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  • me: *slips joe nicolosi a $20*
  • me: psst, make grimmons canon...
  • Donnie: If we get separated, I'll find you.
  • Mikey: We won't get separated!
  • Donnie: *flatly* You're already wandering off.
  • Mikey: No I'm not! *pause* ...only a little.

Here’s another gift for my lovely @crashfur

This is our other team. I call it the mayhem team because we both suck terribly but when we can’t choose the Talon Team we just gotta improvise.

So our second choice for team-ups is Junkrat/Tracer with Crashfur as Junkrat and me as Tracer, so far it’s worked out pretty well.

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I think it's more that the teams have lots of championships have all sorts of pairs that are shoved together and are popular because the team is popular. Guys who on other teams would be the rarest of the rare pairs. Example: S**d/Sh*w were really popular when they were both H*wks

I agree with this too! But that begs the question of how does the team get popular, on tumblr at least? And there are non-championship teams with very large followings here, like the Stars, Habs, and Oilers.

I think RPF can contribute to a large influx of fans to teams that previously had a less visible presence on tumblr. For example, Hallsy/Ebs was semi-big and then Connor/any Oiler tbh made it REALLY BIG. Same with the Leafs, I didn’t see a ton of Leafs stuff pre-2016 draft, but Auston/Mitch was an easy way to get into the team! And Sid/Geno make it easy to get into the Pens. Same with Jamie/Tyler for the Stars, and Nicky/Ovi for the Caps

And once those teams have a large enough fanbase, then you get more niche pairings like, off the top of my head, Brownie/Freddie and Shearsy/Rusty and wow the million Caps pairings I’ve seen. And S*ad/Sh*w too

Rivals - Stiles Stilinski [SMUT]

Author: daddyobrienx

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Rating: NSFW

Warnings: Smut, Public-ish, teasing

Word Count: 3,005

A/N: GUYS, I’m soooo sorry for not uploading a new fic in a while, life is pretty hectic at the moment, especially because of school. @bonniebird has been such an amazing person and literally helped me get inspiration to start writing again and i love her. Go follow and send her some love :) Also, I didn’t proof read this so sorry if there’s mistakes. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy this smut, I have a lot more ideas to come.


Beacon Hills High School, our biggest rivals. They beat us in everything. Sports, Music, Events, Test Scores. Don’t even get started with their Lacrosse team. The biggest douchebags ever known to man. Especially the captain of the team, Stiles Stilinski.

My team, Ashton’s Lacrosse Team, is known for being the best in the state. I made it to team captain and I’m the only girl on the team. During lacrosse season, we totally crushed every game we played, we were undefeated.

Until Beacon Hills High School came along.

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My girlfriend and I just played a match on a control map in which the enemy team had three tanks to our one. We won the first round and when we were about to win the second another person changed to a tank in a last attempt to help their team win. A Genji on our team took the tanks out with an ultimate and we won. We won against four tanks. FOUR! It felt so good. That match was awesome.


our considerate baby B reminding suho

OC Masterpost (Vlad and Roswell.)

A little (Long) something Daskingu and myself have been working on for a bit about our OC’s, Vladmir and Roswell!

I’m gonna’ put it under the cut for lengths sake

Warning, a couple of bullet-points are NSFW !
We’ll be adding as we go. We’ve thought of so much for them it’s hard to think of it to write down all at once :’) 

So, here we go !

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Here we have Katja, Špela and Daniel.
Then I saw this ^ 😂👌 (it’s like the ‘we have the eagle’ one)

1. Dani wants to become a member of #sloskiteam very bad
2. Špela labeled him ‘ours’
3. He likes to hang with Slovenian girls and wanted to 'blend in’
4. #Sloskiteam be like: we have everything, Tande included.

Picture credit: @wellingerandreas