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I thought I was over of how bad s4 was but I'm not and it's now 4 am and I can't sleep. The thought that's making me loose sleep is why did they have to make Mary part of the team? It's just the two of them against the rest of the world, right? why did they have to love her and include her in the cases? Why can't at least Sherlock see how horrible she is? I know I'm being rediculous but it gets to me it really does

Hey same ridiculous insomniac anon do you know what gets to me too??? John cheating on Mary even if it’s texting… people argue that it’s in character he’s a womanizer after all but isn’t he the guy who’s loyal very quickly? What do you think?

Hi Nonny!

Yeah, I never understood why they went the route of making all of S4 essentially NOT about John and Sherlock. I liked the visuals of T6T and TLD, but Mary REALLY fucking killed it for me, especially the magical redemption arc they chose to give to her. The whole season felt really ooc for me, and Mary being more of Sherlock’s partner than John was REALLY rubbed me and many others the wrong way. The way the narrative was going, it SHOULD have been her being on the run FROM them, not working WITH them.

Because of this, I really, really feel like there is a false narrative at play here, that the entirety of S4 is being told like a blog entry (hence why they stopped the blog AND used the title of one of the entries to clue us into this fact) because of all the OOC-ness, inconsistencies, fourth wall breaking, “scene jumping” and the “fakeness” of Mary’s death and TFP. The season contains a sense of adventure,  is romanticized (though in the wrong direction), and fantastical elements, just like the blog. I found it SO bizarre that Sherlock CONSTANTLY kept saying “I’m Sherlock Holmes!”… just like John’s blog would have done. And TFP for me is John’s TAB, so there’s already an alternative narrative. Anyway, this went way off topic, but you get me. John’s blog is playing out on screen. Why, I don’t know; perhaps to show the general audience that not having John and Sherlock in the picture together doesn’t work, since most of the entries are told as if John is standing on the sidelines watching events unfold – ergo making the season seem very not-our-show. Plus, calling the first episode “The Six Thatchers” after a blog entry on John’s blog and ENDING the season with Mary narrating is so telling to me.

Second part of your ask: I AGREE. It’s really weird to me, simply because we SAW John was essentially done with dating by the end of ASiB because he was happy with whatever he could get with Sherlock. And it took him TWO YEARS to mourn Sherlock before he decided to move on, and for whatever reason, Mary was able to establish that trust with John within six months (I presume she emulated what she thought John wanted, but she’s a professional manipulator). He only stayed with Mary because he didn’t think Sherlock wanted what John wanted, and perhaps also some manipulation on Mary’s part, convincing John that Sherlock would never love him like she loved him.

So then when John is “cheating” I find it really OOC, if only because I just can’t see John ever wanting to get involved with anyone every again after the heartbreak of both Sherlock and Mary. Though, I still hold the belief that it’s really Sherlock John is texting in T6T, and we are told otherwise because of the false narratives (given that I think that the episodes are being told like a blog entry, it’s only natural to assume lies about the things truly happening are present). And maybe it was “just texting”, fine, but it just doesn’t really fit John’s character to me unless that person is Sherlock or unless John is doing another plan behind everyone’s backs with Mycroft (ie. the texting is coded and E is an associate of Mycroft). He has serious trust issues, even an emotional affair with some rando on the bus just doesn’t jive with his character arc they’ve built up over three seasons.

I don’t know. People say it’s in his character, but I just have a really hard time seeing it, especially since he knows the kind of person Mary is (killing Sherlock for trying to tip off John), like… I can’t imagine he would do that again. Mary’s complete shift from the character she was in S3 is what’s tipping me off the most about a false narrative, and as such we can assume the other characters may not be who they seem to be as well, at least in my opinion.


i can’t believe ppl rlly have the audacity to say i perpetuated the idea that just because JD was gay in our production, she wasn’t abusive/manipulative !???? as a queer woman myself, i find this so fucking ridiculously offensive??? like really y'all think i don’t get that abuse exists in the LGBTQ+ community ?? hmm ok not only is this (1) not true but (2) i (alongside my director and costar) actively worked to communicate the opposite since our very fucking first rehearsal. if you actually had SEEN our show, you would recognize that– it was super clear from the get go that jdronica was super fucking toxic. our goal was literally for people to not want us to be together??? it worked????! bye???

and also don’t fucking tell me i didn’t understand my character lol keep it on tumblr sweetie, do not come for me. 🤓😜


I promised to put the epic “Hunchback” photos I purchased up, so here are most of them. All but two of these are from my cast (the Victor cast), since I don’t have many Hugo cast photos (and some of them are of me doing choir stuff, which has my actual face in it). I was going to organize them by cast, but I realized that I wanted the two matching moments in “Hellfire” next to each other and wanted to end with Armand crushing everyone’s souls. Here’s a brief breakdown of what’s here:

- Full-cast photo of the Victor cast + our choir (which means that most of the Hugo cast is also in it) taken at the end of the run. This run was our third of four days of tech. (The Hugo cast photos were taken on our last day of tech.)

- Frollo (Tyler) surrounded by his demon choir, singing “Choose me or your pyre”

- Frollo (KC) doing the same bit of “Hellfire,” looking absurdly evil. (Friendly reminder that he’s the guy who would occasionally wear slippers that could kind of pass for shoes to rehearsal.)

- The statue squad during “Flight Into Egypt,” when we freeze as Quasi’s singing “Just like the angel who warned Joseph he must flee…” (I wasn’t King of the Beards yet.)

- Folks in the tavern getting ready to do what Kevin called the “Kill the Roaches Now” dance

- Phoebus (Tristan) looking incredibly sassy at the beginning of “Rest & Recreation,” feat. Kalisse and Odessa as his fangirls

- There aren’t any great photos of the Lavapalooza, but this is as good as it gets. Gian (I think that’s where Gian was) is helping.

- The Hugo cast’s ending of “Esmeralda” during their run. (Jack/Phoebus looks super dead…not just regular dead; super dead.)

