└ Riida’s logic: 10-month shoot with no consecutive-day rest days = “I can’t bear it!”

Cr: VS Arashi 29.09.2016


me and my bro were chillin at home because we didn’t have class today. I walked outta my room to get something to eat upstairs, but didn’t even get past the doorway, because that’s when I saw it.

a spider. Not just any spider, nono, this particular one was the size of my thumb. My thumb. At first, I thought it was a wad of hair or something? but nah, it was a giant spider. I called my bro who was already upstairs and asked him how the hell he walked past that thing without seeing it. He was surprised as hell, because he actually didn’t see that thing sittin pretty at the bottom of the stairs. So we kinda just stood there staring at it until my brother finally said, “Ok here’s the plan. I’ll get something to catch the spider while you lure it inside.” Luckily, the house has two stairways, so we were able to get the needed things without crossing paths with the spider. We didn’t want to kill it, because it seemed pretty cool (and terrifying) at the same time, so we only wanted to catch it and let it go outside. So I grabbed a broom and he grabbed an empty mini trashcan, and everything was going smoothly, until it started to move too soon, indicating that it was definitely onto us. I used the broom to block its path, and then again to block it from entering my room. So it spun around and ran towards my bro, who freaked out and ran backwards. Realizing this spider was moving waaay faster than he’d anticipated and wouldn’t be able to catch it, he panicked, dropped the can, and outright smashed it with his sneakers (which I’m guessing he put on just in case the plan failed, which it did. I mean, we screamed alot). We burst out laughing in the end at how badly we failed at saving its life.

then my bro cleaned it all up and we kinda just calmly went on with our morning.


Right now at the CITES meeting in Johannesburg every country is voting to decide which animal should be put on the endangered list or not. 

SHARKS are getting votes right now and Justin Trudeau just voted NO to saving sharks and putting them on the list, most likely to not endanger imports from China (China is bribing countries while the whole meeting is happening! It´s awful!!)

Canadas vote can be changed WITH YOUR HELP

You just have to open the link and a letter to the Minister is already written for you, you just have to add your name. We have an extremely limited time to get Canada to change its mind.http://bit.ly/2dxBaUM