our tumblr queen

We Are Not Pawns, Instead We Are All Kings And Queens

We shall test the chains that bind us

for there must be an imperfection

that links us to depression

but one day we will be free

one day those chains will be broken

and we shall be unbroken

no longer slaves to our mental masters

no longer constrained by expectations of others

for our imperfections are perfect

our flaws make us distinct

and our free will empowers us to do so much more

we shall check the glasses that blind us

for they are too dark of a tint

that limits our own perspectives

but one day we will see with our own eyes

one day those shades will be removed

and we shall be moved

no longer controlled by the media or government

no longer puppets of the agendas of anyone else

for our personalities are pure

our views make us unique

and our perspectives give us new insight on the world around us

Melanin Queen Monday

Melanin Queen Monday will happen throughout the month of August as the summer comes to a close.

We will be taking submissions from all of our Melanin Queens on Tumblr through goldtheblog. Be sure to include your Tumblr link, age, location/university with your Melanin Queen picture. We will then post them to our fashion page.

The picture could be a regular selfie, profession/major based, hobby based etc.

- G.O.L.D. Family