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Here’s another gift for my lovely @crashfur

This is our other team. I call it the mayhem team because we both suck terribly but when we can’t choose the Talon Team we just gotta improvise.

So our second choice for team-ups is Junkrat/Tracer with Crashfur as Junkrat and me as Tracer, so far it’s worked out pretty well.

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OC Masterpost (Vlad and Roswell.)

A little (Long) something Daskingu and myself have been working on for a bit about our OC’s, Vladmir and Roswell!

I’m gonna’ put it under the cut for lengths sake

Warning, a couple of bullet-points are NSFW !
We’ll be adding as we go. We’ve thought of so much for them it’s hard to think of it to write down all at once :’) 

So, here we go !

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Here we have Katja, Špela and Daniel.
Then I saw this ^ 😂👌 (it’s like the ‘we have the eagle’ one)

1. Dani wants to become a member of #sloskiteam very bad
2. Špela labeled him ‘ours’
3. He likes to hang with Slovenian girls and wanted to 'blend in’
4. #Sloskiteam be like: we have everything, Tande included.

Picture credit: @wellingerandreas


our considerate baby B reminding suho


Day two of adventuring!

Today was an egg day. We got Slow Pete the Togepi (named after a dwarf prince) and Richard the Mareep (named bc they are both floofy!) from eggs. Aside from those, we got Rocky the Onyx in a trade, Slow Pete the Slowpoke (named after a dwarf fisherman), Zorion the Zubat (an elf assassin) and Sayelen the Nidoran (a qunari lady from our ship). Richard and Sayelen have found their ways into our team.

We also lost our first member, Natalain the Bellsprout. We almost lost him to a Goldeen that critted on Peck. We made it through that, but we were trying to catch a Pineco, but it used Self-Destruct and we lost them both. :((( Poor Natalain, you were so young, and also our only grass type.

Mostly we’ve been leveling, wandering about. We dropped Rocky and Larry into Daycare. Managed to beat the second gym. The Scyther was a pain.

Badges: 2. Pokemon lost: 1.

Here's The Real Story Behind This "Terrible" Elsa Cake Everyone Was Sharing
The much-mocked creation was the work of a charity that makes cakes for sick children.
By Sophie Gadd

A volunteer for the charity Icing Smiles posted this response on Facebook, commenting:

“My heart broke for the baker because I know how much of herself she puts into her donations. My heart broke for the family should they come across the posts because it may take from their joy of receiving the gift. It broke for our team whose extraordinary efforts were used in this way. Our Sugar Angel wasn’t commissioned to copy Shawna’s work, she was asked for a Frozen cake for a sick child and she did just that.”

The nonprofit organisation creates cakes and other treats for families impacted by the critical illness of a child. The charity’s website says that its goal is “to create a custom cake for the ill child, or their sibling, that provides a temporary escape from worry and creates a positive memory during a difficult time”.


It’s going to be a big match for us, Costa Rica is a formidable opponent. They had a great year in the World Cup, so I think that we have a lot of respect for them. We’ve had success with them in the past and we’re hoping to just build of that. These games are hugely important, so it makes it that much more fun to play and be really competitive. We’re on our way - new year, new chapter for our team.

jemmasimmonsy  asked:

Possible prompt for your fanfic anniversary celebration: Jemma catches Fitz in that wonderful motion capture suit from 3x21! (This is such a good idea for a giveaway btw, your writing is always so on point and a joy to read :D)

aww thank you so much for saying that! <3 aaaand, well, this was *going* to be total crack, but… feelings happened? 
Anniversary Drabble 3/10.
Rated light T. FitzSimmons. 3x21 missing scene, canon-compliant.

After her talk with Daisy in the containment cell, Jemma needed a few minutes to herself before returning to work, so she headed back to her bunk. Her friend had always been so fierce, so ready to rebound from any setback, that to see her now made Jemma ache with sadness. All the fight had been taken from Daisy by that monster, and she knew all too well what that felt like: Although quite different, it held shades of how Jemma had felt when she’d returned from Maveth, having broken the heart of the man she loved most in this or any world, her own spirit feeling so beaten that she wasn’t sure she could ever recover.

