsa.” he said looking at you with hurt in his eyes, time to hurt him back a bit.

“He out there?” Ethel asked, she didn’t mind us doing this, she was more upset about the name slip then anything

“Yes Ethel, he is leaning on his pole as usual.” Paul spoke up as she finished your hair.

Elsa had lent me her one of her old dresses for the show, very shiny and form fitting, while Ethel put your hair in an updo and you applied your own makeup. It was almost time, you could hear Dess stepping across the stage as you hurried to the mic, everyone else was in place, but you.

“Now I know you all came to see the freaks tonight, but we have a treat for you all, she is very near and dear to our hearts, from the town of Jupiter I am pleased to present our heart throb.”

you heard the curtain open and the light hit you as the band started to play. you looked at Jimmy, who shot you a quick smile before you started to sing, the boys already crowding around the stage.

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I’ve been a Bad, bad girl,

I fell in love with a delicate mannnn,

and it’s a sad, sad world,

When a boy will break a girl just because he can,

Oh help me but don’t tell me to deny it,

I’ve gotta cleanse myself of all these lies,

till he’s good enough for me

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your eyes shifted to the man on the pole, who now could see why you were performing, why you were singing, and boy did he look hurt. His eyes shifted towards Elsa, who just glanced at him and smiled, then turned her attention back to me, smiling even bigger when she saw me smile.

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I’ve gotta a lot to lose and I’m betting high even though I’m gonna lose,

So before I do just tell me why you did ohh ohh ohh,

All you need is a good defense,

Cause you’re just a criminal,

and you need to be redeemed by the one you sinned against,

Because you’re all I ever knew love,

yeahhh what you need is a good defense,

Cause you’re just a criminal,

and you need to be redeemed by the one you sinned against,

Because you’re all I ever knew of Love-ove-ove-ove -love

As the music ended you looked up at Jimmy again, flashing a smile as the crowd hollered, the curtain closed as you squealed with glee, Eve picked you up in an embrace as the rest came out of the back to congratulate you. you were rushed to the backstage area, where Ma Petite stood with a huge bouquet of lilies and other flowers.

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“For you [Y/N].” She said behind the flowers.

“Oh guys you didn’t.” you took them from her as Dess throw an arm over your shoulder, “Like I said darling, near and dear to our hearts.”

She kissed your cheek before the rest of the troop rushed you to Elsa’s tent to change, however Elsa stopped us at the door.

“Wait, [y/n], how well do you know my introduction song?” She asked

“By heart Miss Elsa.”

“Good, you’re our closer too.”


“Go get 'em darling.”

you watched her walk away, and looked at your friends in shock, “Did she just…”

“Come on let’s get you on that rocket.” Eve said, pulling you towards the rocket.

“Just sit there the whole time.” Paul instructed as he helped you on, “The dress will make it hell to get off so when we pull you off I’m sure Eve can lift you off.”

“Knock them dead.” Ethel said as the band filled on stage, the crowd already going crazy.

As you was dragged center stage on the rocket, I looked for one face, but never saw it.

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Blind Date

Cafe!Au Series

Word Count: 2211

Genre: Fluff

It was a lazy day for you. The midday sun hung high in the sky, as you strolled leisurely through town. A familiar-looking cafe caught your eye, so you decided to go in and have some coffee.

Upon entering, an even more familiar-looking face greeted you at the cash register.

“(Y/N)! You finally came!” Exclaimed Jeonghan, his hair sloppily pinned back and his brown apron covered in mystery stains.

“I didn’t know you worked here, Jeonghan. It looks nicer in person than in the photos you showed me.” You explained.

You liked to consider Jeonghan a close friend, though he was always very aloof and reserved. It was hard to get to know him. He possessed this mysterious charm, that was very alluring at first, but quickly became frustrating for you. No matter how close to him you got, it would always seem as if someone else was closer. No matter many of his secrets you thought you knew, it would always seem as if someone else knew more. And no matter how much it felt like Jeonghan flirted with you, it would always seem as if his heart belonged to someone else.

