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“Tony was a hypocrite in civil war”

Tony Stark abandoned his beliefs and the thing he’d been fighting for the entire movie because he understood that human lives were worth more than his pride and theoretical ideals when he decided to go against Ross and meet Steve in Siberia.

Steve Rogers could never.

  • Donnie: If we get separated, I'll find you.
  • Mikey: We won't get separated!
  • Donnie: *flatly* You're already wandering off.
  • Mikey: No I'm not! *pause* ...only a little.
  • me: *slips joe nicolosi a $20*
  • me: psst, make grimmons canon...

anyway, yeah, so. they hold hands a couple times

a sports movie
  • me: (straightening my black-and-white striped ref shirt thoughtfully) ok so both teams seem to really want the ball
  • me: like, a lot.
  • me: i have, ah, worked this out myself.
  • me: through ~observation.
  • (a pause in case either team wants to compliment me for my deep understanding of sports)
  • both teams: (confused silence)
  • me: (quickly) and all of you trained super hard to get here; you have drilled and practiced and probably even done push-ups!
  • me: and you each managed to coordinate your outfits perfectly with your whole group, like, dang, you guys, color me impressed.
  • both teams: (confused silence, growing more annoyed by the second)
  • me: on a narrative level? which is the only level on which i understand anything (lol thanks, humanities degree)? you all *deserve* the ball. both sides, you've earned it. like, really, it's a shame we can't chop the thing in half and divide it evenly between you, haha
  • both teams: (nervously looking around for the real referee)
  • me: (pulling a sword out of nowhere) OR CAN WE?
  • top sportsperson of team a: jesus, what's wrong with you?!
  • top sportsperson of team b: playing this sport is our passion AND our livelihood. our bodies will only hold out for a few years at this level of abuse before we'll all need to retire, so if you destroy the object at the center of this game, you are robbing all of us. not to mention every single person in the stands, who paid to be here and have likely been looking forward to this for a long time. I know it may seem stupid or frivolous to you, but people care about this game.
  • top sportsperson of team b: *I* care about this game.
  • me: (twisting my wrist so that the light glints off the blade) but are you SURE? half is better than a chance you might end up with none at all.
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: my teammate is right. please put the sword down. you clearly don't know how to use it anyway, you're holding it like a pen.
  • me: ah, well in that case..........
  • me: congratulations, team b! you've won the big game!
  • me: your uncompromising love of the ball was greater than your selfish desire to possess it.
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team a: dude, we clearly didn't want you to destroy the ball either, did you not hear my colleague yelling at you?
  • me: oh shit, i was unprepared for this.
  • top sportsperson of team b: did you just call us *team b*? we're literally wearing our team names *on our bodies*.
  • top sportsperson of team a: also, way to rip off king solomon. did you seriously think none of us have read the bible?
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team a: oh, and by the way? it's called a puck.
  • me: um...
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: please don't joke like that, she's obviously uninformed enough to take you seriously.
  • me: wait, so...IS it a puck?
  • (the second-most prominent sportspeople of their respective teams stare at each other. one's glare says "don't you dare ruin my funny joke." the other's says "if you don't lay off, we will be here all goddamn day, just come clean" but i am unable to tell which player's glare conveys which sentiment.)
  • top sportperson of team a: please, just tell us, where did you hide the actual referee?
  • top sportsperson of team b: oh god! chris! is chris okay?!
  • me: (yelling over my shoulder as i run off the area of play) look, you're finally agreeing on something! (attempting to flee to the stands and blend into the crowd) see how good it feels to find common ground?
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: uh, we can still see you. you're still wearing your fake ref shirt, and also, more to the point, you're still yelling.
  • me: (as I throw my counterfeit ref jersey at a stunned drunk man, his face painted in the unmistakable colors of team a) i think we've all learned an important lesson today
  • me: about the true meaning of................
  • me: .....hockey....?
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: NO.
  • me: ..........athletics.....?
  • top sportspersons of teams a and b, simultaneously: somebody, catch her!
  • (i am cornered by a vendor selling souvenir foam fingers, who, caught up in the adrenaline of the moment, unwisely tries to punch me in the gut with a foam-covered fist, which glances harmlessly off me.
  • (we both laugh, and become best friends.)
  • (ironically, team b does in fact win the big game.)
  • (i never learn conclusively whether or not it was hockey.)