- Quasi (Armand) mourning Esmeralda and crushing everyone’s souls

From a Joke to the End Game - The Evolution of Molly Hooper: Introduction to the Series Meta

One of the reasons I joined Tumblr is that I wanted a place to share my thoughts on Molly Hooper: the evolution of her character through the whole series, the progress of her relationship with Sherlock and with all other characters, the reason why she’s the character that we now know. Basically, the road from a one time silly background character in the pilot to THE end game she became in s4.

I’m an analytical mind, and I can’t help but formulating all the meta 😊. I’ve a background in text analysis and to me a TV show is a form of a text, so I’ll be applying mostly those methods. I take texts (and thus the show as well) under analysis in their final form. This mean I won’t be going much into what Moftiss might have originally intended while they plotted said scene.

The aired episodes we’ve been given are a sum of Moftiss’ initial ideas, their screenplay, the director’s interpretation, the actors’ portrayal, music composers’ creations AND the editing crew’s choices. All of that created the show as we know now. And it got Moftiss final approval to be aired as something they want to share with us. This final result, the aired version, is the basis for this analysis. This is actually quite important, so please keep it in mind.

I won’t be taking any creators’, directors’ or actors’ quotes as an argument supporting my hypothesis. The exception being only how Molly came to be as a character in the first place, that I’ll address later on in this post.

Lastly, the idea behind this meta had started forming in my mind even before TAB came out. I remember reading a quote from Loo she gave around s3 about Sherlolly being this kind of a sweet joke that had turned out into something serious out of the blue and no one in the casting crew was laughing about it anymore. I realized that’s the perfect description of Molly and her development in the show as well. Originally this meta was supposed to answer a question: why Molly Hooper will be the end game? RL intervened and I never wrote it down. Then TAB came out and only reinforced my initial thought process then this year S4 confirmed it. I was wondering if its still worth being typed, but in the end I decided to share it all with the fandom, answering now the question: HOW Molly Hooper became the endgame?

This meta and the following parts are mostly focused on Molly Hooper, but since her interactions are always with Sherlock, it will be highly interspersed with Sherlolly too. Of course I am a hardcore Sherlolly shipper, and while I try to stay neutral, I’ll definitely fall into my shipping side ;)


Please note I’m not a native English speaker and I type this mostly using the app while commuting to work. All mistakes are on me.

Introduction: The creation of Molly Hooper’s character

Learning how a character came to be in the first place can be only done from the creators’ quotes. Here is the only time I’ll be basing my analysis on them but it’s obviously a necessity. 😊

It’s a known fact that Moftiss tried to stay as true to ACD canon as possible, and this meant no new, original characters in the core group for theshow. So how come Molly ended up there?

Molly Hooper was created simply as a means to ended: the way to introduce Sherlock Holmes. To show some of his eccentric characteristics Moftiss needed another minor role to fill in. So why not create a Bart’s worker, preferably in the morgue? And if they are female with a crush on SH the better - so many things to show about our genius boy in that very first scene! Molly came to be out of a necessity because of her usefulness. She was a hm, character device [is that even a thing?]. A means to an end.

A one-time means to an end.

So what has happened???

The answer is simple: Loo Brealey happened.

It was Loo’s interpretation and portrayal of a Molly in that pilot that has turned the character into the Molly. Her natural chemistry with Ben also added to the allure to her potential. Plus, how can you not love Loo? 😉 Apparently you can’t, as we know Moftiss were unable to resist her charms 😝 and needed to include her over and over again.

I think it’s not a newsflash that Molly Hooper in her current form exists thanks to Loo. But there is one more thing that essentially set up Molly as something more than the original intent of the creators. That one thing that from the very beginning gave her the potential to be something more than she was originally supposed to be: She was introduced in the very same scene as the main protagonist.

While not intentionally, this, nevertheless, adds importance to the new character. The first impression is crucial, and having her appear right next to and what’s more alone with Sherlock in that very first scene we see him naturally draws attention to her. Just like it did with Mike Stamford for his appearance with John and his role in the making of the bromance of the show. But while Mike’s initial impression of importance waned as the show progressed for the lack of his recurring appearances, Molly’s only grew more and more precisely for the opposite. She reappears, episode after episode with one meaningful scene after another.

Loo’s performance and her natural chemistry with Ben inadvertently made Moftiss adjust their plans for Molly turning her from a one shot little thing into a recurring character. We should have immediately realized she’s something different for achieving such a feat in the first place. Breaking the iron rule set by Moftiss on staying faithful to canon.😉

Alas there is another thing about the creation and introduction of Molly Hooper - a character who was supposed to be only in that one scene in pilot - that is worth addressing. @writingwife-83​ has posted a comment explaining why John’s doesn’t see Molly’s importance to Sherlock even as far as in s4 – her explanation is brilliant in its simplicity: John isn’t a witness to most of Sherlock and Molly’s profound interactions. Even in the very first scene they are introduced being alone, by themselves, no witnesses. Just us, the audience. This sets up a precedence for their interactions through the whole show.

Aaaand surprisingly, fits into ACD canon. How? Simple: almost everything we know about Holmes is from Watson’s storytelling. But John doesn’t know everything. And Molly, here, falls precisely into that unrevealed part of SH life in ACD canon. She’s something John doesn’t know of, so he doesn’t tell about her in his stories. Moftiss admitted they see their BBC Sherlock as a highly budgeted, done with aplomb and cheekiness, form of FANFICTION. And as any fanfiction tends to do, it usually fill-in the gaps. Moftiss wanted to fill in gaps, and unintentionally, they started it right here with the creation of Molly Hooper.

Moftiss saw the potential in Molly’s character and in Sherlock’s interactions with her. The potential was too great to pass up. And thus, Molly-a-One-Time-Thing became Molly-the-Useful-to-the-Storytelling-Tool. She’s beneficial for various reasons and Moftiss explore her in those regards especially in the earlier part of the whole show.

Being a writing tool is Molly’s initial role in s1, and yet unintentionally she’s so much more. That’s because writers initial idea and the final edit of s1 are two different things as we’ll see this in the following parts of this meta. The thing is, Moftiss approved of said edit and of the character growth Molly did. They enjoyed her and her interactions with Sherlock and wanted us to share this joy too.

