So Hoseok is gonna be doing his first VLive in over a year while he’s in LA. I swear to GOD, if any of you do the same thing to him last time he did a vlive, you’re cancelled. He was bombarded with comments asking where other members were until he gave it up and gave the phone to Jimin to finish it. It was incredibly disrespectful to him. And, it still happens to this day with the rest of the members, but with Hobi it was alot worse.

I want him to be showered with love and praise. And for god’s sake, DON’T ASK HIM TO SPEAK ENGLISH. I want him to be comfortable in every aspect during that vlive. Wait until the subtitles are added. I want the comment section to be ALL ABOUT JUNG HOSEOK, OUR SUN. He does so much for us.

If y’all can’t comply you’re gonna catch these hands