You grew tired of trying to play push and pull, as it became draining to constantly get let down by the feeling that Jeonghan wasn’t actually as attainable as he seemed. So, you gave up. Though you still liked Jeonghan, you decided it wouldn’t be healthy to keep your hopes up if it didn’t seem like he would make a move any time soon. And it didn’t.

So, instead of wasting anymore time on Jeonghan, you enlisted the help of another friend to set you up on a blind date. It was true that you barely had any information about the guy you would be going out with, but in your mind, a first date couldn’t hurt. And, there was a possibility that the date would go well. It could serve as a fresh start, a new beginning, or a distraction from Jeonghan.

“So, what’s up with you these days? I know it’s been a couple weeks since we last talked.” Said Jeonghan as you approached the counter.

“I’m doing pretty well. You?” You responded.

“I’ve been better, but, haven’t we all?”

“Tell me about it. What’s good here?”

“Anything I make.”

“Wow, you really never change, huh?”

“Well, you love me just the way I am.”

“That, I do. And I would also love an iced americano.”

“Coming right up.”

You gave Jeonghan your money for the drink, and he somehow managed to look more handsome than ever as he made it for you. Trying not to get caught up in his good looks again, you took the coffee as soon as it was handed to you, and attempted to walk straight out of the cafe.

“Wait,” Jeonghan called after you, “Are you busy right now?”

“Ah, no, actually. But, you look like you are. I don’t want to be a bother.” You replied.

“Well, my shift is over now. If you’ve got time, we could hang out for a bit.” He said, a sincere tone to his voice.

With a reluctant nod of your head, Jeonghan raced to the break room to clock out, his position at the cash register being filled by yet another young, handsome barista. When he returned, Jeonghan looked like a whole new person. The bobby pins were out of his hair, so it fell naturally, perfectly framing his face. And instead of that dusty brown apron, a grey pinstriped blazer covered his white dress shirt. Jeonghan always managed to look stunning, no matter what he wore.

He walked to you gracefully, leading you to a table for two in the corner of the cafe. As you sat and talked to Jeonghan, you found yourself falling back into a pit of affection for him. The two of you caught up with one another, acting as if you hadn’t seen each other in years, but talking casually, like you lived in the same house.

“So, you’re still single, right? No boys I need to beat up?” Jeonghan asked playfully.

“Well, there definitely aren’t any boys to be beaten. But, my friend is setting my up on a blind date. The only problem is, we can’t figure out where to have the date.” You explained.

“I see. Well, you could always have it here. Seungcheol, the manager, has these Monday night live performances called Music Monday. If your date is interested, that could be really fun.” He suggested.

“You know, that sounds like a good idea. I’ll have my friend arrange it.” You decided.

You pulled out your phone, texting your friend the newly determined details of the date. As you looked at the phone screen, you couldn’t help but feel that there was someone looking at you. You refused to get your hopes up again, though. Even if you allowed yourself the victory of knowing Jeonghan was looking at you, it couldn’t be as simple as that. The next day you, would surely catch him staring at dozens of attractive cafe customers.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” Asked Jeonghan, snapping you out of the deep thought that engulfed you.

“Oh, yeah. I was just thinking about…” You trailed off, unsure of whether or not to confront him about your suspicions.

“About what?”

“About how to phrase this sentence. I don’t want to come off as needy.” You lied.

“Ah, (Y/N), you always have lacked a bit of confidence. Just say what you mean. Not everyone has this secret side of them, where they’re completely different than how they act around you. Your friend likes you for you.”

Jeonghan’s words echoed through your head for a while. It felt like there was a deeper meaning to the message he was trying to send. Could it be, that he was talking about himself? But if it was true, if Jeonghan really did like you the way you thought he did, why didn’t he say anything about it?

As you pondered these thoughts, Jeonghan unfortunately notified you that he had to be on his way. You decided to leave the cafe too, and after bidding your goodbyes, the two of you parted ways at the door.