Did Moftiss see all the Sherlolly potential in those early episodes? I don’t think so. I do think, however, it was fandom’s analysis years ago when the first two series were coming out, that might have opened their eyes (or people’s involved with the show enough) to the possible interpretations of Sherlock and Molly in the early episodes and consequently to something more between them in the second part of the show. Moftiss definitely didn’t plan Sherlolly from the beginning (Molly wasn’t even supposed to be in the show beyond the pilot) but when they realized the potential, they seized the opportunity and went with it, creating the Sherlolly goodness we got in the end.

Why they changed their mind, and why they really didn’t need to explain/correct/repair any of Sherlock and Molly interactions form the earlier episodes, because the groundwork for something more has been already there in the first place, will be explained in the following parts of this huge meta, starting with ‘A Study in Pink’ that I should post within a week.

As I work on this meta as a whole, I realize that we can categorize Molly in in each season/series into a different role:

  • Season one has Molly the (writing) Tool
  • Season two - Molly the Comparison (or the Contrast)
  • Season three - Molly the Potential or the Wild Card
  • TAB interlude - The Metamorphosis
  • Season Four - Molly the End Game

I’ll divide this Meta into those five subgroups to which each episode will be posted as a separate post. With the next part we’ll start the analysis of Season One: Molly the (writing) Tool.

Thanks for reading. See ya next week!

And all those miles on your car,
I wish that I could give ‘em back.
I wish you never picked me up,
I wish I never smiled back.
And I wish I said nothin’ when you told me that you loved me.
And all those fuckin’ love songs,
I wish I never wrote them.
But really most of all,
I wish I wasn’t lying.
And I wish I had the time,
To tell you what I mean.
I’m always showing up late,
Like our very first date.
I ran away to Hollywood,
And said “I’ll see you some day.”

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@hqfashionweek Day 3: Formal Attire | Party Outfit

Featuring: Idol!AU Captain Squad

“Hello, everyone!” Daichi waves at the camcorder he’s holding. He moves closer to the camera and checks his appearance on the screen, and smiles wide, satisfied with what he saw.

“So I’m blogging live from the salon,” he moves the camcorder away from his face, and moves it around to show the room before bringing it closer again. “And a few hours from now, we’re going to be attending our very first award show! Yay!!” He says, shaking his fist excitedly.

“And I’m sure that many of you already heard that we’re going to be covering one of senior’s famous songs, and that is undoubtedly an honor for us to be able to pay homage to them, but at the same time, it’s nerve-wracking and-”

“Oya?” Kuroo voice registers, before he enters the screen, draping his arm over Daichi’s shoulder and squishing his face on Daichi’s cheeks. He grins at the camera. “What are you up to, dear leader?” He says, watching himself poke Daichi’s cheek on the LCD screen of the camcorder.

Daichi grabs hold of his forefinger and keeps it hostage around his free hand. “I’m telling everyone about the award show later.”

“Ah, yes! Please look forward to our performance later,” Kuroo winks at the camera. “We are going to wear suits and perform in them, do you wanna see?” he teases, waggling his eyebrows.

Daichi let’s go of his finger and covers Kuroo’s face with his hand instead, careful not to touch it directly so as not to ruin Kuroo’s hair and make-up. “That’s a good idea. Let’s show our fans the key point of our outfits.” He says, moving the camera away again. “Stand over there, and please tell us about your outfit, Kuroo-san.”

The camera pans to Kuroo, standing in the middle of the room like a model. When Daichi signals that the camera is recording him, he runs a hand down over his outfit in the universal gesture of ‘look at what I’m wearing’, which is a black, long sleeved button down, a red tie under a gray vest.

“So I won’t be needing a coat, and well, the tie is the key detail of the outfit,” he says, shooting a finger gun at the camera. “It’s your turn, Leader-san.”

He walks toward the camera, and covers it with his hands as he takes it from Daichi. The black screen faded and shows Daichi instead, standing on the same spot Kuroo did, both hands inside his pocket, pushing the black unbuttoned suit open.

“Ooh, so sexy~” Kuroo comments behind the camera and Daichi breaks character as he snorts. “Shut up. Anyway, I’m wearing all black, both button down and my suit. And I have this ribbon choker thing,” he cranes his neck up to emphasize on it even more. “It’s quite long, as you can see.” He lifts the ends of the ribbon that falls on top of his shirt. “It’s my signature detail for tonight, I guess.”

The camera moves away from him and then shows Kuroo’s face up close. “Our leader-san is going for the kill tonight, everyone.”

“I owe everything to our stylists,” Daichi says as he too, reappears in the screen beside Kuroo. “Let’s go check the others out!”


“Hey, hey, hey!” Bokuto exclaims once he sees them approach him. “Hello, Bokuto-san,” Kuroo greets him formally from behind the camera. “Please tell us your thoughts about tonight, and would you please tell us about your look.”

Bokuto waves his two hands energetically in front of him. “I’m really excited for tonight! Please watch out for our performance later!!! Oh, and I really like this look we’re going for. Don’t you think so?” he asks.

He’s wearing a black button down, much like Kuroo, but he doesn’t have a tie, instead he’s wearing gold suspenders, only visible since he opened his black suit as he showed it off to them.

“Yuuji-ji and I are both wearing suspenders!”

As if on cue, Terushima arrives and stands beside Bokuto, who immediately drapes an arm around his shoulder. “Show our fans what you’re wearing, Teru!”

Like his senpai, Terushima also waves energetically at the camera, before he steps forward, and stretches the dark gray suspenders he’s wearing. Aside from that, he’s sporting a white, sleeved button down and a yellow bow tie that matches his hair.

“Our baby member looks really cute!” Kuroo gushes. Terushima sputters and stomps. “I don’t! I’m supposed to look mature.”

“You look really good, Yuuji-kun.” Daichi says, making Terushima blush at the compliment. “Ahh, thank you so much, Daichi-san.” He rubs the back of his neck.

“Thanks to you both as well!”

“Alright, let’s find the rest of us!”


“Say hi to everyone, Toshi-san.” Ushijima looks up from where he was reading a magazine, sitting on one of the couches in the salon. He smiles a little and bows his head and says “Hi everyone” obligingly.

