our boys came to play tonight

Happy (almost) Weekend

Happy Fourth of July weekend! I’m super excited! I have about 2 more hours of work and then I’m off for the weekend! Tonight, I am going with my mom and dad to dinner and a movie (”Faith of Our Fathers” w/ Candace Cameron Bure (my favorite actress), and Si Robertson (my dad’s favorite)) We originally planned to go with my sister but some things came up and she can’t go.
Tomorrow, Kristin (my friend who is getting married next week) and I are going to my sisters house to play with my hair and makeup and also her makeup for the wedding day!  I will also be taking pictures of my sisters two boys! Then we will do lunch! Tomorrow night I’m not sure what we will do. We may help Austin and Kristin (A&K) with their house, or if we aren’t needed spend the night with my parents. I’m just not sure yet! 
Saturday, Josh and I will be at my parents for most of the day and possibly watch fireworks w/ A&K. Which would be incredibly fun! So hopefully everything turns out right!
Sunday, same as usually, go to the Nursing home at 9, and 10, church at 11, lunch, choir at 5, and church again at 6. :) Sundays are hard but I love the Nursing home. Last Sunday was one of the hardest times for me, I sat in the car crying for about 15 minutes then I went in and all the elderly ladies were just so happy I came in. The honest reason I went in was for them. And I truly got blessed by them loving on me so much after! I love them so much!

I hope you all have a blessed and safe weekend! Remember, keep Jesus first!