A sinking feeling made its way to your stomach, as you realized that scheduling a date at Jeonghan’s workplace most likely was not the best idea. And going about the date would probably present itself as a challenge, since Jeonghan might prove to be very distracting. Though, from what you could remember, Jeonghan’s shift seemed to end in the early afternoon. So, you figured that he’d be long gone by the time Music Monday even started.

Thus, as your second bad idea, you arrived at the cafe completely unprepared to see Jeonghan’s shining figure standing on the makeshift stage as the other employees tested the spotlight.

As the spotlight went off, Jeonghan turned in the direction of the door, his face lighting up to almost the same extent as the spotlight when he saw you.

“(Y/N), hey! The show is going to start in five minutes. Is your date here yet?” He inquired.

“I still don’t know what he looks like, but, my friend should be sending a picture of him any minute.” You answered.

Just as you finished speaking, the cell phone in your hand vibrated. It was none other than the picture of your date. Jeonghan tilted his head so he could see, but there wasn’t really anything to see. He was just an average-looking guy, nowhere near as handsome as Jeonghan.

“I haven’t seen anyone like that come in yet. I’ll keep my eye out for him, so you can get a coffee or something if you want.” Jeonghan offered.

You took Jeonghan up on his proffer and ordered a cappuccino from the sweet-looking cashier, whose name tag read “Minghao~”.

“Since there’s a performance tonight,” Minghao began, “The coffee will be delivered to your table.”

“Oh, thank you.” You replied, walking back to sit at the table for two in the corner.

The show started swiftly, at the exact time of 8:30, with an announcement from a young, innocent-looking MC.

Taking the microphone from its stand, he said, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another fabulous Music Monday! Boy, do we have a good show planned for tonight. The first act is going to be our very own… Lee Jihoon!”

A small-statured boy holding a guitar walked onto the stage. He seemed to be in quite a rush, as he simply began playing after setting up his equipment, without introducing himself or his song.

Somewhere within the first song Jihoon played, a tall boy with tan skin came out from behind the counter. He appeared to be holding your cappuccino. His eyes were more focused on the drink than where he was walking, though. A bus boy stepped in front of him, causing the tall boy to trip and spill the cappuccino on your table. Luckily, none of it got on you, though the tall boy kept apologizing as if it did.

“I’m so sorry.” He repeated, over and over again as he cleaned up the mess with napkins.

“It’s fine, really. None of it spilled on me.” You tried to reassure him.

“But I really am sorry, (Y/N).”

“Wait, how do you know my name?”

“Oh, sorry, I guess that is a bit strange. Jeonghan hyung likes to talk about you a lot, so I learned your name from him.”

Before you even had time to think about the significance of Jeonghan talking about you to his coworkers, a boy with broad shoulders who appeared to be the manager came over to talk to you.

“I’m so sorry about this mess. Mingyu here is usually in the kitchen, baking pastries, so he’s a bit clumsy when it comes to serving drinks.” He explained.

“It’s not a problem, I get it.” You said.

“Thank you so much for your understanding. To make amends, I’ll personally make you a new cappuccino and Mingyu will make you a cheesecake. It’s on me.”

“Oh no, that’s really not necessary.”

“But, I insist. I’m Seungcheol, the manager, by the way.”

The charming manager hurried off to make your drink, and Mingyu led you to a new table. Though, you preferred the previous one, as it didn’t have a direct view of Jeonghan. As the performance lagged on, your cappuccino and your cheesecake both came to you quickly, but your date didn’t. There was still no sign of him, even when Jihoon finished his part of the show. The MC took to the stage again to announce some other musician, but you weren’t really paying attention. It seemed like the only two things you could keep your eyes fixed on were the door, and Jeonghan.

Soon enough, Music Monday was entirely over, meaning an hour and a half had flown by. The huge crowd that Jihoon had managed to rake in, got up and left simultaneously. You were left to sit at your table in desolate silence, not even realizing the show ended, until your shoulder suddenly felt a warm hand at its surface.

“I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long.” Said the boy, whose hand still rested on your shoulder.

“It’s okay, Jeonghan. I should’ve known this whole blind date thing was going to end badly.” You responded, obviously weary but doing your best to sound understanding.