“You seem to be the most different from all of us,” Daichi remarks. Ushijima, unlike the rest so far, is wearing a maroon turtle neck sweater under a dark gray suit. “Can you please tell us something about what you’re wearing for tonight’s award show?”

Ushijima blinks, looks down on himself for a moment, then addresses the camera and the people behind it again. “I’m going for the simple, yet elegant, since I already stand out because of my height anyway.”

“That’s awfully honest of you, Toshi-kun,” Kuroo notes with a hint of tease. “Oh, good, Kaname’s here!” He exclaims, when Moniwa arrives, handing out a water bottle to Ushijima, which he takes with a gentle smile and a soft thank you.

“Kaname-san, everyone wants to know about your outfit. Please tell us about it.”

“Ah,” Moniwa starts, shuffling awkwardly, before he bows. “Hello, everyone. Well, I’m wearing something like Kuroo-san in all respects, except the colors, and probably the vest style?”

“Eyy? Oh, we do match! Twinning!”

He has a white, long sleeved button down on and a teal necktie, with a black U-shaped vest over it, hugging his waist. Kuroo gives the camera to Daichi, and he stands beside Moniwa, just to prove the point.

“Alright, alright. Thank you Toshi-kun and Kaname-kun.” Daichi turns the camera towards himself. “We better find Tooru before he gets dramatic again, so let’s go.”


“Someone took their sweet time,” Daichi comments from behind Oikawa, filming his reflection on the mirror. Oikawa looks up from his phone, and sees Daichi in the mirror and the camera he’s holding.

“Well, hello there,” he turns around to face the camera properly. “You’re live in our blog! Tonight’s our first award show, and are you excited for it, Tooru-san?”

Oikawa stands up from his chair and walks closer to Daichi. “Of course, I am, Dai-chan~ I would like to thank our beautiful fans for making it possible for us to attend one. Thank you very much everyone!” He bows and when he looks up again, he sends the camera his signature wink.

“Kyaah Tooru-kun~” Daichi imitates the squealing from behind the camera, before he laughs it off. “By the way, Tooru-san, can you tell us what you’re wearing for tonight?”

Without any instructions, Oikawa moves away from the camera, so that his full appearance can be seen. “I think I look the most formal out of all of us, which is just fitting seeing as I am the visual,” he says quite haughtily with a hand on his chest. He does have the most formal wear among all of them, with white button down shirt and matching turquoise necktie and vest, all under a black buttoned suit.

“We’ll agree with that this time.”

“Whatever, Dai-chan. You know its’ true~ Anyway, please be sure to check out our performance tonight, alright?” He says, waving at the camera.

The screen returns showing Daichi. “That’s it for today everyone! Thank you so much for your continuous support! And please keep taking care of us! We’ll see you later!” He waves at the camera with a huge smile, and then it turns black.

Jurassic World Evolution Concept Art!
External image

If you are a Jurassic fan, then by now you will be familiar with the upcoming video game ‘Jurassic World Evolution’, set for a Summer 2018 release to coincide with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Frontier Developments (Planet Coaster, Rollercoaster Tycoon, etc.) and Realtime UK (Animations for Farming Simulator E3 2017 Trailer, World of Warplanes Teaser Trailer, etc.) partnered up and released a trailer for this fantastic new park-builder game. If you missed out on any of the trailer hype, then take a listen to our dedicated podcast episode, found below.

External image

Now, hot on the heels of our trailer, we have three brand new pieces of concept art which hint a little at the game. Our first piece is very like the final shot of the trailer, showing an obviously agitated T-Rex in a situation within a stormy paddock environment. We have the red-lighting akin to the breakout sequence from the trailer here, suggesting that this could even potentially be a piece of concept art for the rendered trailer we received for the project. Our second piece of concept art gives us a look at the T-Rex within a more luscious jungle environment here, looking almost as if it is within a habitat of an enclosure, or within the jungle of Isla Nublar – since we know Nublar will be included in the game. Here we can see an assortment of different plants, so I imagine we will have the ability to tailor the kind of shrubbery we have in our different paddocks – just like in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. This piece of artwork is a wonderful hint at the potential of this game. Lastly, we have our most busy shot – a wide view of the Jurassic World area of Isla Nublar, here with a few notable locations accompanied by some new landscape tweaks. This could presumably be a piece of concept art for that final zoom-out shot in the trailer, although this shot does offer slightly more in the way of hints.  Here we see a structure very much like the breeding facility from JP: OG next to the T-Rex, suggesting that perhaps a similar system of placing down structures to allow you to breed dinosaurs may be in place within the game. We can also see not one, but what appears to be two fenced of lagoons in addition to the small lake from the Jurassic World film – suggesting that we may possibly be seeing the addition of multiple aquatic locations within our parks – opening a whole new realm of creativity for the contents of these parks. Here we also, as I mentioned, see a significant number of the structures from Jurassic World – which suggests to me that we may see a JW template map, or at the very least, that we may have the ability to place these buildings and iconic structures within our own park creations.

External image

Excited for the game? What do you think of this fantastic new concept art? Get in contact with us and let us know! Make sure to look out for more news from Frontier’s upcoming convention in London in October too. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on Jurassic World Evolution.

Source: RealtimeUK


2017/08/02 Blog post by Keiko 『約束』


Hello ♪ This is Keiko.

It’s been a while since my last blog post (‘ω `)!! Everyone, how are you doing?
WOW!… It’s already August!! Every weekend of July was jam-packed, we were either having fun with our live performances or we were taking part in an event, all in all it was quite the struggle for my mind and body *cries*
Unfortunately I couldn’t do much to change my rather poor physical condition but I was able to get through July just by holding on to this feeling ♪ ♪ “There are people who are waiting for me” This knowledge provides more power than anything else *flares up*

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The risk of losing you


I knocked on her door and after a few minutes it opened with a whoosh.

But I wasn’t greeted with the friendly and warm hearted smile that I anticipated.

Y/n had more of an anxious look on her face really. Maybe even a bit frightened.

