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Walls could talk || Part 3

Pairing: Jaebum x reader
drama, FLUFF
Idea: From Halseys powerfull song Walls could talk
Note: SURPRISE! I had the motivation to write this. :D I hope, you like it.

As you still focused on the bobby pin, Jaebum  took one step towards you with a light smile on his face. Your roommate  watched the scene in confusion, but after you took a look at her, she  made her way in the kitchen. Just as far away to listen to the  conversation.

“I…I don’t even know what I say, but I needed to see you.”, he said shyly. “So you just decided to break in my apartment and scare my friend. Your plans are still perfected.”, you fizzed sarcastically. Of course, you was relieved to see Jaebum and to see that he was healthy and still good-looking. But on the other hand, you still felt anger in your chest which was adjusted towards him.

His face expression changed into hurt, while he began to fiddle with his hands because of nervousness. “I wanted to say sorry again. Now in person. I don’t know why I kissed this girl.”, he stuttered.
“Well, it wasn’t just a kiss, Jaebum. I wish, it was. But you were about to have sex in my bed with her if i wasn’t interrupt you both. That’s the reason why I moved out too.”, you snapped back.

After a few minutes of silence while he didn’t even look in your eyes because of shame, you asked: “How many girls were in my apartment already? And don’t dare to lie to me. Now it’s over anyway.”
“She was the only one, i promise. And it was the first time, we were in your apartment.”, he answered immediately, so you trusted him that it had to be right.

“Why do you still have the bobby pin?”, you asked further. Deep down in your heart you didn’t want to let Jaebum go. Even if it was over after 4 years, when you saw him now you knew why you fell for him.

Still with a hurt expression in his eyes, he took a step towards you, so that you could feel his breath on your skin.
“Because  i still love you. I will always love you and I don’t want to let go the  last 4 years so easily. I know that it’s all my fault and you can’t  imagine how guilty i feel all the time. I  couldn’t even focus on the training. If you say, that it is over now,  then i have to deal with it. But if there is a chance that i can get another chance, then I will do everything better. Please, (Y/N).”

While  you listened to his regretful words, you already knew what you would do  next. After he finished and your heartbeat raise to the sky, you closed  the gap between Jaebum and you. Your lips moved in sync, while you could feel his hand on your waist.

“I promise you, I will give my best.”, he whispered, before you two kissed again.
You hoped so too so that you wouldn’t regret for giving him a second chance.

2 years later

It was the day of the MAMA awards, where you were active as a makeup artist for a few girl groups. After Jaebum  and you decided to do a new beginning, you tried to get in the JYP  Entertainment as a staff member. But after several times, where you  couldn’t get in, you tried to learn how to do make up. Beside your Liberian job, was being a makeup artist a good way to get more money and not being dependent on your boyfriend.

He holt is promise, that he would do his best. You had sometimes the feeling, that everything went too good to even imagine.
One year passed by when he decided to announce your relationship in public. Well, Jaebum said in a live stream, that he has a girlfriend and everyone should respect his privacy.

Fortunately, Aghase were happy when his idol was happy.

Before the awards began, Jaebum came in your room where the makeup of TWICE was made and gave you a kiss before he headed to the stage. “Now I have to have luck.”,  he said, before he closed the door behind him. You wanted to scream: I  love you so much., but you were still afraid of being hated from anyone.

As  the show began you decided to stay beside the stage to look at the  performances and all the idols who sat in your sight. And also Got7.
Jaebum looked gorgeous with his black-white printed blouse, his jacket and jeans. It wasn’t even a high class outfit, but he made it to one.

The actual award ceremony began and various of groups began to get their awards. But suddenly the MC screamed through the mic:“This important award goes to: Got7! Congratulations!”
The  whole arena began to cheer, while all you could do was smiling and  being proud of the boys, because you knew that they worked hard for  that.
The beautiful boys made their way to the stage, while clapping and smiling to the fans. Jaebum, because he was the leader stopped in front of the microphone and began to speak.

“Come and get it, Got7. Hello, we’re Got7! JYP-PD-nim who made this possible for us to receive, Jungwook CEO, Jo Yoosung VP and many others, thank you so much. Thanks to the whole JYP family that who worked hard. Also most importantly, our fans, Aghases, who voted so hard for us and made this possible that we stand on this stage. ”

The whole arena explode and screamed for their idols in proud and happiness.
While all eyes were on the leader he suddenly turned to the right side of the stage, where you stood.
“But for me, who inspired me and comfort me every time, is (Y/N). I know that this isn’t maybe the best moment but i love you, (Y/N). Thanks for being there for me.”, he said with a smile on his face as he spoke to you.

In your mind you were alone, just you two, while he said these heartwarming words.
Then  you saw the other boys beckon you over them. While you were still in   your daydream like situation, you made your way to them on the huge   stage.
You blushed as Jaebum turned his whole body to you and smiled. While Bambam  arranged the microphone beside his friend, you didn’t know what to do.  While you slowly woke up from your daydream, your knees began to tremble  but you didn’t dare to look at the crowd.

“I  will always love you, (Y/N). I want to explore this beautiful world   with you and want to get old with you. I would be very happy if you   think the same. So, please (Y/N), will you marry me?”
The whole world stopped, as well as your brain thinking.

All you could was thinking  that you loved him. That you was glad that you gave him a second  chance. And that you want to be with him, through up and downs. Forever. 

The end

I hope you liked this. Actually, I thought of a bad ending but Jaebum deserves better. :D But anyway, thanks for reading.