“Don’t blame yourself, (Y/N). That guy just doesn’t know what he missed.”

“No, I should’ve known better. This kind of thing always happens to me with guys.”

“Who did this to you before?”

Taking the most nerve-wracking pause of your life, you sighed audibly before giving in, and telling the truth.


“Me? I’ve never treated you this poorly.”

“I know, but, sometimes it’s just frustrating.”

“What is? Having a friend that cares about you?”

“No, Jeonghan. I know you care, but, I just always feel like you care about other people more. You’re just so ideal that, no matter how close we get, I always feel like there’s someone better you’d rather get closer to.”

Cupping your face in his hands, Jeonghan looked you dead in the eyes. The intensity of the moment created a blazing warmth that flushed through your body.

“(Y/N),” He said slowly, for emphasis, “You are, in no way, inadequate. Be it for me or anyone else. You’re smart, funny, cute, and there’s no one on this earth I’d rather spend my time with. So, how’d you like to forget about that blind date guy and go on a real date… With me?”

You did your best to send him a sincere smile an affirmative, though his hands still gripped your face, so your cheeks were smushed together.

“Ah, you’re so cute.” He cooed, returning your smile.

Jeonghan’s hands shifted themselves from your face to your hands, his thumb gently rubbing the back of your hand.

“Feel better now?” He asked.

“Yeah, thanks for that.” You answered.

“No problem. And remember, no one should ever make you feel like you need to change.” He added.

“Well, you love me just the way I am.”

-Written by Admin Cali

A Silent Affair (GOT7 Jackson; Big Bang T.O.P Scenario) - Chapter 1

Request: please do a fic where you’re dating Jackson from got7 but T.O.P from Big Bang is in love with you and you have a affair (though why would anyone want to cheat on someone as amazing as Jackson) and the rest is completely up to you :D can you please make it romantic/fluffy but also rip my heart out and make me cry? I love your blog so so much, much love <3 sorry for my bad eng haha - Anon

A/N: Hey, loverly! Sorry this took as long as it did. But here is chapter one to your request!! Have Red and I mentioned how excited we are over writing this? I hope it turns out as heart-ripping and romantically fluffy as you hoped for!! ~ Admin Silver

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,493

Summary: Sometimes relationships go south. The worst of the worst happens. Sometimes things just…fall apart.

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Imagine running into your old friend Crowley and being introduced to demon!Dean.

Thanks for this request, anon! It’s a little shorter than what I usually write, so if anyone wants a full one shot of this, let me know! Hope you enjoy!

“I don’t believe it. The King graces me with his presence?” I smiled at my old friend, Crowley. I  hadn’t seen him in decades, and a lot had changed. Crowley was now the King of Hell, for one thing, which made him my boss.
He smiled at me and winked. “Hello, love. Fancy a drink?” He pulled the empty bar stool next to him out for me, and I sat down.
“I’d love a drink. Whatever you’re having.” I said.
We talked like old friends, and I was glad that he was joking and teasing me like he always had. I would hate for the whole King thing to get in the way of our friendship. Still, I was on guard, and made sure not to say anything that might make him think I didn’t know my place.
After a few drinks, a man who had been playing pool came over to the bar where we sat. He nodded at Crowley with bored confidence, and then turned toward me.
“And who do we have here?” he asked. His voice was pure sex, low and gravelly. I could tell he was a demon, but no one I had ever encountered before.
“I’m Y/N. And you are?”
Crowley spoke up. “This is Dean. Dean Winchester.”
Oh. OH. Dean Winchester. Everyone knew who the Winchesters were. I thought the story about Dean turning demon was just a rumor. But here he was.
“Wow. I have to admit, I’m a little starstruck.” I smiled my sexiest smile at Dean.
“Well, then, let me buy you a drink, sweetheart.” He winked at me, a dangerous gleam in his green eyes. So not only was he a demon, he was a bad boy. I wondered what kind of trouble we could get into tonight.
Dean challenged me to a game of pool, and we spent the rest of the night talking and flirting. This demon was fun. I normally wasn’t the type to stick around and get to know people, or monsters, but Dean was fascinating. And hot. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as he bent over the pool table with easy grace.
Eventually, Crowley came over and joined our conversation while we played. He chatted about everything that had happened recently, and that he was looking for good help.
“I’m always up for helping out a friend.” I said, wanting to get on Crowley’s good side.
“I was hoping you’d say that. I have a job for you. Might take a few days. Dangerous, but there’s a big payoff.”
“Sounds good to me,” I replied.
“If she’s in, I’m in.” Dean said from behind me. Crowley looked surprised, but only nodded his agreement.
Working for Crowley was going to be fun.