“Stiles what are you doing here? Where do you know from where I live?“ she laughed, wanting to make it sound more light hearted. Yeah y/n and I have been really good friends for over a year now, but she liked keeping things for herself and was never an open book to read. Before I decided that I wanted to look after her today I didn’t even realize that no one of us was ever at her place before. And now the fact that she just pointed that out made it only more obvious that she did it on purpose.

“Son of the sheriff, remember?“ I said awkwardly while rubbing my neck.

“No… but… I mean, what are you doing here?“ she tried to smile but I knew her long enough to know that something was off. She may liked keeping things for herself and normally I did not really dig because it was her business whether she wanted to tell me something or not and I respected her too much to get on her nerves that often. But I am not going to lie – I tried getting things out of her, even just silly and stupid things. Things that you wouldn’t even question answering. But she kept her guard. Always. But now I decided that because I do respect her that much and may or may not like her more than just as a good friend -okay I do! Just drop it, that ain’t going to happen anyway. – I needed to do something. Anything. Because lately she was behaving oddly enough to concern me. Even more than usual.

“Looking after you, duh. You haven’t been in school for the past few days and you aren’t answering any of our calls. So what’s wrong?“

“Nothing. I just got sick and my dad took my phone that’s all.“

“Really? What did you do that your dad took your phone?“ I said mockingly but for some reason she jumped at the thought of it. “Mind if I come in?“

“Stiles, I don’t know. It’s probably not such a good idea. I don’t want you getting sick and besides I need to catch up on a lot of school stuff and I don’t presume that’s what you wanna do on a Friday night, is it?“

“I have nothing else to do and I could help you with the catching up thing.“

She seemed to debate it in her head and after what seemed like an eternity- okay I may over exaggerate, but why does she have to think about me keeping her company so long? Am I this annoying or is she hiding something? And then finally she just shrugged and gestured for me to come in. We went upstairs to her room. It was big really, maybe even twice the size of mine. And it was more organized than mine would ever be. Okay here and there were a few loose clothes lying on the floor and her desk drowned in school books and paper sheets but all in all it wasn’t too bad. Lost in thoughts I wandered around while she was bringing a chair for me from one of the other rooms. My eyes landed on a framed picture which stood on her drawer. It showed us. I have never seen that picture before but by just looking at it I could sense how happy we were back then. We were sitting on the hood of my jeep. Or I sat and she laid there, resting her head on my legs. It was a sunny and hot day and we were laughing so hard neither one of us registered that someone took a picture. Thinking back I don’t remember having laughed like this, since that day. It was in summer holidays before our senior year started. Things were finally sorting out, we hadn’t had an encounter with the supernatural for quite a bit and even though we’ve been through a lot these past years (even though y/n wasn’t there from the very first beginning, she showed up at one of our worst moments and suffered with us ever since, a lot actually. Not because she was possessed by an evil fox spirit, like I was or tortured in Eichen house like Lydia but because she as a normal human suffered under so much pressure, not being able to sleep or eat because of always being on high alert that something bad could happen any second. Never being able to enjoy happy moments just for a few minutes because that’s not how our lives work. I could always understand her the most I guess. We were both humans and the others would never understand how vulnerable you really felt being in the center of something like that. The pressure of failing either to help your friends or school because of all the nights you wouldn’t get to sleep again. The heavy thoughts of how your future would be like if you do not succeed in school, because after all school was still important and decided whether you would get that job you’re looking for or not. And of keeping a secret so big. Knowing something so surreal. It’s like living in a complete different world. You would never be able to just walk down a normal aisle again without having to look behind you or around corners every second because of the paranoid feeling that someone or something is following you. And with knowing such secrets it came great responsibility with it.

“I really like that picture. I didn’t even know that someone took it.”

“Yeah me too. It was Lydia. She wanted to come over but ended up going home after she has seen us not wanting to “disturb” us or something. I don’t know.” She just shrugged and turned around again to concentrate on some math equations.

“So where do you need help with?” I sat down beside her trying not to be too stunned and taken aback of how beautiful she looked. I still couldn’t shrug the feeling off that something wasn’t right. She seemed even more guarded than she was the last days.

“I don’t get how this works. I don’t get what they did here exactly.” She pointed on an equation in her book, but I got lost in thought once again. As she spoke my focus was on her lips and I couldn’t help but notice that they looked different. Her upper lip was slightly swollen and she had some dried blood in the corner of her mouth which was only visible when she talked.  

“What happened to your lip?” I said without thinking, it just came out. “There is blood.”

And that was what let her guard down, but only for a few seconds. She jumped off of her seat and snapped at me. “No there’s not! I don’t know what you’re talking about! First you come here and now you can’t even mind your own freaking business! You never do!” After her short but intense rant, she just stood there for a second in shock, holding her hand to her mouth as if that could take everything back what she just said. And I just sat there, eyebrows furrowed. Not because I was shocked but simply because I didn’t understand why me pointing out that her lip did obviously bleed was such a big deal to her. I don’t know maybe she just bit on it? Why was it such a problem?

“I am so sorry. I-I don’t know why I d-did that. Excuse me.” Her voice was shacking and I could tell that she was about to cry.

She opened her door and I jumped from my seat willing to follow her, to comfort her. Maybe she was just stressed. Finals were near and people got crazy during that time. “Wait! Hold on y/n! What’s wro-“ I got interrupted in midsentence when we both heard the front door close with a loud thud. Y/n’s expression got blank and every movement seemed to be sucked out of her body by that one thud.

“What’s wrong? Who’s that?”

“That’s just my dad.”

On cue, someone yelled from downstairs. “y/n?! Get your ass down here right now!!!” In that moment, I realized that I’ve never met her dad but in that one moment I just wanted to punch him in the face, just by that. What was going on with me?

“Stiles please wait here, okay? I am right back.” And without saying another word she just threw the door into my face and ran downstairs. I didn’t really know what to do and just sat down on her bed not wanting to put too much thought into that whole thing. But after a few minutes of waiting I heard shouting from downstairs. I couldn’t really understand what the whole argument was about so I got up and opened the door a little bit so I could hear their voices more clearly. I still couldn’t understand everything but apparently they argued about y/n failing math.

