our time in ice

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Just gals being pals 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩⛸✨

  • Yuuri: Quick! To the panic room!
  • Yuri: This place doesn't have a panic room!
  • Yuuri: Any room can be a panic room if you panic hard enough!

Oof, I’m a whole day late, but happy belated birthday to @han-leia ! My time perception’s been super off since I got back from Japan, but I hope you like it! Hope you had a great day yesterday. /o\ I wanted to draw the whole comic for your mini-fic but I didn’t have time. ;w; So here’s a doodle! 

Throwback to that time I had some weird paranoid angsty episode and didn’t speak to anyone for a week. I felt so shitty for ignoring Robin that I went out and bought her little gifts and left them in a box outside her door. Later, we passed each other at the bottom of the staircase and had an emotional reunion full of apologies.

“Did you see the box I left outside your door?” she asked.
“No,” I said. “Did you see the box I left outside of yours?”

Turns out we’d both bought each other chocolate, trinkets, and our favorite flavors of ice cream, at the same time, in the same way.


“Whatever you have seen or done, you will always have me.”

“That is all I will ever need.”

remember the time
when the ice from our hearts
melted away for each other
and they were full of life?

remember the time
we lay under the stars
but all we saw was
each other’s eyes?

remember the time
we wrapped ourselves in blankets
our breath tangling together,
the house awash with light?

remember the time
the wind howled over us
and we became so accustomed to it
that the hurricane became our favorite song?

remember the time
we loved each other through
the seasons, disasters, chaos,
before we began to love the chaos more?

—  rain came pouring down
I Don’t Care

RP Starter for @veridiansoulwrites

Lavi wondered exactly how Lenalee learned of this club, and if her brother had any idea that she frequented it. He pulled at the collar of his shirt, the damp, hot air thick with the sounds of Electronica pumping through the speakers above. Sweaty bodies pressed together on the dance floor as the colored lights gave him only passing flashes of his surroundings. People pressed into every corner – dancing, kissing, feeling each other up. Some of the positions he caught sight of left him flushing, and he kept close to Lenalee as she dragged him towards the bar.

“Do you come here often? Is this some sort of double life you’re leading?” he asked, leaning in close to her ear so she could hear him over the music.

She laughed, then grabbed the front of his shirt she tugged him along. “I do a lot of things you don’t know about, Lavi. Now, stop being a prude and hurry up. We’re meeting my friend at the bar and I think we’re already late.”

Lavi rolled his eye and followed after. “I’m not a prude, I’m just surprised. I think I saw someone getting a blow job in the corner over there. This is not the place I expected it to be.”

“Maybe your night won’t end as you expected, either? Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace?” She smiled back at him before slipping between a large group, barely taking notice of them.

Lavi tried to ignore her jab, focusing on not bumping into too many people. The crowd made it nearly impossible however, and instead he focused on just slipping through the cracks in the throng as best he could. “Now, who are we meeting again?”

“Allen. You remember him, right? I think you were there that time we went for coffee.”

“Allen…” Lavi repeated, the name sitting on his tongue with a sultry weight. Oh, yes. He remembered Allen, and how absolutely gorgeous he was. How could he forget? He practically flirted with Lavi the entire time they were at the coffee shop, then left without so much as a second glance his way. Lavi had gone home that night more frustrated than he’d ever been in his life. Now that he knew they’d be spending the night with him again, and in this club…. Well, Lavi knew he’d need a cold shower once he got home.

“Oh, I think I see him!” Lenalee said, grabbing Lavi’s elbow and pulling him towards the bar.

zdeno chara isn’t a bad defensemen. he’s a really good defensemen. he’s just ALONE out there, the bruins have stripped him of his d core. No Seidenberg, who’s been his hockey soulmate for years. No Boychuk. No Ference. He’s the only one who survived this gutting and he’s dealing with it the best way he can. Chara is as responsible for each goal he’s on the ice for as Tuukka is. And yeah he fucks up because he plays McDavid and Crosby and Stamkos and Tavares and literally every other terrifying shooter in the NHL. He doesn’t play on the Power Play that much anymore and is leading the NHl in short handed time on ice. Zdeno Chara is our best defensemen and yeah you can shit on him all you want but he’s a human being, he’s all alone out there, he’s way past his prime and he’s still saving the bruins asses night in and night out. he’s out for a hand full of games and the bruins set themselves on fire and run around screaming. i love chara and he takes too much shit because hockey tumblr has this “NEVER INSULT THE GOALTENDER” outlook which means they blame the main d-man and guess what. he’s doing his best too. and he’s being successfull. but there is more than 1 man on defense. not including all the time he’s spending trying to make Carlo into himself.

@sabakunoo ,, another starter julie didn’t ask for.

     It was Lao-G’s monthly ‘ birthday ‘. It was a miracle that the old man was still alive, and so, Doflamingo and Diamante ( who liked to party ), had decided that they would celebrate EVERY month that he was alive. This was, of course, just an excuse to host a gathering. Most of the Donquixote Family would be present, as well as some guests. This month, Doflamingo was doing an experiment with Crocodile ( though the poor man wouldn’t know that ). He wanted to see if he could make him JEALOUS. That was the reason why the Yaksha had decided to invite a good selection of gorgeous women, which he, of course, surrounded himself with ( he shared them with Senor Pink ). He allowed them to sit very close to him, and a pretty brunette was even leaning against him, obviously hoping to make an impression. As always, his eyes were hidden, so nobody could see that he was observing Crocodile from across the room, wanting to see JEALOUSY portrayed on the sandman’s features. Ever since that confession, Doflamingo had wondered just how deep his emotions went. He had said that he wanted to be the only one, so, how did he feel looking at the image of Doflamingo and PLENTY of others?

      Fu fu fu fu fu fu. ~

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my plan of going to school in the morninh and leaving after lunch is ruined bc dad needs me to help support and work on the pheasant and peacock pens before he goes to sleep!!! fuck this big snow storm im not happy at all rn

Soul Key.

Aeon did not usually make a habit of visiting either specific folk, or specific times. However, this time a dark influence had him interested in the Belmonts once again. Snapping his pocketwatch closed, he sighed and held his clock-sword over his shoulder in its deactivated state. Knocking on the door with his free hand, he smirked a little. Belmonts attracted danger no matter what they did or where they went, and in this case it wasn’t going to only affect them. “What have you found this time,” he murmured to himself rhetorically.