rosebadwolf1000  asked:

As for the fic, no need, but if you find inspiration maybe something fluffy? Or debate w/ modern Jefferson and Hamilton over something? ((*laughing at idea I just came up with* Imagine macaroni boy and A.Ham fighting over the most stupid stuff and Madison and Laurens just looking at eachother like 'so our boyfriends are fighting again?' 'yep.' 'want to go and play video games or something til they wear themselves out?' 'sure.')) I should get to bed! Goodnight! :) (2/2)

SO KIDDOS!!! WE HAVE A BIRTHDAY TO CELEBRATE!!! You guys get two doses of fluff tonight! Enjoy, kiddos, and especially you, birthday kiddo! Happy happy birthday to you! I’m so glad you’re a part of the fam! <333

“Purple. is. a. stupid. color!” Alexander shouted at Jefferson, his tan face flushed in anger, his dark hair frizzing up and falling out of its ponytail the more he paced and shouted.

The two boys were standing in the school hallway after the weekly debate team meeting that they had once again hijacked with their many spats and witty remarks aimed at each other. 

Their boyfriends, Laurens and Madison, were standing a few feet away from them, warily waiting out the fight like always. 

“Oh you take that back right now, Hamilton, or shit’s about to get serious.” Jefferson growled, his arms crossed, eyes narrowed in a glare directed at the smaller boy. 

“It doesn’t even look good on you,” Alexander hissed.

“Everything looks good on me! Have you SEEN me?!” Jefferson exclaimed, gesturing to himself.

“You’re nothing more than a conceited, purple wearing, macaroni eating––” 

“Do NOT bring my macaroni into this!” Jefferson shouted. 

Madison sighed, but neither of the two boys arguing noticed; only Laurens did. He glanced at Madison.

“It’s pretty old,” Laurens ventured, slightly worried Madison would be upset with him for indirectly insulting his boyfriend, even though he was also insulting his own in the process.

“It sure is,” Madison agreed with another heavy sigh.

“I will have you know that purple is the color of royalty, Hamilton,” Jefferson said smugly. 

Madison groaned and Laurens chuckled.

“The only place you’d be considered royalty is Assholeville!” Alexander retorted.

Now Laurens groaned. “He needs to come up with better comebacks, at least,” he muttered.

Madison chuckled. The two boys watched their boyfriends argue for another minute, then Madison once again broke the silence. 

“Hey, wanna go outside and at least sit in the sun while these two keep fighting?” He looked at his watch. “They have a good ten minutes left, according to their usual fighting routine.” 

Laurens’ face lit up in a grin. “Yes! I need some rays.” The two boys walked past their boyfriends, who stopped fighting for just a moment, stunned that they were being left behind. 

Jefferson cackled as Laurens opened the door. “Looks like you can’t even keep your boyfriend interested in you, Hamilton.”

“Um, he’s leaving with your boyfriend, so I’m not so sure you should be so cocky about that right now,” Alexander said. “Besides, maybe he just got tired of all your purple––”

The door to the school slammed shut, and Madison and Laurens were finally away from the yelling, outside in the sun. 

“Ahh, sweet freedom,” Laurens said, spreading his arms out and dipping his head back.

“Something even they can’t fight away!” Madison said.

The two boys laughed, enjoying their few moments of quiet before the earful they’d both get from their boyfriends about how utterly stupid/dense/annoying the other boy was. But for now, there was just silence and sunshine.