And then there was glass shattering. And that was it. This was definitely not a normal heated argument between father and daughter anymore. I wanted to run downstairs and look if something happened but stopped dead in my tracks as y/n rand up the stairs, covering her face and hot tears were streaming down her face. She ran in her room and I followed her, closing the door behind us.

“I – I am just, I – I am just gonna take a shower okay? I – If you want y -you can g-go now…! “ Before I could mutter another word she ran into her bathroom and locked the door behind her. I couldn’t quite see what she covered with her hand but I was pretty sure that her cheek was bleeding and her lip too.

I couldn’t contain myself anymore and was about to go downstairs and tell y/n’s father my fucking opinion about beating his very own daughter!

As I walked down the stairs all I heard was the front door shut and he was gone again. I was willing to follow him, but decided against it- trying to reason myself. This would probably mean more trouble for y/n and I still had no clue what was going on, so I decided to go back to her room again and wait until she would come out and make her talk. And this time I wouldn’t let a “no” count! She would have to tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or otherwise I wouldn’t be going and leaving her side ever again!

As I walked into her room heard the shower running but this didn’t help to cease her sobs. She cried uncontrollably and I’ve never felt so helpless in my entire life! Not even a single supernatural encounter could reach to the helplessness I was now experiencing. It felt like the helplessness I felt as a kid, when I first got told that my mother was sick, then that she thought I wanted to harm her -yeah, even kill her- and eventually when she died. Tears were swelling up in my eyes and I whipped them away, grabbing my phone, determined to protect and help y/n. Everything I knew right about now was that I never wanted to feel as helpless as this again. Ever!


“Stiles? What’s wrong?”

“It’s about y/n. Scott, I don’t know what to do!”

“What’s wrong with her? What happened? Why are you whispering?”

And then I told him everything I just witnessed and that we needed to do something, but I wanted to talk to her first, well aware that she probably didn’t want either one of our help, but she wouldn’t have a word in this. Not anymore!

Right as I ended the conversation with Scott I heard that the shower turned off and a few minutes later the bathroom door opened. Y/n stood in front of me, eyes swollen from crying. Her right cheek was also swollen and you could guess that a big bruise was going to show up. At first she was a little bit confused. Probably because she thought that I’ve left. Did she really think that I would just leave her here like this? All on her own?

Without saying anything I just closed the gap between us and hugged her tight.  No words needed to be spoken, at least not yet. Now everything I wanted to show her was that I would be there for her and that I didn’t make her responsible for anything. That I would always be by her side and just give her a shoulder to cry on. And even though I thought she would push me away, she actually hugged me back. Pressing me flush against her, resting her head on my chest and then she started crying again. Uncontrollably and it broke my heart. I pulled her tighter and tried to comfort her by saying that everything is going to be okay eventually and that she is save now, that I would never leave her. After a while she actually seemed to stop and silence filled the room.

I held her at arm’s length to have a better look at her- yup there’s definitely going to be a bruise. I whipped her tears away and she gave me a weak smile. I looked down at my feet not wanting to show how hurt I truly was, seeing her like that.

“Stiles?” My head shot back up. “Could you stay here over night please?” New tears were swelling up and I hugged her again. “Of course. Everything you want!”

We didn’t talk about what happened. I was determined to, but I didn’t want to bother her right now, so we just went to bed. We laid down and just stared at the ceiling. Neither one of us would be able to sleep much, even though I could sense how tired she was due to the crying.

“He’s never been like this before… I – I mean we had our arguments and stuff, but he never really hit me. It- it just started a few months ago… “

I sat up, resting on my elbow to have a better look at her. Even though it was dark I could see that her eyes were filling with tears again, but she kept on talking with a cracking voice, not looking at me. And I was so glad that she actually opened up without me digging, that really meant a lot to me especially if you knew her.

“I had a happy childhood. He was a great father. Until… until my mother left us and took my brother with her. I’ve never heard of her again… That’s why I never talk about my family. What is there to talk about? An alcoholic father who beats the crap out of you if you’re not doing everything right? A mother who just left you, without saying one single thing to you why? She didn’t even leave a note! Nothing! One day I had a mother and the next I didn’t! And she took my brother with her! He was around 2 years old – I was 5- back then, which means he probably doesn’t even know that I exist! And now with all the supernatural stuff going on I just can’t seem to keep my shit together! I am so overwhelmed even by little things that I just don’t wanna go on anymore! Why? Why do I not just throw the sad excuse of a life away and have it all over with? I don’t wanna live like that anymore, Stiles. I CAN’T!” Now she was crying again and I felt that tears were also running down my cheeks. Seeing her so broken, the girl who may kept her guard but who always seemed happy, who no one ever would have guessed that she had to deal with so much hate and sadness within herself. How did I never see or realized anything?

“You don’t have to, okay? We’re going to figure something out, okay? Like we always do!” She nodded, whipping her tears away and finally facing me.

“Stiles, you have to promise me something!”


“Please don’t tell anyone about it, okay? I know that this is a lot to ask for – “

“Are you kidding me?! That’s insane! I can’t do that!!! No way y/n!!! – “

“Stiles! Please!!! I know that you cannot understand it, but my dad is everything I have! I have no one else! And I love him! After all, I love him and I know he loves me too, he just never got over the fact that my mum just left without saying anything! And he just had a bad day today. That something like this happens is just an exception, I promise and you have to believe me! You cannot tell anyone, especially not your dad, okay? He’s family after all and I love him! Stiles?”

I just stared at her, unable to comprehend what she expected from me. There was no way I would not tell my dad and besides I already told Scott. But in the end I just nodded at her weakly, squeezing her hand and she smiled at me, inching closer and filling the gap between us, resting her head against my chest while my arms were wrapped around her. And that’s when I knew that whatever happened I would never let her go, I would fight for her, I would protect her even if that meant that I would lose her in the end. I loved her and because I loved her so much I couldn’t be selfish. I needed to take the risk of losing her when that meant that she would be safe and sound. For now, I would leave her alone with everything that had happened, help her settle in again. But I swore to myself that I needed a plan of her not being able to just walk the other way when someone just wants to help her. I needed a plan which she wouldn’t be happy about, but I needed to do this. Maybe someday she would forgive me, maybe not… but at least I would know why I had to do it and eventually she would to.