one of my teachers gave us one month to write an 8000 word essay about a topic that we’re in no way prepared for bc she doesnt know how to teach and im seriously considering dropping the class at this point


For the lovely @longliveteufort and their amazing fanfic: Our Way! I’ve been wanting to do fanart for this fanfic for awhile now, and the lovely @transparentfindings‘ amazing fanart of the same fanfic had finally inspired me!

This took me quite awhile to do, and I like how Sniper came out, Spy came out meh, and I REALLY need to practice drawing children because I don’t really like how Scout came out…BUT I shall not be discouraged! Practice makes perfect! :D Anywho, I REALLY look forward to reading more of it when it comes out (of course, take your time) and I hope you enjoy this little bit of fanart I did :3 Also I’m surprised how Pancake came out so well because I don’t think I’ve ever drawn a bearded dragon before :0

Edit: Oh my, I’m such a dingus! I forgot to link the lovely fanfic!


There it is! Go give it a read! :D

Played DnD with my group last night and hoo-boy

We stumbled upon a sacred area in a massive cave system called the Glass Cathedral guarded by elven ghost guards. They were hostile because no one in the party was an elf or had elven blood.

The barbarian broke her own leg by trying to a kick a ghost in the balls and hitting a giant magical crystal instead, the paladin had some of his life force drained from him via that same ghost and was accidentally stabbed by a Dagger of Sleep by the barbarian botching a roll, the cleric took some decent damage from the ghost from trying to save the barbarian, and my stupid joke character, Squart the Bard, saved them all by singing a sacred song of this elven race because it was covered under his bardic lore.

We were personally escorted the rest of the way out of the area by the elven ghost guards because my bard knew that song.

He was the only one out of the four that didn’t get damaged at all.

Here’s another gift for my lovely @crashfur

This is our other team. I call it the mayhem team because we both suck terribly but when we can’t choose the Talon Team we just gotta improvise.

So our second choice for team-ups is Junkrat/Tracer with Crashfur as Junkrat and me as Tracer, so far it’s worked out pretty well.

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Rivals - Stiles Stilinski [SMUT]

Author: daddyobrienx

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Rating: NSFW

Warnings: Smut, Public-ish, teasing

Word Count: 3,005

A/N: GUYS, I’m soooo sorry for not uploading a new fic in a while, life is pretty hectic at the moment, especially because of school. @bonniebird has been such an amazing person and literally helped me get inspiration to start writing again and i love her. Go follow and send her some love :) Also, I didn’t proof read this so sorry if there’s mistakes. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy this smut, I have a lot more ideas to come.


Beacon Hills High School, our biggest rivals. They beat us in everything. Sports, Music, Events, Test Scores. Don’t even get started with their Lacrosse team. The biggest douchebags ever known to man. Especially the captain of the team, Stiles Stilinski.

My team, Ashton’s Lacrosse Team, is known for being the best in the state. I made it to team captain and I’m the only girl on the team. During lacrosse season, we totally crushed every game we played, we were undefeated.

Until Beacon Hills High School came along.

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our considerate baby B reminding suho

“piracy puts at risk football and the rights of the players” nando sweetie i love you but we’re all broke lmao, haven’t you heard? also things like illegal streams are sometimes our only way to watch our fave teams play so… kindly keep quiet maybe?

OC Masterpost (Vlad and Roswell.)

A little (Long) something Daskingu and myself have been working on for a bit about our OC’s, Vladmir and Roswell!

I’m gonna’ put it under the cut for lengths sake

Warning, a couple of bullet-points are NSFW !
We’ll be adding as we go. We’ve thought of so much for them it’s hard to think of it to write down all at once :’) 

So, here we go !

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