Her mind whirling with these and other worrisome thoughts, her walk through the Playground to the residence halls was rather morose. So seeing Fitz’s impeccably shaped, spandex-clad arse as it disappeared into his room cheered Jemma up immensely.

“Fitz,” she called out, rapping her knuckles on his door, “can I come in?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah, c’mon in, Jemma.”

She slid through the smallest opening in the door she could, closing it behind her, and then burst immediately into hysterical laughter. The motion capture suit had been a brilliant idea, but it was also probably the least flattering piece of clothing she’d ever seen.

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i want to be the better person and not post about b*rça on a real madrid blog and instead just focus on my team bUT THIS KARMA FEELS SO GLORIOUS

I was watching the Brendan Gallagher and Max Pacioretty post practice scrums and I’m just so happy we have these guys on our team.

I love that Max Pacioretty was willing to call his teammate out on making a bad decision (that’s literally what he said “It was a bad decision on his part”) while still offering his support and saying that he was willing to help in any way possible. He didn’t make light of the situation at all (”There’s nothing positive about this situation. We’re all in the NHL for a reason. We’re all blessed, we’re all privileged to be here.”) and he didn’t avoid any questions. 

I love that Brendan Gallagher said “Even though you’re away from the rink, you have to hold yourself accountable and you are a role model.” He’s a young guy (only 23 years old) and he gets it more than most veterans/older players do. 

We have guys on this team who seem to truly get it and we’re so lucky to have that. Marc Bergevin was also on point during his presser today. He handled the situation so well. This is how a team should react to tough, uncomfortable situations. Not just ignore it and act like nothing happened.


A major revision is required in our understanding of our Milky Way Galaxy according to an international team led by Prof. Noriyuki Matsunaga of the University of Tokyo. The Japanese, South African and Italian astronomers find that there is a huge region around the centre of our own galaxy which is devoid of young stars. The team publish their work in a paper in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy containing many billions of stars, with our Sun about 26,000 light-years from its centre. Measuring the distribution of these stars is crucial to our understanding of how our galaxy formed and evolved. Pulsating stars called Cepheids are ideal for this. They are much younger (between 10 and 300 million years old) than our Sun (4.6 billion years old) and they pulsate in brightness in a regular cycle. The length of this cycle is related to the luminosity of the Cepheid, so if astronomers monitor them they can establish how bright the star really is, compare it with what we see from Earth, and work out its distance.

Despite this, finding Cepheids in the inner Milky Way is difficult, as the galaxy is full of interstellar dust which blocks out light and hides many stars from view. Matsunaga’s team compensated for this, with an analysis of near-infrared observations made with a Japanese-South African telescope located at Sutherland, South Africa. To their surprise they found hardly any Cepheids in a huge region stretching for thousands of light-years from the core of the galaxy.

Noriyuki Matsunaga explains: “We already found some time ago that there are Cepheids in the central heart of our Milky Way (in a region about 150 light-years in radius). Now we find that outside this there is a huge Cepheid desert extending out to 8,000 light-years from the centre.”

This suggests that a large part of our galaxy, called the extreme inner disk, has no young stars. Co-author Michael Feast notes: “Our conclusions are contrary to other recent work, but in line with the work of radio astronomers who see no new stars being born in this desert.”

Another author, Giuseppe Bono, points out: “The current results indicate that there has been no significant star formation in this large region over hundreds of millions years. The movement and the chemical composition of the new Cepheids are helping us to better understand the formation and evolution of the Milky Way.”

Cepheids have more typically been used to measure the distances of objects in the distant universe, and the new work is an example instead of the same technique revealing the structure of our own Milky Way.

IMAGE….An artist’s impression of the implied distribution of young stars, represented here by Cepheids shown as blue stars plotted on the background of a drawing of the Milky Way. With the exception of a small clump in the Galactic centre, the central 8000 light years appear to have very few Cepheids, and hence very few young stars. Credit: The University of Tokyo. Click for a full size image