And with that in mind I fell asleep.


The Love Fern’s story: its appearance, its “death”, its resurrection and the Love Fern 2.0. (requested by @felicity-smoak-is-my-goddess)

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I was rewatching random moments of Broadchurch season 2 the other day and started wondering what Ellie Miller actually thinks of Hardy`s ex wife. I couldn´t figure it out, whether she just doesn´t know her enough to judge if she likes her or not or what she thinks. This might be random but I thought I´d ask the one who knows this show much better than I do. What do you think? What does Ellie think about her?

It’s an interesting question. Honestly, I’m not sure if even Ellie knows what to think of her. I’m guessing she must know about how the pendant got lost and what Tess did to Hardy, but she also seems very open-minded, and she’s not willing to demonise Tess or judge her for it.

Ellie and Tess are compared and contrasted a great deal, and just like Joe and Alec, they are depicted as opposites. The women look similar, they are both Hardy’s DSes, they’re both mothers - but they make opposing choices. E.g. Ellie is invited to have an affair at work - she refuses. Tess, on the other hand, committed adultery. The two of them are rivals for Hardy in a way, but Chibnall’s writing is clever and nuanced enough to avoid the whole cliche of women fighting over some dude.

But back to the central question - what does Ellie think of Tess? Remember this is Ellie Miller. Staunch, take-no-shit feminist. Our very first scene showed her greeting all her friends and handing out presents to them right before she chewed out her boss for sexist bullshit. She’s a woman-loving social butterfly and she gets on well with everyone she meets. And if she doesn’t get on with someone, she makes it her mission to smother them with kindness. With this in mind, what I find striking is that Ellie is quite awkward around Tess. She’s friendly enough, but most of the time she’s with Tess and Alec she’s silent and caught between the two, often in a physical sense.

The first time she meets Tess, Hardy acts like a colossal jackass. He doesn’t tell Ellie that Tess is his ex-wife, he’s bitter and aggressive and insulting. Granted, Tess doesn’t behave all that appropriately either, but Ellie is reproving of his behaviour, and the impression is that she’s neutral in this particular marital war. Yes, Hardy is her friend, and yes he was the wronged party in a lot of ways, but his behaviour is inappropriate and she won’t enable it or tell him it’s okay. She whacks him and tells him off. She treats Tess just like she’d treat anyone else.

Tess acts as an obstacle to getting the case reopened, and several times Ellie sighs or rolls her eyes when Tess refuses again to reopen. But she also respects Tess’ capabilities as a detective. For all that happened with the Sandbrook case, Tess is good at her job. She’s competent and efficient, and once she’s put her mind to something she can do it easily. Ellie might not agree with everything she did in her personal life, or even all her professional choices, but she respects her capabilities.

What’s interesting is how quickly Tess can put her off guard. One of my favourite scenes is when Hardy wakes up after his pacemaker and Ellie’s there. They start bickering (because that’s their thing) and Tess comes in.

This shot is so well-composed, I love it. Look at the placement of the hands; it looks like they’re touching, and Ellie is gripping the bed so tight it’s like she’s holding his hand by proxy. Then Tess comes in:

They look up and Ellie’s reaction is almost one of guilt. It’s like she’s been caught. She does this weird shuffle and looks between the two of them, then quickly takes her hand away.

It’s not jealousy Ellie’s expressing - it’s more like embarrassment that she’s been caught with Hardy like this - by his ex-wife no less. There’s also an odd possessiveness. I wish I could gif this scene because Olivia Colman’s acting is so subtle and awkward, and you feel like Ellie herself isn’t sure how she feels. Someone encroaching on her bickering with Hardy? What is this? And does she trust anyone else to look after this idiot besides herself? Not that she cares about him, haha.

Later on, when Tess answers Alec’s phone on his behalf, Ellie gets a tiny bit flustered: “Oh! Oh, I was expecting him to answer.”

In a deleted scene, Hardy is begging Tess to reopen the case. Ellie is silent, and looks like a kid whose parents are fighting. Then Hardy slips up. He says to Tess “Please, love.” Tess immediately scoffs and looks to Ellie. “Did he just call me love?”

Ellie does not rise to the teasing. As Hardy swears and groans over his slip-up, Ellie tries to lighten the mood by saying, “I called the teacher “mum” once. Still can’t think about it without wincing.”

It goes over about as well as you’d expect. It’s fascinating to see social butterfly Ellie Miller flounder like this. She genuinely doesn’t know what to do in this situation, but we know her sympathies are with Hardy. Tess invites her to join her in laughing at him; she abstains and makes a joke about herself. Then Hardy demands to know why Tess doesn’t want this case reopened; she says she does, but she’s still got a career to protect. Hardy’s speechless. Tess leaves, and Ellie makes a face and mouths ‘ouch’ to Hardy as they get into the car together. It’s just a little nod of sympathy that shows, hey, that was out of line, I disapprove, and I’m on your side.

Ellie’s a woman who’s determined to see the best in everyone. I think she likes Tess and respects her in the professional sense, but she’s disgruntled by certain aspects of her personality and on a personal level it nettles her to see Hardy and Tess close, and she exhibits a certain reluctance to leave them alone. She’s quietly protective of Hardy, more so as the season goes on, and I think in S3 the differences between Ellie and Tess’ values will drive a wedge further between them. At the moment, Ellie isn’t quite sure how to feel about Tess - she’s conflicted on that point, but many of the things Tess does and says and how she treats Hardy don’t sit well with her.

As for how Tess feels about Ellie - well, she definitely resents the closeness between Hardy and Ellie. Regardless of her feelings for Hardy, I think Tess enjoys being loved by him. She’s ambitious and has a certain superiority complex. It’s natural for her to want to be the best detective or the most beloved of Hardy. Ellie represents a threat to that, and even if she doesn’t openly dislike her, she too is quietly unsettled. When she first meets her, there is a sense she believes Ellie is Hardy’s girlfriend, and this sets up that uneasy undercurrent.

The two most telling scenes are when Alec arrests Claire. Tess smugly informs him everything’s set up and she’s on top of the investigation. She says she’ll interview Claire with him. Automatically, Hardy says, “No. I need Miller.”

“Course you do,” she mutters with barely concealed resentment.

Then Tess pulls some evidence Ellie asked her to find. Ellie’s impressed by how quickly she did it. Tess looks Hardy in the eye and says, “I’m really good.” Hardy, however, ignores Tess, looks at the evidence and yells to Ellie, “Outstanding. Out-bloody-standing!” This makes Ellie grin like a dope.

Stay salty, Tess.

Tess’ reaction makes me wonder how Hardy used to treat her when she was his DS. Was he always complimenting her? Is that why she seems so sure of herself? Is Tess watching Hardy shower the exact compliments on Miller that he used to bestow on her? Divorced or not, it must sting.

In all, I think the women do respect each other, and they treat each other civilly. There’s never any hint of close friendship, however, and there is an underlying tension or an awkwardness to the way they act that will probably get worse in S3, though I don’t think Chibnall will ever make it so they’re doing anything as dull as fighting over Hardy. However, Ellie’s growing protectiveness of Hardy may certainly lead her to view Tess less and less favourably, because Tess has and continues to treat Hardy unfairly, and if he won’t stand up for himself and accept he’s not the guilty one, Ellie might have to force his hand.

Episode #1 “Outfit & Design Changes”

Hello folks,

in this episode we are going to discuss all visual changes Steven Universe went through before (and even after) the official airing of the show.

The radical differences between the Pilot Gems and the Crystal Gems now are well known in the SU fan community but there are a lot of people who haven’t heard about the pre-pilot designs.

This is going to change now because we went on a dangerous journey through the depths of the internet and collected all pre-pilot images we could find. So enjoy the visuals on our blog, while listening to our podcast.

The character that was redesign the most was indeed Pearl. Here is a chronological order of Pearl’s outfits.

This is an early artwork of Steven Universe long before the airing of the show. It was drawn by Rebecca Sugar herself.

All Gems look a lot more human. Pearl appears to have a side cut, she wears a flannel shirt and skinny jeans. Garnet has a yellow headscarf which gives her an oriental vibe. Amethyst’s style is already very similar to what she will wear in the official show. Steven is very consistent, too, except that his pants are white. The background shows the temple figure which is the same in the pilot episode but changes after that.

Another art piece of show creator Rebecca Sugar from 2012. Steven has blue jeans now but the star on his chest and his sandals are not there yet. Amethyst looks still like in the previous picture. Now we see that she is wearing a skirt or maybe a dress even plus a huge cozy sweater. Garnet is still wearing the yellow headscarf alongside long yellow gloves which hide her two gemstones. Pearl had already a major design change; she is in a simple, white summer dress and appears much more feminine than in the previous artwork. It’s hard to say if she still has the same haircut though, since she is tousling her hair.

In May 2013 the pilot of Steven Universe aired. All Gems went through design changes again, while Steven got his star and sandals and didn’t change much after that. Garnets headscarf is gone now but she is still missing her iconic square afro. Amethyst got a small bum bag which was removed again after the pilot. Pearl’s hairstyle changed to a symmetric haircut, her outfit is more detailed now. She has a very expressive fashion style which is less feminine than her dress from before. All Gems have a star on their outfits now. Pearl’s is a earring, Amethyst’s a barrette and Garnet’s star is a buckle-kinda-thing.

This is the very first Steven Universe show cover (also mentioned in our podcast episode at 23:48). Steven and Amethyst are pretty much done regarding their designs. Garnets outfit is still a bit different than the one we all know, especially the color palette. Her afro and her awesomely huge thighs are still missing, too. Pearl still wears the shoes of her pilot design, anything else looks very similar to her ballerina outfit which she will have by the airing of the show. Her earnings are gone now and her hair is pointy towards the back, unlike her previous designs.

There we are at the final and official promo art of Steven Universe. It was a long way, wasn’t it?

This is it for today.

We hope you enjoyed the first episode of  BUBBLE BUDDIES - The Steven Universe Fan Podcast!

See you next  time with a brand new episode.

Lena, TomTom & Toby

Note: We are very sorry for the short quality drop at 27:52. There were some connection issues. Apart from that the sound should be fine though. ;)

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My eyes will always be filled with tears when it comes to talking about how much friends means to me. Its been exactly 20 years since the first episode of friends aired. 20 years since we saw our best friends for the very first time on tv. The only tv show that could make me forget about all the pain and laugh my heart out, the only tv show that I could not feel more related to watching it, the only tv show that taught me so many things about life that no matter how many people tried to, wouldn’t help as much. It has brought to us so many memories, tears, laughter, and joy. I wish I could hug every single one of the cast and just tell them how much they mean to me. couldn’t ask for a better cast and a better tv show. We’d kill to see them all together in the same room again, just like how they were 20 years ago. I owe my life to friends. This tv show is unforgettable and irreplaceable forever. #Friends20thAnniversary

[17′s DIARY] 150703. The Day of Their First Appearance on Show Champion

Today, (we) debuted for the first time through Show Champion. Since we went on the stage together with a lot of our seniors, somehow it felt like it’s the real beginning; like being a fish in a fish bowl which got released to the riverside to compete.
SEVENTEEN-ah! United we stand, divided we fall. Forever!!!!!!!!

We were in Show Champion today! Since we saw a lot of senior singers in the music show that really seemed just like a dream, I think that the feel is starting to set in. Something is really…I can’t explain these feelings through words. From now on, it’s really the start, so we have to cheer up more!! *laughs* SEVENTEEN-ah, fighting!!! 

Before going up [T/N: the stage], I think we’ve screamed ‘let’s have fun’ a lot of times. I think I made a mistake, but as expected, it felt really blissful and fun on the stage. It’s just that *cries* Vernon had a schedule in a different program, and he wasn’t able to get a wink of sleep for the debut live broadcast. […] We slept for just 2~3 hours too but…Vernon must’ve been more exhausted… He says he is okay. But are you really okay, Vernon? *cries* 

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